Saturday, July 25, 2015

selling 1964 Cobras in high school year book ads.... this has to be the only time you've ever seen these

It's blowing my mind that has hit on the unique source of car dealership photos no one else even suspected existed

Mopar dealerships in the high school year books on

A rare advertisment for a speedshop named Goodies. They got Linda, and I'm not sure, is that Kalitta?

I don't recognize most racers by what they look like.

Found on

The Shelby Camaro. Yeah, 1st I've heard of them too

I wouldn't want to be the guy trying to get the car positioned right on this early 60's dyno

the Reading Fire Dept taking out the new station wagons for the first time

How does Swift keep up the steady stream of stupid drivers?

Sure, the Blue Angel's 18 inch wingtip separation is impressive...but it doesn't feed the world.

A very interesting concept for a blog, it's photos of 1960s high school yearbook advertising from car dealerships