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the June '23 Hot Rod magazine covered the Dec 2022 T.R.O.G. Flabob Airstrip Drags, and as I was reading that, the 2023 T.R.O.G. Flabob Airstrip Drags were happening, on Apr 15th and 16th

T.R.O.G.'s California Drags is a throwback to the early days of hot rod and motorcycle drag racing, it's period correct vehicles, 1934 and older only, (older than 57 for motorcycles) American made only, vintage engines and speed parts only.

No trophies, no pressure 

The TROG Flabob Airport Drags was held December 9-10, 2022 at Flabob Airport in Jurupa Valley, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. The airport is a hidden gem, and its 1960s vibe created the perfect backdrop for an old school drag race: vintage aircraft, old hangars, palm trees

steering wheel from a 1920 Davis Touring

a flat fender Jeep collector's long term storage is up for bids in Ohio... so, if you are in a good cash way, and love Jeep projects... this is probably a really good time to snap one up

here's what the listing says:
1940 Jeep Willys-Parts Only, No Vin,
1946 Jeep Willys CJ-2A Four Cylinder Flat Head with Extra Engine, Repainted Army Green; 
1947 Jeep Willys Four Cylinder Flat Head, Red and Black; 
1947 Willys Jeep Parts Only; 
1947 Jeep Willys-Yellow, Believed to be a 1947; 
1948 Jeep Willys CJ-2A, Red; 
1958 Jeep Willys CJ-5, No Vin, Believed to Be a 1958, 
Yellow; Jeep Willys CJ-5-Unknown Year, Green; 
Jeep Willys CJ-5-Unknown Year, Mostly Green; 
1976 Jeep Renegade-Brown;

On May 24, Paula Murphy will be celebrated at the Petersen, 1st with a film, then with a panel discussion with her.

Paula Murphy: Undaunted, a film from the Left Behind documentary series created by Pam Miller and Cindy Sisson. The series about women in the automobile and motorsports world, who didn't create the household names that Petty, Knievel, and Breedlove did. 

Her family came to Southern California in the 1950s, where she soon won her class in an Alfa Romeo in 1959. Shortly after, she went on to teach at Dan Gurney’s racing school, and caught the attention of marketing genius Andy Granatelli.

She soon became known as “Miss STP”, and driving for Granatelli’s then ubiquitous STP oil-additive brand, she set 365 new stock-car records for Granatelli and Studebaker at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1963. 

Her success made her the first woman to compete in the Indianapolis 500, behind the wheel of the Novi, Granatelli’s challenging Studebaker Indy race car. Back to Bonneville in 1965, she piloted Avenger, the STP jet car—despite four inches of water on the ground—to 243.33 mph.

She drove a Studebaker Avanti coast-to-coast for the Ford Transcontinental Speed record and set four transcontinental speed records. 

Her first drag racing was in 1965 driving an Olds 4-4-2 prepared by Dick Landy. Her competitive best was 12.46 at 110 mph. 

She was licensed in a Funny Car when Tom ‘The Mongoose’ McEwen, then president of the United Drag Racers Association, welcomed her and presided over her licensing at Lions and Don ‘Big Daddy’ Garlits signed off. The NHRA nixed her license, and Grantelli didn't like that, and got it reinstated. The following year saw her dip into the sevens and break 200 mph. 

For the 1969 season, Paula purchased a Barracuda Funny Car built by Don Hardy and spent most of the year match racing around the Midwest—where the money was. 

She went to England in 1973, along with Don Schumacher, as part of a three-weekend trip organized by Tony Nancy.

Murphy went on to Grand Prix racing, where she was the only American selected to represent the United States in the first Women’s Grand Prix Race in 1974.

Keith Young won the Arlen Ness Memorial Award with this steam punk recreation of his a 1975 Honda 550 F

interesting Nascar trophy pays tribute to the origins of stock car racing


cool and novel way to attend a car show - when your car isn't running, bring it with a 60's wrecker towing it in! I love it!

