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stolen Mustangs recovered

a fisherman reported that he had struck a submerged object with his boat. When the tide went out a 2006 Ford Mustang, valued at $80,000, was spotted in the water. A search and rescue team was called and a tow truck used to retrieve the Mustang.

Stolen mustang stats

For over 25 years, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has published Hot Wheels, an annual report of America's 10 most stolen vehicles.

NICB reviewed Mustang theft data from 1964-2011 and identified 611,093 theft records. Overall, from 1981 through 2011, a total of 411,155 Mustangs were reported stolen. The most thefts occurred in 1981 (20,708) and the fewest in 2011 (4,347).

Although data for all years is available, confidence in pre-1981 records is low due to the inconsistency in reporting protocols and vehicle identification number (VIN) systems in use prior to 1981.

The single year with the most U.S. sales was 1966 with 549,436.
2009 logged the fewest Mustang sales reaching only 66,623 units.

In 1982, a Mustang owned by a young Marine stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina, was stolen. This was no ordinary Mustang; it was a 1965 Shelby GT-350.

The Marine soon deployed and never saw that car again-until 2007 when an NICB agent contacted him with news that his Mustang was located in Maryland. In the intervening years since it was stolen, the Mustang's true identity-its VIN-had been painstakingly altered and matched with a fraudulent title. It was then sold to an unsuspecting buyer who eventually put a new $12,000 Shelby engine in it.

The duped owner was contacted in 2007 by the Maryland State Police and an NICB special agent asking to inspect his Shelby. As you can imagine, he was absolutely dazed when they informed him that his prized possession was, in fact, stolen property.

 That young Marine from 1982-now a professional airline pilot-was overjoyed when he was notified that his dream car had been recovered and was in excellent condition. And, in a classy gesture of goodwill-he was not legally required to do so-the pilot gave the former owner a check for $12,000 for the engine.

1934 Packard custom made for a member of the Tiffany's owners family

steam punk 1703

James Dean... and nephew I think, contemplating maybe how to hot rod this little model

take chances, but not with parts

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be kind to your postal delivery driver... get a mail box!

the race between Ford and Winton, the Selden Patent fiasco as well, was covered quite well on "The Men That Built America"

from the History channel

good wall art from car parts

300H press release

Horse drawn garbage wagon

A traffic cop stops a busy street in New York City so a mother cat holding a kitten can cross safely, c.1925

you ride a wall of death, yeah that's nice kid. I ride a bottomeless barrel

pedal power

makes you wonder if the kids would enjoy mowing more, or less.
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guy installed his own battery... won't start. Duh.

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hood ornaments that were aftermarket mascots, factory and factory approved, from a good website:

This is a good selection of hood ornaments that aren't in the quick reference guide I posted

these are just samples of the various manufactures, see them all at

a suffregette on a scooter, 1916 london

License plate humor

Safety first wasn't followed. Stuck throttle. This from really experienced old guys who know better, no one killed, one ran over and hospitalized.

for the rest of the info, and source of photos

Tim Hawkins parody of Imagine, about cars and traffic for the first half.. very dead on genius

Skip the first 50 seconds, it's all set up getting the cord to his guitar straightened out

car maniacs.. life with race cars, a 1993 XJ220C that raced at LeMans in 93 and 95, and 1991 Porsche 962c

Paris to Peking race 1907 postcards

two in the bush, 2010 undisclosed location

A will to ride over comes all

what a difference stepping back and zooming in can make when photographing cars

only changing the zoom makes this big of a difference

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