Saturday, January 02, 2021

a facebook page dedicated to the Nimbus in the military! Thanks Kim!

get your coffee and donuts ready, this 1969 Ural M63 restoration video has incredibly great cinematography! Thank you Andy! This is terrific!

What's going on with the car battery, the AA battery, and the acid soaked cloth at the 7 minute mark? Is that removing chrome? Or is it nickle plating or some other method of plating that will give the rim some rust proofing? 

8 million views already, in only 2 weeks

the more trucks change over 20 years, the more the amount of space in the pickup bed remained the same

I didn't get out a tape measure, but they look like the same length truck beds to me

Swedish air force jet pulling some brave sledders! Thanks Kim!

Oh wow! Check out the revolver and bullet paint job on the "Hole Shot"

a night at the races

the Atlas tire company

for a brief moment in time, the Atlas Bucron was the drag racing tire to use, as there was nothing getting much traction in the way of stock non-wrinkle wall tires. 

Why did Atlas not capitalize and go into drag racing tires and fame and fortune for a decade or two? I don't know. Probably someone else had more motivation and assets to devote to making even better drag racing tires, like Goodyear, Firestone, M and H, Casler, etc. 

Dyno Don, 1961 Super Stock Impala

Of the 491,000 Chevy Impalas built for 1961, only 142 were fitted with the 409 cubic inch engine.

 These engines were rated at 360 HP and had a single four-barrel carburetor. Some racers purchased the engines seperately and installed them in 2-door Biscayne sedans. (when's the last time you heard of a Biscayne?)

 This was permitted in 1961, factory installations were not required.

 Two racers that went to this trouble in 1961 were established drag racers Frank Saunders out of Phoenix, Arizona and Dave Strickler from York, PA.

 Frank Saunders won the S/S class at the 1961 NHRA Winternationals while Don Nicholson took the win in the Stock Eliminator category at the same event.

used car lots with interesting advertising billboards (and the cars are packed in doorhandle to doorhandle)

Before soccer mom vans.... there were station wagons.

I don't think it's impossible to imagine that someone would decide to make a fun wagon, for getting kids to soccer practice, getting groceries, etc

The Road to Sedona 1926

see how this is going to make a nice banner?

Compliment of the day from Bill O

I can still remember the smell of exhaust, the thrill of stalking the vehicle, the wild ride down the street, as far as we dared. 

Mittens frozen to back bumpers. 

Cannot thank you enough for saving (some of) my mental health! Stunning banners, research, etc. You have a gift, and when I can, I will do my best to encourage you more.

 Until then, please consider me as one of your loyal admirers. Thank you for every single effort you make for us. Have a Happy, Healthy New Year. You, and every one you know.

Dang, that's real nice! Thank you Bill!

there are a couple dozen examples of Watson's custom paint jobs over on this website

Compliment of the day from JS Fury

Jesse, you probably won't see this, but this is the best of the best year end review, and it is great! 

Happy New Year sir. And continued success with all your endeavors.

Well, I'm glad you're happy with it, and thank you! 

wow, incredible airbrushing

what cool photos

I wonder if this is still around

what a great close up. It's going to make a really cool banner. 

these would make very cool posters

October 1963. "Cars in parking garage at base of Marina Towers high-rise apartment building, Chicago." 35mm acetate negative from photos for the Look magazine assignment "Living on the Top.

In the Steve McQueen movie "The Hunter" There's a car chase through the parking garage and a car goes off the 17th floor into the Chicago River

Friday, January 01, 2021

odd looking

dig the 1960s art on these RAC tune and test kits by R Jacks. Anyone know who that was? Or have a link to other art he did? They state that Dan Gurney endorsed RAC

I went looking online to see if I could find out what RAC is the anagram of  "Rite Autotronics Corporation", and if the business is still making stuff.

that looks like some classic late 60s or early 70s Sears art work right there

RAC was founded in the early 1960s. It designed and built automotive tuning and testing equipment diagnostic equipment that was aimed at the shade-tree mechanic more than a working pro.

The company had many patents to its credit in the 1960s and 1970s, yet in the early 1980s, it filed for bankruptcy. That's a damn shame, so many American companies have went under as the world advanced with tech and their products became obsolete.

nearly the same image, different piece of test equipment super imposed over the smaller one in the above image

here's the link from RAX to Dan Gurney.. I thought I'd find something more, but I couldn't

what neat old stuff is on the shelves in your garage?

I was curious to compare the rpm the rev limiter on the MSD electronic ignition engages at, with a tachometer, so I went looking at the neat old stuff on the shelf of car guy garage tools. 

Seems neither of these is going to get the job done, as I would need a tach that goes to 8000 rpm. Not that I'm going to test my engines ability to withstand 8000 rpm, but these are only good for up to 3000 and 8000 rpm. That's not going to get me where I need to go

But it does make for an interesting post about the neat stuff us car guys have held onto, and stored in our garages. After all, once you have something, it costs nothing to store it, but it takes a lot of effort to sell it for a good price, or find a good home for it with someone who will appreciate it and keep it, not just look at it as something they can sell to make some fast cash. 

And it motivates me to ask you guys, what's the cool car guy stuff you have in your garage? 

December is over, and so is my trend of banners with snowed in cars and trucks. It seemed like a new thing to do. So, here are the December banners, and now it's back to the variety of whatever comes along

and I wanted to make a post with just these, but I guess it's better to leave them in the sum of the month of banners, just separated at the end so you can enjoy them together

because it's more profound that the way people once could enjoy vehicles has changed, and disappeared, and the social construct of what police would ignore has changed. 

Yes, wheeled vehicles have evolved to where they scamper up Iceland cliffs, across water at incredible high speeds, can drive over 200 mph from the big 3 manufacturers, and can be used as ATVs, rock crawlers are better than ever at getting over rockslides and purpose built 4x4s made of welded cages are unreal at charging up steep wooded hills. 

But the Norman Rockwell idyllic era of small town skiers and sledders being pulled by model Ts has ended forever. Cops can't allow that anymore. Damn shame.  So I figured I'd make a special area of the banner post for them