Thursday, May 11, 2023

she kept looking for her stolen 71 Nova for 9 years, finally it showed up on Craigslist... but the Oregon DMV had screwed up over and over, and she had to go to court to get a judge to declare her the legal owner, after 4 years of fighting the damn system

Her fight for her car unraveled a chain of dishonesty, deception and perhaps even some deliberate ignorance in a state that ranks fifth in the U.S. for car thefts.

 Oregon’s DMV system relies on state and federal law enforcement databases that purge records of stolen cars after a few years. 

The local cops didn't renew the stolen car report, the DMV wasn't doing diligent checking when issuing titles for "lost title", the pandemic jacked up the court system, the state’s lack of public defenders and a statute of limitations all complicated her reunion with the classic muscle car

A businessman living on the 57th floor decided to put his McLaren Senna GTR into his luxury Melbourne penthouse, the most expensive in Melbourne... it can't be used on public streets, so it's nothing more than a racecar for track or museum... or home décor (like the Ferrari in Tower Heist)

he paid 40 mil for the penthouse.... that's simply going to require some impressive interior decorating design elements to make it feel like it's the best in the city

This guy, is Adrian Portelli, he founded a company in 2018 that does the software for luxury car purchases, and signed up over 400 car selling businesses 

Adrian started his car-career in Hollywood, with a chauffeur business, but he's Australian, and now is branching out into real estate flipping

National Geographic Magazine just posted a story about where you can rescue a dog in a hot car, legally, and where you can do the same, if you GTFO after freeing the baking dog... and not get arrested if you're lucky

I hadn't heard of, or seen, this movie about Ferruccio Lamborghini. Rotten Tomatoes seems to hate it... 6% was the sum total of reviews, Elana say's it's a mess too

Matt Farah said: "lazy and inaccurate and made no sense historically and wasn’t cast well. Just every element of moviemaking was at a two. It's rare when you see a movie where every single possible choice is wrong. It was just a very sad kind of terrible."

Elana Scherr said "Stunningly boring"

One of that movies producers says there will be a movie about Enzo, with Adam Driver and Penelope Cruz.

and about 2 years after that,  "Maserati: A Racing Life," a biopic feature of the Maserati brothers.


if they wanted a 2 seater Chevelle, wouldn't it have been easier to buy an El Camino, than to make the drive shaft for this? 


Lotus by Anstead, Button, and driven by Foust heading up Pike's Peak for the 101st Running June 25, 2023

Radford has been brought back to life, principally, by three men: Former F1 world champion Mr Button, who’ll do the development driving duties, TV presenter and car builder Ant Anstead and designer Mark Stubbs. The 62-2 will cost from around $400k and be offered in three ‘starter’ specs - Classic, Gold Leaf and JPS

people have problems.... but after a couple DUIs, isn't it a problem that the court system ought to solve? How many DUI's are too many? (Here are the facts on a woman's 8th, 9th, 10th convictions, the other 7 aren't online)

Anne Palmersheim was awaiting sentencing in for violating release conditions on her eighth drunken driving conviction in 2001, denied another DUI charge, this time her ninth and pleaded not guilty to drunken driving at age 51

According to prosecutors, Anne Palmersheim, who already had nine DUI convictions in September 2020, was drunk when she swerved down a Butte street at a high speed on Sept. 6, 2020, drove through a detached garage and rammed a parked pickup into a house.

 Her blood-alcohol content at the time of the crash was 0.229,  and she fled Montana to live with her daughter in Texas, where 20 months later she was arrested for driving drunk in April 2022. 

No surprise, as anyone with 8 previous convictions of drunk driving, is a drunk driver, and will repeat that behavior as long as they can drink alcohol, they have a vehicle, and there is fuel in the tank.

Palmersheim's attorney said she had sold her house and liquidated retirement savings to pay for treatment, had completed an intense recovery program, was working and was living in a sober house.

Montana lawmakers in 2021 enhanced the penalties for fourth and subsequent DUI convictions, but this incident occurred in 2020. The maximum allowed then was five years in prison or DOC custody.

Palmersheim’s daughter said via video from Texas that her mother had struggled with mental health issues and addiction for most of her life.

She said Palmersheim entered an inpatient treatment program after the DUI in Texas and finally received a comprehensive evaluation and proper diagnosis. “I have seen the court systems and the medical systems fail her over and over again, and she was sick,” the daughter said.

