Saturday, May 25, 2019

It sure is cool to find that there's still one more thing out there that is new to me, that I haven't come across before, something I can share with you - as maybe you haven't either

Revell began to fund the creations themselves, and their agreement with Roth was to sell models of his creations and pay him a commission.

The problem with the Wishbone was that its delicate front wheels and suspension was too fine for model maker Revell to recreate at a small scale,

Since they couldn’t sell a model of the Wishbone it proved a costly issue for Roth, with no way to recoup his considerable investment. His solution was chopping it up and discarding it, maybe that was more of a catharsis than a carefully considered business decision, but a member of the team, Dirty Doug, was quite fond of the vehicle, so he requested to keep it for himself.

Roth agreed under the condition it was never reassembled. Obviously, this promise was not kept and the car was pieced back together. Roth was upset, as now, he was incapable of making money with the creation after relinquishing ownership.

The car resurfaced in the early 1990s and was sold at Auction to the Tupelo Automobile Museum.

Of all of the oddball creations dreamed up within Big Daddy's workshop, the Wishbone stands out on its own being one of the only one to be powered by a Volkswagen Motor.

100 years ago this was made, and they didn't evolve much since. They did have a nifty parasol accessory back then

clever use of the Toyota symbol to show some west coast humor

pretty sketchy looking trailer

that's a Toyota in front

don't leave your windows down!

lucky shots!

A Tiger tank was somehow at the perfect height to take the full impact of a shot from another tank, but had that turret been a fraction of an inch higher, lower, or not perpendicular to the incoming round that we can see put a hole in it, I think that the round might have ricocheted instead.

Mostly due to the diameter of the turret, and the incident angle that a fraction of an inch high or lower would have placed at the leading tip of the impacting round

1944. M4A1 Sherman tank on the Italian front

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Friday, May 24, 2019

great googly moogly, Alfa sure didn't save time when naming cars! I saw the 7 word named car at the Art Center College concours in 2016, but now, have found an 8 word model. Why does it take 8 words to name a car?

the 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Zagato Coda Tronca now has, as I can't remember any other, the most words in one name. The last one had 7, it was the 1957 Alfa Romeo Giulieta Sprint Speciale Bertone Prototipo

that motorcycle from Terminator Salvation... wow, what a scene they pulled off with that movie

in the past week there have been a lot of tributes to Lauda, but none of them moved me. Not until I saw the respect that the Museum of Maranello gave him, with flags at half mast, and only one light in the race car display. That, I admire

you can roll out all the stats, and they show what he accomplished.... that's fine.

But when I see that this is how the museum respected him? THAT means something. THAT shows what an amazing driver he was.

Some people get a parade, some get a moment of silence, others get a charity fundraiser concert... but when flags get lowered? THAT is impressive, and shows that they aren't giving lip service on their facebook page. They aren't fucking around. They are showing RESPECT.

I didn't hear of anything at F1 international headquarters, or the Ferrari HQ and race car factory, I may not have run across it yet, or maybe they did something that didn't get reported as thoroughly as this. But if they had done something as cool as this, I think I would have seen something

this looks like someone purpose made these to be banners for me

Here it is folks, your one last chance to buy a new 1988 Yugo. I kid you not, someone seems to have decided after about 500 miles to store it (thanks Gary!)

that reminds me that there was a town in Pennsylvania or Maryland... someplace like that, that was given a hundred to test out.

Just let me know when you change your mind, and realize that writing tickets to generate revenue for the city is ridiculous. Until then, you might want to lock on with some Kung Fu Grip!

When your passenger ain't got the sense to wear a seatbelt and shut the hell up while being driven to where they want to go

things can go bad really fast... carry a fire extinguisher in your car

this weeks banners

Hello, friendly neighborhood insurance agent, we need you to come down to the dealership. Are ya busy today?

Jefferson City, MO was hit by an EF-3 Wednesday night. The storm was packing winds of 160 mph as it tore through a GM and Toyota dealership. It ended up damaging or destroying at least 500 vehicles and leaving brand new cars basically as scrap metal.

This ought to be boring to watch... but it turned out to fascinate me... bringing a cutaway BMW S1000RR to its 14,200RPM redline. It was filmed before high def and high res cameras were available.. so, only 360p

Thanks Maurice!

Finally out of a 30 year slumber, this 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda made it to Indiana from California, when it had the power train pulled, and that made it a permanent garage fixture until now, as it's swapping hands yet again

and through all the years, a lot of rare parts stayed with the car, or were located to get it running again

Six Pack air cleaner base, several small block Six-Pack intakes and carburetors, high performance exhaust manifolds, NOS mufflers and side pipes, and most of the interior. The special quick-ratio steering box was still bolted to the car along with the original fiberglass hood and rear spoiler.

Even the hard-to-find 340 Six-Pack block and heads were squirreled away under a thick coating of barn dust. Though the block isn’t numbers-matching for the car, it has the correct 3577130TA340 casting number

The guy that bought it in the 80s, Dean, traded it to Mark for a Challenger, and now Mark has sold it to buy a Hellcat

I doubt you'll see this tribute to Back To The Future Fiat time travel, but it's a good way to remind us how many incredible things that new cars can do now. (Plus rear view cameras!)

call it a man cave, your shop, the shed, or the garage... it's a place where all your stuff is exactly where it belongs, surrounded by flotsam and jetsam and bottles full of misc nuts and bolts

they are doing amazing creations at Magic Wheelchairs!

and one that is still in development, but looks like it's going to be incredible, is a collaboration between Solidworks (incredible software for mechanics, machinists, etc) and Magic Wheelchair: