Saturday, September 26, 2020

this guy did some serious around the world traveling with his scooter and side car in 1956

Notice in the 1st photo, above, that there is no writing on the sidecar fender, not yet. No stickers on the sidecar pod. Not yet. Compare that to the way it looks in the below photo, somewhere in Colorado

I see stickers for Arizona and Oregon, and that is a long drive, but compared to the Holland to Hong Kong through India? He did a whole lot of miles on that scooter  for the whole adventure, 400 photos

Make of this what you will..... the General Motors Booth, RAI-automobiel tentoonstelling, Amsterdam, 6 februari 1957

can anyone explain why a gas station charges 10 cents more per gallon to use a Visa "credit" card at the pump than to use a Visa "debit" card?

 Cause this is not something I can understand. 

Skip to 4:40 to see a pretty cool (though not as impressive as I'd hoped) loop that 40 years ago was only pure imagination for kids with Hot Wheels


John W bought this 1963 Cadillac Deville Vista Cruiser wagon on Ebay, which Winthrop Rockefeller had custom built in 1963-64 as airport and guest transport cars for his horse farm in Arkansas, and is having it restored

rust problems required a 64 Vista Cruiser in Arizona for a donor top. 

It's getting a 1965 Caddy 429 and TH400 trannyfor better performance

Thanks John!

Friday, September 25, 2020

it was all fun and games until the trolley wound up half in the canal

This is a coincidental comparison, of two milkmen in 1953, both in Amsterdam, and I'm impressed that one is using a motorwheel to lighten his days work, and double his amount of load to sell

and neither is making a car payment

these guys are getting the work done the easy way, by planning it out, thinking it over, and using a couple motors to get the heavy load of cement up to the 2nd story.... in a bamboo country. They are damn smart. Enjoy

it's both bizzare and ironic when a translation turns a deadly situation into a word that sounds like fun

I bet I'm not the only one that likes the sound of old engines (not microprocessor controlled fuel injected stuff) starting up. Sikorsky S58 getting the cold iron block warmed up from a cold start in Washington state


Optima is fired up on marketing... more than I realized, they are adding quite a few videos to their You Tube channel every week, but here's a new idea, show just how much of a pounding they can take, with a trebuchet

What's going on out there, why have people devolved to sending a photo, and fewer than 10 words? Two examples from today, the only emails I got today:


Is this the new normal? Bam! Here's a photo. Here's less than 10 words in either email, subject line included

Is this happening to you too? 

What's next? Grunting and pointing? 

this looks like it's going to make a nice banner


mobil home, circa Amsterdam 1948

attaching a radio to your bike goes back further than I thought, this is 1948

Goggomobil meets Letourneau Westinghouse 1958

lucky kids must have been having a great time

looks like a continent or two of traveling has been accomplished with this Willys. Photo from 1957

1962, Japan

built to last 10 times longer than it would ever be needed, the Old Houston Mill Road Bridge located in what is now called Hahn Woods, near Emory University, in Georgia. To the right at the water level is the still standing ante-bellum dam built for Houston's Mill.

3 wheeled Japanese fire engine

strange parade float, but I give them credit for figuring out a way to ride the float without having to wave to all the spectators!/page394

mighty big scooter

looks like a Toyota to me!/page396

El Mirage

Someone finally thought of a use for those clothes hanger hooks I've never seen any use, ever

strange photo op

good morning Friday!

Thursday, September 24, 2020

1960’s skateboard collection

1910 Wagenhals made in St Louis, Missouri

 W.G. Wagenhals invented the third rail for New York Central Rail Road. 

He manufactured about 250 of these 3 wheelers.

one of the very few photos of a car getting broken down and packed for shipping. I am intrigued by such things as the planning and design of the location of the items so there is no contact interference between parts, like the Studley tool chest

The London Underground mapped out from above

Volcanic hot water sprinklers at a ski resort in Japan to prevent the roads from freezing up

Tokyo Ton commented and clarified that:

"These are not salt water, but hot water from volcanic springs. Most of the resort areas have underground thermal springs that are used for mineral baths, with the excess water used to heat and clear the roads. The ski resort we go to in Echigo-yuzawa has these on all the main routes"

If you remember, I posted a couple weeks ago a black smith using a VW... well, here is a mobile blacksmith with more sense, using a truck

all the failed presidential candidates bumperstickers, is quite an odd collection, and a strange statement

California Governor Newsom has just signed a ban on the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles by 2035. This means he wants some governor a dozen years from now to figure out how the hell to reverse this idiocy

 Unlike small states such as Delaware and Rhode Island, California can't be crossed with an electric car, so what imbecile conceived that they should ban gas and diesel powered cars?

Governor Gavin Newsom

And probably Elon Musk. You don't think Tesla had any input on this? I doubt they needed to, but they are going to suddenly be very popular in stock buying and car dealerships, and all that 

Check back in a dozen years to see how they realize what a moron this guy is at trying to influence the future of car sales

Regardless, all this means is the plan in in for the long term removal of exhaust making vehicles, and this isn't even debateable. No doubt the few refineries will close in 10 years, and after that, don't even think of bringing gas over the border. Just move out and leave the coast so the rich people can get on living on the golden coast without you, or your stinking 80s gas guzzlers. 

If you didn't know, even the poor neighborhoods do not have houses for sale under 400,000 in San Dieg

Governor Newsom issued an Executive Order instructing the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to draft regulations requiring that all new cars and passenger trucks sold in the state be zero-emissions by 2035.

Once drafted, CARB’s proposed regulations will be subject to a lengthy regulatory process, including legal, economic, and environmental analyses, public comment and hearings. The Governor’s order is also expected to face numerous legal challenges from opponents.(All of us)

California’s ZEV program falls within the state’s greenhouse gas rule that is being challenged in court by the Trump Administration. The federal government is seeking to withdraw EPA recognition of the California rule under the Clean Air Act because it effectively establishes fuel economy standards which are the sole jurisdiction of the federal government. The challenge could eventually be decided by the Supreme Court.