In 2001, the Billings Gazette published this:

On Feb. 7 2001, Anne Palmersheim, was charged with her eighth DUI after she smashed her vehicle into a bathtub sitting in front of a house. 

Billings Police Sgt. Tony Barone, who has been leading a local enforcement effort, cited the Legislature's recent decision to replace mandatory prison time for fourth or subsequent DUI offenders with treatment. Although treatment is needed, repeat offenders need to be punished, he said. Under Montana law, repeat offenders cannot be sentenced to more than 13 months of prison.

"We're going the opposite direction here in Montana," Barone said. "If you don't do enough to stop it, you're advocating it. That's what the state is doing."

Barone said the lack of stiff penalties and cavalier attitudes are partially to blame for the people in Billings with up to eight DUI convictions.

In Montana, 46 percent of the fatal crashes involving young people in 1999 also involved alcohol, Webb said. Across the nation, the average is 35 percent.

interesting way to make a cool pattern in the lawn (or this method could be used for vacuuming)


see the video of how to do it at

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from the always entertaining, and often recommended blog Daily Timewaster

automotive companies used to pay radio makers to display the names of the car parts companies on radios... so that there was something IN the homes to keep those names in the collective, and force them into becoming household names (see how that happened so easily?)

the above two are both from Western Auto

and these last 3 are all Firestone Air Chief

Jim Belushi (one of the Blues Brothers) has a pot farm, a tv show, and this busted down tractor

not often you find Ferraris in traffic, risking expensive repairs because public roads are full of deep potholes


you don't see many Jaguars looking this run down and trashed

did they intend to hide the state name, or just feel ashamed of Illinois?

Ever seen an amateur (HAM) radio fanatic so past the norm that they install a directional aerial on their suv? I have... it's as weird as it sounds

sitting in the evening rush hour traffic jam, wondering what the percentage of present and retired military flyboys are with Corvettes... probably 50%, and the other 50% are probably riding crotch rockets

80s goofy movie bad guy rolling battering ram

The Electric Mayhem is finally streaming, (on Disney +) and making me happier than usual, as I dig the Muppets, and Rock N Roll... and the show is real fun!

They are doing a lot of fun little things, like guitar shoulder straps for seat belts! Lava lamps for house exterior lighting, even the driveway/mailbox post, SO 60s goofy fun, a LAVA LAMP! HA! 

B17 pilot's son authored a book about his dad's WW2 experience, from Army infantry to pilot, shot down over Belgium and joined the resistance fighters until he could reunite with the US Army

After getting out of the military, he started a coffee shop in Pasadena.

His son got all the letters his mom had kept, and the diary his dad had written when fighting with the Belgians

Coolest thing I've learned all week, is that the last NFL draft pick gets a week of fun, and sometimes that's a parade, a blimp ride, surfing, meeting Hollywood celebrities, etc Thanks Marc!

When it comes to being the last guy picked in the NFL Draft, the draftee gets 3 things:

1. A lifetime of being able to tell anyone in earshot—nephews, grocery baggers, flight attendants, whoever—that he was drafted to play pro ball.

2. The title of Mr. Irrelevant.

3.  the Lowsman Trophy, intended to be the exact opposite of the Heisman Trophy

in 1976, a retired 49ers wide receiver named Paul Salata (who scored the team's last touchdown in the All-America Football Conference in 1949, and its first in the National Football League in 1950) invented the title and an entire celebration for the last man taken.

it’s not a negative to be picked last in the NFL Draft; rather, it’s an honor to be drafted at all,” Salata explained “The last draft pick is a demonstration of perseverance, it is a lesson that resonates not only with NFL players and fans, but also with people everywhere.”

Salata founded Irrelevant Week, which is a "celebration honoring football’s underdog, while also making charitable contributions to the community," according to the organization's website.

After being selected as Mr. Irrelevant, Salata's organization says the player will spend a week attending events held in Newport Beach and Orange County, California. He and his guests visit Disneyland, attend media events, visit the beneficiary charity (proceeds are collected throughout the week to benefit a selected charity), participate in a sailing regatta in Newport Harbor, and attend either a Los Angeles Dodgers or Angels game to receive special recognition.

