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painter appreciation moment, Phil Leonard, Holister Ca, Syrarium Color Studios

That’s probably the number one thing people ask, is what the word means.

It’s two words – “serenity and the suffix “arium”, as in a natural habitat where something prospers, such as an aquarium or terrarium. 

"What better place to dedicate my time and energy than my own space of serenity where my artwork prospers. I really like making art, listening to music, and just reacting that good vibe. When I was younger I went through a couple different shop names, thinking about what might sound good, and finally got to Syrarium and thought, this is a safe place to stop."

and of course, see the award winning paint job he did on the Kellison

has wheels, and a hell of a paint job, and you've never seen one used as a planter before

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these wonderful goofballs have a new Grand Tour episode on Amazon on December 17th. If the music on the video doesn't instantly make you smile, you deserve a refund.

great title for a French episode. Keep in mind, a couple of the previous episodes were titled Seamen, and A Massive Hunt. Yes, it's quite juvenile humor, but it works

Damn, the song is in French... I'll translate the first line, that had me laughing loudly, 

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified!" 

Perfect opening line for a Top Gear scene, I don't fucking care that they now must use the name Grand Tour. That's not my problem. 

they've done crazy stuff before, but never in a propeller car!

the zipper humor... so apropos on a ball bag. Get it? I doubt they even realized that the zipper was a 2nd level of humor for that joke

a Lightweight Type E was crashed at Castle Comb, and rebuilt with a Holman Moody 427

it must be impossible not to instantly like Ian Roussel

He's currently in season 7 or 8 of his tv show Full Custom Garage, it seems to be on Amazon  for an extra charge

I looked around, and did not find it on any streaming service without an extra charge. It is on Motor Trend channel, and I don't get that either, so I don't know if that costs money or is just a free app.

How hot rods came to Goodwood


Goodwood would like to hire a Motorsport Content Planner, an organizer, preparing for the Festival of Speed, Revival and Members' Meeting, and the application deadline is Dec 4th, 2021

In this crucial role, you'll be responsible for the creation, planning, coordination, implementation and delivery of the vehicular content that makes up Goodwood's motorsport events, in accordance with each event brief and budget.

You'll be part of a great team that looks after the amazing amount of creative thought, planning and co-ordination that goes into delivering the vast array of vehicles that wow the crowds every year.

What you will have:

A broad general knowledge and fundamental interest in all things motoring and the motor sport industry, both past and present
Strong administration experience with great attention to detail
Boundless enthusiasm and superb organizational skills
Some experience of project management and implementation
Areas of specialist interest and knowledge relating to motoring/motorsport
Previous experience in planning would be an advantage, but isn't essential.

The job posting states that Goodwood's team is expanding, so, it might be safe to feel that the previous person will be there to help the new hire along, but, that is a presumption. 

I'd love that, but have zero experience in admin of car shows, races, etc. 

I haven't seen anyone simply let their roadster be a jalopy since Baskerville... this is cool

this Kellison won the Larry Watson paint award at the West Coast Kustoms Cruisin Nationals

This is the art of Phil Leonard, of Syrarum Color Studio of Hollister California. 

Winning the Larry Watson award is very cool, but not a surprise when looking through the art that Phil has made. Incredible stuff!

BoMonster is the only one that took great photos of this Kellison

The Larry Watson Award had me look up something;

In 1955, at the age of 16, Larry Watson began his pinstriping career. 

His inspiration came from watching Dean Jeffries striping, while sitting on his bicycle outside of Barris Kustoms in Lynwood. 

Von Dutch had moved his operation uptown working out of "The Crazy Arab's" Competition Body Shop at 7201 West Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, so it was Dean Jeffries doing his first striping for Barris on Johnny Zupan's 1949 Mercury. 

Larry asked Jeffries where he had bought his brushes. Jeffries answered "What do you want to do? Put me out of business?" At the time it was only Von Dutch and Dean Jeffries who applied what they called "Modern Striping." Larry answered that he just wanted to stripe his own car, but Jeff still wouldn't tell him.

Two years later, when he graduated high school, he opened his first car painting business

The Driver, fantastic art and animation

THAT is an amazing animation project, and astonishes me that it's not a corporation made video... it's so damn good, it's difficult to believe that it's a personal project, because there just are not many people this talented!  

How talented? Well, Oscar Award winning talent, which he didn't mention when I talked to him, and he didn't mention that he is a CGI artist on Spider Man Into the Spiderverse, and Spiderman Far From Home! THAT talented!

I talked to the artist, Chris Hung, at Comic Con, and learned that he waited 8 years for the URL to become available, that is a lot of patience and perseverance 

nice color combo, with Keystone Klassics

Friday, November 26, 2021

Pilot lands 394-ton A380 sideways

Whoa! It's not every day you see a car getting dragged by a train, a train that has no idea it's destroying that car, which probably has a driver in it


see the brief video at

when a photo makes me stop browsing, and I say to myself, DAMN that is a great photo... well, that needs to be shared

the price of oil is down about 12 % today because they're freaked out about the new South Africa covid strain

Oil posted its worst day of the year on Friday, tumbling to the lowest level in more than two months as the new Covid-19 strain sparked fears about a demand slowdown just as supply increases.

 U.S. oil settled 13.06%, or $10.24, lower at $68.15 per barrel, falling below the key $70 level. It was the contract’s worst day since April 2020. 

WTI also closed below its 200-day moving average — a key technical indicator — for the first time since November 2020.

