Thursday, March 05, 2020

I was behind this truck in commuter traffic this evening... wow, does that exhaust smell GOOD...

it's odd to realize, new cars are super quiet, and don't make smelly exhaust anymore. When I was a kid in the 70s, nothing was quiet, noting was odorless... everything on the road was noisy with burnt oil and gas exhaust smells

someone drove a NICE Corvair to Costco this week... and stupid me, I forgot to get out and walk around and take photos

was out for a walk yesterday and saw this in an apartment complex's courtyard

sure beats having to sit where ever a bench is built! Just move this so you get the view you want, in the shade, or sun. 

I can't recall ever seeing one of these Chrysler Aspens before, looks a lot like a 20 year old Durango

this must be a yoga thing... oohhmm, that's a chanting thing right? A zen and yoga type noise for people in spandex?

I noticed something odd when looking at this Prius, there is something mounted up inside the rear view mirror

That's a lot of something... I don't know what. Probably a dash cam I suppose

I parked next to this Tesla the other day, and was surprised to see side mounted cameras to eliminate the bling spot, and help with parking

the above is in the B pillar

just a moment to say, I wish I had more time to blog

I know there's been very little posted the past couple weeks, less than half the usual

and nothing like the occasional deeply researched post about some artist or biography, I enjoy those as much or more than the large volume of funny, stupid, goofy, or fantastic things that there's isn't much about, but there are so many of them that it's a full day posting them.

Like I mentioned a week or so ago, I'm doing my family tree on and it's far more in depth than I thought, and NO ONE ever mentioned to me before that it's so time consuming. I now spend as much time on that as I used to on this.

So, after 14 years of this, and 42000 posts, you are probably not surprised to know I get very focused and committed to a project, and go to great lengths of time and online research to get to the bottom of something.

So, anyway, just a note to tell you it's going pretty well, and I'm maybe 40% done with the family tree project. A person could seriously spend years at that, and write books about their ancestors.

If you're ever stuck trying to figure out what to get someone, who likes to research, or is a history buff, or is a kid that will eagerly become a history nut -  get them a 6 month membership, and you'll seriously make them happy longer than anything that isn't a car, truck, or motorcycle.

I wish I could say Ancestry was giving me a freebie so I'd post about them, but, seriously, hell no. My best friend got me a 6 month membership for xmas. It's incredible, and you probably know I LOVE history.

Well, when you're looking to see what relatives did in WW2, WW1, the civil war, the revolutionary war, the war of 1812, which relatives crossed the Atlantic in sailing ships to immigrate here, which ones were on the Mayflower, which ones were knights, barons, dukes, kings, queens, emperors, roman senators, Visogoths, Huguenots, Gauls, Franks, Saxons, in the crusades, etc etc etc,  you're getting one hell of a history education, and more, because it's real, and it's personal, and it's family.

What a hell of a mind trip, I can tell you 

a photo gallery from on set of the 2008 movie "The Red Baron"

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Thurman was curious about the manufacturer of this 1926 Graham Brothers delivery truck. Dodge bought Graham Brothers in 1925, but didn't have a new design until 1928. So, it's a Graham, built by a company owned by Dodge (Thanks Steve! )

Looks like a Dodge to me, the hubcaps aren't exactly the best focused example I've seen, but they appear to be DB bearing hub caps

It turns out Steve made out the hub cap, and it looks like this;

I didn't have time last night (around 1115pm) to do a search for 1926 Dodge trucks, but I did just now, and this came up

And though the rims are a bit different, I'll look at the rear wood spoke design, spare tire mounting bolt method, pattern, and location in front of the rear wheel, plus the fold point of the windshield, the roofline shape, the beltline not inline with the door window base, the shape of the front fender, and the shape of the cowl, and location of the steering wheel and say that the top is indeed a 1926 Dodge

Thanks to Daniel P for clanging my tip jar!

The Nashville tornado did a lot of expensive destruction at the John C. Tune Airport, Nashville International's sister airport in West Nashville, the insurance companies are going to feel that one! million dollar private jets by the dozens are too damaged to get repaired

and if you are wondering why I'm not commenting on the effect of this storm on people, well that's simple, I don't blog about that, it's depressing etc. When I do news, it's about stuff with wheels  for a video

Nashville Tornado Hurls Car Into 3rd Floor of Apartment Building

John finds the coolest stuff! Look at this original advertising cardboard for Ford Plasman, the 1st distributor for Ford in Belgium!

what a COOL score! Thanks John!

nascar has decided to switch to a new rim that doesn't take lug nuts, just a center fastener.

There's no point in me writing about it, I'm not into nascar and the writer at already did a fantastic article on it.  pointing out that this will have a lot of side effects... even lug nut mascots will have to come to terms with this change, because a mascot based on a piece of hardware that no longer is in the sport? Doesn't make much sense.

Read that for a good piece of writing though... it's worth it. 

People who want to make a hot rod unlike anything that has ever been done before, very often can't imagine something that is undeniably one of a kind. Well, this guy did. I am pretty sure you ain't never seen a thing like this

I came upon this custom bus in traffic... I don't think I've seen one with a section added to the beltline before... good idea

punk for life, not just for your youth

cool aftermarket 3rd brake light in the spare tire!

Over heated brakes? Tire caught on fire?