Saturday, May 12, 2007

Beautiful speedo design, and nice tach and clock set

As previously posted, the T-Bird convention was this morning

It was at the Holiday Inn, a block North of Aero Dr, on Murphy Canyon Dr.

Nice people, but strange taste in cars. After the 57, I lost apprecation for the exterior design, and they had the one speedometer without a glass face, just big plastic numbers, with bar speedo needle under the numbers. Yuck.

Why is this T-Birds radio marked wrong?

Why crash test cars? Motorcycles obviously aren't worth crash testing, and yet a viable transportation means, DOT approved. Go figure

I have been remiss, I never linked to Mr. Jalopy... read and then peruse his archives, great reading

what they drive in Russia in the winter

Ferrari is having a garage sale aka auction

This auction is by RM Auctions, the Canadian company that is collaborating with Sotheby’s.

The star of the event is a 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM Testa Rossa, the only 4-liter and the last racing Testa Rossa by Ferrari. It was driven by the endurance racer Phil Hill.

The other stars of the sale are cars well known to Ferrari buffs, well traveled to shows and concours and often auctioned. Some are simply legendary pieces of engineering and design, like the most powerful Ferrari of its era, the 1953 Ferrari 340MM, with a 4.1-liter, 300-horsepower V-12.

Some are famous for their drivers, like the 1970 Ferrari 512 S raced by Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team twice at Sebring or the 1966 Ferrari Dino 206 SP. An alloy-body competition version of the short-wheelbase 1960 250 GT will also be offered, as well as a prototype of the F40 supercar.

Those with a more modest bidding budget will be drawn to the actual garage items — perhaps one of the more than 100 lots of racing memorabilia from the Ferrari archives — the real basement tapes.

They have a 1/4 mile track in Dubai! Nuts, they've got the oil, and a race track...

If you go farther than San Diego for car shows, here's a good website

A very thourough AMX website, also covers Javelins, and the Trans Am racing series '68 -'72

Steve McQueen commercials

A few years ago, about 4, Steve McQueen was digitally added to a commercial. He walked out of a cornfield, onto a freshly paved one lane race course through that cornfield, was handed a set of keys to the brand new design of the Mustang... and he went for a spin.

A similar kind of commecial was made for a different Ford car, the Puma... and Steve was digitally added to this one too, in a scenario that recalls the "Bullitt" street chase. No idea if the Puma (or this commercial) ever went into production overseas, but it never became a production model here in the US.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Over the Hill Gang... full of surprises. Love these guys! Annually!

There are pin stripes on the backs of a lot of hot rods, but this tail feather display is apt, and apropo. Perfectly painted fine lines, that I believe were pinstriped on, about a thousand of 'em


Teardrop trailers are marvelous, and with a flame lick, even cooler!

What appears to be a wheel barrow derived t-bucket
This is called "The Living Room", it has 2 sofas, a 1/2 dozen lawn chairs, and a barbeque. Operated from the far rear sofa. Dig the propeller and fire truck siren!

With your chrome heart shining in the sun, long may we run

1957 Olds... really good looking!

If you see this rig, look at the odometer, it's hand painted

preview of the Over the Hill Gang, Streak #34, Campland on the Bay

Get on down to Pacific Beach, take Grand west to Olney (center divider sign points to Campland on the Bay), hook a left, then go all the way.

Project cars for sale in South Dakota

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pirate Monkey Cult member all hail the Chief Exec!

These are the pics to eval for the hall of fame... didn't want to swamp the chief exec's email with photo's I can host here, proudly.

Biggest "spears" I bet any car ever had

I've learned these are called "Spears", but if you know them by another name... potato, potaato

These do seem to be a oversized "Rocket" image that would be better on the same year Oldsmobile, instead of this 58 Bonneville.

New car club get togethers....

The Coco's parking lot on El Cajon Blvd, North side of the road, 2 blocks East of Texas St, West of the 805... around 7 pm.