The Salatas—with the help of donors and sponsors who gift products, event spaces, and meals—have raised more than $1 million for a number of charities (including the American Cancer Society, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the YMCA, and Special Olympics).

In the ensuing 40 years of the celebration—now more of a long weekend than a full week— one guy wanted to meet Will Ferrell, one else wanted to meet Halle Berry, and someone else wanted to meet Jerry Rice.

Melanie Fitch (took over running the organization): One year, we had a New England Patriots player and Belichick wasn't gonna let him come. He said, “Irrelevant Week's a farce. I'm not letting him go.” So I had to call the commissioner—Tagliabue at that time—and he had to call the owner and ask him to make it happen. So he got to come out. But because it was this power play thing, they said he had to be back at 7:30 A.M. Friday morning because there's a practice. So we get special clearance from the airport. Thursday night was his Lowsman Banquet, where he gets his trophy. Orange County airport isn't open late enough, so we get a police escort to take him up to LAX, throw him through security, run him to the plane, throw him on the plane.

Ronnie McAda (1997, Pick #240, Green Bay Packers) My boys, when they were a little bit younger, they used to tell everybody, "My dad was the pick right before Peyton Manning." And people would go, "Huh? Peyton Manning was the #1 pick." And they'd be like, "Yeah, but my dad was the last pick the year before that."

Tevita Ofahengaue: Paul Salata calls me and says, "Hey, you’re our first married guy, so we’re gonna fly you and your whole family." So I’m like, "Are you sure my whole family? I don’t know if you know any Polynesians." He's like, "Yeah, I think it’ll be cool." So when you go to Disneyland, they give you all the tickets. They gave me 100 tickets. I only had one extra ticket when we went to Disneyland. I took about 90-something people with me, and they paid for everything—hotel rooms, flights, limo service to and from for the whole week. I add up the numbers, and I got more signing bonus than freakin’ Michael Vick, who was the first pick.

Ryan Succop (2009, Pick #256, Kansas City Chiefs): The whole idea of the week is to celebrate you, but at the same time, definitely to make fun of you. So when you're a kicker and your last name is Succop and you're the last guy picked, they have a lot of ammunition going into that week. They have a parade for you at the Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Beach. There's all these multimillion-dollar yachts, and they bring me around to the back of the marina and say, “You're going to make your grand entrance into the marina, because everyone's waiting for you on the beach.” I’m thinking I'm going to come in on this awesome boat, and out of the corner comes this little boat with a five-horsepower engine. I look at the guy that's with me, and I'm like, “That's what I'm coming on, isn't it?” And he's like, “Oh yeah, that's you, buddy.” My grand entrance was in a little canoe with a five-horsepower engine beside all these million-dollar yachts.

This is one of the few articles I've made that doesn't have a vehicle in it... because I heard a tip about this, and it said that the player is given a car.... well, that didn't show up in ANY article online. SO, I ran with this anyway, because it's a charity - and I always post charity stories in hopes that they benefit from the free publicity, and it's got so many fun stories in it that I'm adding it to the Humor, and the Awesome categories as well

'72 Nova I haven't seen Hot Rod Magazine ever mention, the Lee Eliminator (I love those slotted mags!) had a blue printed engine by Isky (I have never heard of Isky doing that) and a Tony Nancy interior! Damn, that's some serious celeb touched Nova!

a 55 Turbine prototype, or R and D special, I hadn't heard of that one! I wonder how undeveloped the turbine was, and how much trouble it gave them to finesse to run a car? (thank you Terry!)

from a 1955 Popular Science magazine

over a decade ago, Ellie (then 14) led her family in renovating a 70s camper trailer, that was bought for only $200

her parents and grandparents helped her fix it up... that's very cool.

Living on 60 acres in West Virginia, where one brother already had made a cabin for hanging out with friends, she wanted something of her own 

Finding that it was a challenge, but not terribly difficult, she rennovated two others, and sold them both for fundraisers, one The Arc raised $8,000, the other was raffled off to donate to a friend she met through theater that was diagnosed with brain cancer,for $13,000.