Saturday, August 02, 2008

1969 Boss 302 found with only 169 miles, locked up for the past 38 years

The 1969 Boss 302 was purchased in 1969 from Von Wil Ford in Wharton, Texas by an amateur racer who raced the car three times before he passed away a few months later. His widow left the car just as it sat untouched with 169 miles on the clock in a locked garage for the past 38 years.

Some interesting car photos

Fiat 500
Looks like a Franklin

1959 German GP Avus. Hans Herrmann crash

2008 Clairemont neighborhood park car show

Mike's latest, and soon to be on it's way (with a snowmaker for an AC system) to Hot August Nights in Reno. Last year Mike drove his roadster (Grand National Raodster Award) runner up... and it was a bit sweaty through the desert.
Very well restored, and painted in his driveway (really nice job too!) he bought it for a couple hundred from a high school body shop class. With the parts from a donor car in his backyard, and lots of swapmeet searching, it's a great transformation.
And the liscense plates? I asked about those, seems the US Olympic celebrational plates of 1984 were a bit confusing when he read about them on paper... and he got them with the notion that they would have a certain diplomatic effect

This is what he traded the purple 33 3 window for... straigh across, he was tired of the 33, and looking for something a little more streetable
The purple car is the last photo in this post:

the first time I've come across this radio

Looks backward to me. Possibly a prank by a car club member?

Long ago, like in the late 60's and 70's, an 8 track player was a common upgrade... but never seen anymore
Plymouth grill with a new perspective
A different Plymouth, '33 and very cool

Real aged patina

I dig the circle around the number of the speedometer, rare feature in all those I've seen

Corvair side ramp, and the first I've had good lighting to take photos of