Old Mill Cafe, 3949 Ohio St

2nd wed of the month, a block North of University Ave, a couple blocks West of the 805

Formerly the Rat Rod car show location

Kustom Kulture 9343 Mission Gorge Rd. Santee, CA 619-449-2041

Hi res car images for wallpaper

Here's a copy of the list of cars, and how many images of each

Acura - 12AC Schnitzer - 3Alfa Romeo - 50Alpina - 3Aston Martin - 51Audi - 153Bentley - 36BMW - 168Brabus - 9Bugatti - 18Buick - 12Cadillac - 49Caterham - 6Chevrolet - 75Chrysler - 57Citroen - 45Dacia - 3Daewoo - 12Daihatsu - 3Daimler - 3Datsun - 3Dodge - 75Ferrari - 51Fiat - 51Ford - 223GMC - 24Hamann - 3Holden - 9Honda - 91Hummer - 33Hyundai - 18Infiniti - 12Jaguar - 53Jeep - 66Kia - 9Kleemann - 3Koenigsegg - 15Lamborghini - 39Lancia - 21Land Rover - 40Lexus - 36Lincoln - 24Lotus - 6Maserati - 15Maybach - 27Mazda - 65Mercedes-Benz - 189Mercury - 17MG - 9Mini - 36Mitsubishi - 75Morgan - 3Nissan - 75Opel - 127Peugeot - 81Pontiac - 29Porsche - 100Renault - 106Rinspeed - 18Rolls-Royce - 13Rover - 11Saab - 69Saleen - 3Scion - 3Seat - 60Skoda - 54Smart - 9SsangYong - 6Subaru - 45Suzuki - 18Toyota - 72TVR - 3Volkswagen - 120Volvo - 87

Tutorials on how to make a virtual car (photoshop)

Has some other people have made, I hope to photoshop my car and see what it will look like with different rims.

Auto Cross in the Qualcomm (western) parking lot

Through the SDBMWCCA

Hello Autocrossers:

Those of you on the Autocross Update email list are getting this news first:

After a lot of anticipation, the San Diego Chapter now offers advance registration for our autocross events online! Our next event is the “Sunday Drive Autocross” on May 27th, the weekend of Memorial Day, in the big West Lot.

We’ll have a long, wide, fast course to let your BMW really stretch its legs. Our intent is to open registration online about 3 weeks before an autocross and close it a week before the event (or when it fills up). Registration is now open for this event, and it will close on May 19th.

There will be no waiting list; if you miss advance registration (and we still have openings), you’ll be able to register the day of the event as before (still first-come, first-served). We are guaranteeing a slot for the first 10 non-BMWs, whether it’s online or on site. Confirmations will be emailed so you’re sure that you’re in if you register online.

Registrations are still accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, but this will eliminate the early morning lineup and the uncertainty about getting one of our limited openings. For fairness to everybody, the start date of advance registration for future autocrosses will be published in Fahren Affairs and on the website. No registrations will be accepted before that date. Advance registration will close one week before each autocross event or when all openings are filled.

The $50 entry fee is payable by credit card using a secure connection via a BMW CCA-approved website.Online Registration Process:

It’s easy to register online for San Diego Chapter Autocross events. We have selected MotorsportReg, a popular registration site for BMW Club events. As easy as 1-2-3:

1. Log onto Your first time, you must create a personal account (it’s free). Click on “Create an Account” and follow prompts to add your name, email address, and zip code.

etc etc etc
the full write up is on the link I have at teh beginning of this post.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I read this on a comment section, wow.. . thats sad

Here is what would happen if Ford owned Ferrari

Like it did to Aston Martin:

1- Ramp up production quickly without Addressing issues. Example DB7

2- Want a new engine, bring it over from the Ford Taurus. Weld two 3.0 Duratecs together to make a V12.

Thats exactly how the 5.9 V12 from Aston is.

3- See if you can get parts from the ford empire and shove it into Ferrari to cut costs again.

Ford put Miata door handles on the DB9.

4- Take Platform sharing to new heights. Make a Jag out of the F430 platform and make other Ford vehicles out of Ferrari platforms.

XK8 and Vantage are the same.

5- Need a V8 engine for Ferrari? Oh no, don't develop one, bring one over from Ford again.

Such as V8 from Ford going into Vantage.

