Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Most outstanding exhibit at the Viva Las Vegas, Elbert brought a 29 Hudson, 2 Harleys and an ACE, and made a lot of people stop and stare

Kevin Chen asks (but needs to realize he needs to include an email for response to questions) what the deal is with the Gramaphones... they are real, they have modern speaker magnets and wiring at the small ends on the bottom, but were putting out music, quite loud and clear. I was real curious too!

Elbert Says: Them their is 1929 Atwater Kent Monophonic Super Heterodyne Speakers, that you can rotate and aim at who ever dislikes the racket and ole timey music you're playing. They be puttin out two hundred decibels which tends to cause cattle stampedes and youngens to scream. Which tends to cause their mothers to bend over, which me and my crew tend to like.....You have to understand we like things that tend to get on peoples nerves. But you see, we are highly entertaining. Ask me some more questions, I got lots of answers about the mighty Hudson and ole motorsickles. Will send money if we find work!!! Have Fun!!!!

Thanks Elbert!

Pinstriping and pushbuttons

Nice Fairlane 500 at the Viva Las Vegas

 the matching soda cooler is a nice touch
 great choice in rims