 International benchmark Brent crude futures slid 11.55% to settle at $72.72 per barrel. Both contracts registered their fifth straight week of losses for the longest weekly losing streak since March 2020.

 meanwhile, a couple days ago the Biden Administration announced plans to release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The move is part of a global effort by energy-consuming nations to calm 2021′s rapid rise in fuel prices. India, China, Japan, South Korea and the U.K. will also release some of their reserves.

just thought you oughta know the news on the oil market. By the way, there is a link to the right, in the babble about my other websites, so you always can quickly just click to see how oil is doing. 

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When Tarzan’s animator was creating one of the animated film’s tree branch scenes, he looked to professional skateboarder Tony Hawk to perfect his tree “surfing” scene.

It was Charles Shultz's birthday today, and I was at Comic Con... and I talked with Chris Sanders! (Lilo and Stitch, How to Train Your Dragon) and next year he'll likely have a new sketchbook out (with Stitch I asked hopefully!)

 Comic Con didn't even happen last year, and this year most or all of the big corporations were not there. There was no Hollywood component like the past 20 years.

There was no Hall H. No Ballroom 20. 

None of the movie companies were there, no WB, Sony, etc. No AMC with Walking Dead, and Walking Dead has been a booth thing, a zombies in the stadium thing, and a Hall H panel, for about 10 years. No movie props, no tv show focused booths. No cars, motorcycles, rvs, etc. Remember when Agents of Shield brought Colsons Corvette? Walking Dead brought the RV? Total Recall brought the flying cars? Elysium bought the Bugatti space ship? 

There were no posters covering the nearby hotels. I looked out toward the Gaslamp area, and it was not possible to guess comic con was in town, there were no banners, posters, painted buildings, spotlights, etc. Even the trolley train had no promo vinyl wraps about Dexter, or whatever the next best show will be. 

No Sideshow booth, as they opted to stick to the LA Con in a week or so, and bring Zachary Levi, Frank Miller, Tom Kenny, Ming-Na Wen, and Giancarlo Esposito.

There was no IMDB yacht, no Marvel booth, no Rick and Morty or Robot Chicken by the bayside. 

Comic Con, was gutted. What's Eddie Ibrahim been up to? Dunno, as there was no programming that he typically announced the celeb panels for in Hall H and Ballroom 20. Eddie? Are you ok? Can you hear me? 

It was still a great place to shop/browse at all the booths, as the exhibit floor was so quiet, you could hear the disappointment. About 10-20 percent of the booths were empty, some had company names, some didn't. 

The gaming area at the far north end? Now a eating table area. Funko moved to that end. 

Artists alley was about twice as big, and flanked by another huge table area. 

ABC, WB, CBS, Fox, UPN, all the tv show companies that had booths, and showed clips, previews etc, missing from the exhibit floor. 

It was quiet, and roomy. 

If you like that sort of thing at a convention, well, SEMA and Comic Con were on, instead of whatever last years online nonsense was (I didn't bother with either last year, it's pointless to me)

But I did find a half dozen cool artists, projects, etc that I'll be posting about tomorrow. They seriously prevented me from depression and disappointment. Even a couple fun people can turn around an entire wash out of a convention that failed to meet expectations, and hit you in the feels with cute characters, great art, phenomenal ideas they've made a marketing push with... I'll get to posting them tomorrow. 

Why? Walking miles inside a major convention center tired me out. I dig a grid pattern, was in every row, saw every table and booth, and doubled back a lot covering my own tracks to make sure I saw what was on both sides of a row 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

the tool box and tools of a 1920s car mechanic from East Jordan Michigan, his grandkids just found it a new home

this seems pretty clever, but doesn't address the wheels getting stolen

if it doesn't lock the frame, and wheels, to something... then it's not any improvement of consequence

Holley claims that their new lights have twice the light output over halogen bulbs, but have you heard of them, or seen a comparison with Hella High Beams?

but from looking at their website, these don't need a relay, and the Hellas do.

Holley named these the Retorbright headlights, and they are LED tech

The Rock surprised an amazing US Navy vet by giving the man his customized truck after Porsche nixed the notion of donating the Taycan driven in the movie 'Red Notice'

In a video post shared to Instagram, the Rock wrote, "I invited fans to a special theater screening of 'RED NOTICE' and I wanted to do something cool for all of them."

"I also wanted to do something BIG … something MASSIVE… something unforgettable for one fan."

The actor said that he originally planned to give away the Porsche Taycan that he drove in the film, but Porsche nixed the idea.

So after "gathering as much information as he could about everyone in the audience" the Rock decided to gift his pickup truck to Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez.

"Takes care of his 75-year-old-mom. Personal trainer. Leader at his church. Provides support and meals for women victimised by domestic violence. Proud & humble Navy veteran. Kind human being," Johnson said of Rodriguez. 

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gas prices have prompted satire, as only 16 months ago the international price was 0.00 per barrel


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this doesn't seem possible, or logical, but the story is that this is a 20 mile, never titled or registered 1963 Cortina, that was ignored at a Scottish dealership for 25 years, then bought and ignored by it's current owner since 1989, 32 more years

The car was delivered from new to Mr Young's Ford dealership named Townhead garage in Strathaven, South Lanarkshire in Scotland in 1963, but being only the Cortina Consul it was passed over by people who wanted the Ford Lotus Mk 1 model and the car was never sold.

It was then left forgotten in the corner of the dealership for decades until the dealership closed down due to Mr. Youngs age and health issues. Then the premises were sold and it reopened as a garage for a couple years, until it was demolished and developers replaced the area with housing.

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