Ferrari fever, the waiting list grows as more become millionaires and desire the best for the best read.

Heard this morning on The Wall Street Journal Report, it seems that the limited production is fixed by inclination of the Ferrari chairman, and that is to maintain the exotic mystique of the brand, the rarity, and the perception of the Ferrari as the best.

If they are going to speed up production to meet demand, it would make a lot of their customers happier, they have historicaqlly had to wait about 12 month, now it's about 24 months. Lots of demand from the rich Arabians, and that's new to Ferrari. Somewhere in the Persian Gulf area they are supposed to actually make a themepark about Ferrari's.

Would you like to have Jim Wangers come to your car show?

At the Apr 22 show of D Mac's Auto Parts...

He brought the GeeTO Tiger! , his 69 Judge, and his one of a kind Grand Prix. Very cool.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The BMW's will be having a car show, Spanish Landing, North Harbor Drive across from the airport, June 3

June 3

Clean Car Contest and Charity Auction, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Spanish Landing, Harbor Drive, west end across from Lindbergh Field.

All proceeds to charity

Information: Dennis Damon, (760) 598-8770.

Pheonix Art Museum spotlights aerodynamic 30's and 40's cars for 9 nice pics of what examples of what they are showing

Makingthe statement that some auto's are sculpture, they feature some beauties in the slide show. Bit of irratation to log-in first, but... it's worth the bother.

'35 Stout Scarab, '35 Auburn Boattail, '36 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, '38 Talbot Lago, '39 Delahaye Cabriolet, '41 Chrysler Thunderbolt, '48 Tatra, '57 Ferrari 625/250 Testa Rossa and others. A really good read, and slideshow. Here for a look at the NY Times online car section without the log in.

1934 Chrysler Imperial Airflow
851 Speedster
1936 Stout Scarab
1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe
1936 Peugeot 402 Darl’mat Coupe
1937 Cord 812 Sportsman
1937 Delahaye 145 “Million Franc Prize” car
1937 Dubonnet Hispano-Suiza H-6c Xenia by Saoutchik
1938 Embiricos Bentley
1938 Talbot-Lago T150C “Teardrop” Figoni et Falaschi coupe
1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900
1938 Darracq-Talbot Lago T-150 c by Figoni et Falaschi
1938 Delage D8-120 S Pourtout Aréo Coupé
1939 Delahaye 165 Cabriolet by Figoni et Falaschi
1939 Lincoln Zephyr
1941 Chrysler Thunderbolt
1948 Tatra T87
1948 Tucker
1952 SoCal Belly Tank
1957 Ferrari 625/250 Testa Rossa TRC
1986 Oldsmobile Aerotech
1994 McLaren F1

Junkyard finds, via Mopar Max


From my trivia challenge photo gallery post

The doors are from a early 70's, they have no wing windows

the rims are from a Coronet or Charger, they were never offered on Darts

the front clip (fenders, grill, hood) is from a 1970 Dart,

the hood scoop isn't even Mopar, neither is the black hood stripe

the center console is from a 72 Barracuda or Challenger

the dash, looks like its from a Barracuda

the butt stripe is just the lower half, the top is missing

the GT letters are from a Pontiac Grand Am from the 1990's, the word Sport, well that is a mystery

the trunk panel is from a 1968 Dart

and I may be wrong, but the antenna on the rear fender I think is not normal to 1969 Darts

Oh chromium, how sweet the sight

World's first redneck rv joke

From Shorpy

The Early years, real early

Just soak up the age on these...

The Fire Dept chief, was in a little accident in his Chevy.

These look like Mack trucks. Side curtains, chain drive on the rear tires, wood spokes, no fenders, no headlights, orphans on the move to try for new homes outside of New York. That's history. Deep, dusty, forgotten history.
Brought out of the old photo albums by and me.

How fun would it be to have a pair of '68 Yamaha Enduro trail bikes?

Pacific Beach dealership,

Black and yellow plates, now that would be something to enjoy.

You'll never see it again, but these were for sale on Craigslist 2wice. For 500 bucks, both times. Flipping for profit doesn't work out every time, sadly.