Saturday, July 27, 2019

wow, they recovered a dozer at the south pole science stations!

Tokyo Ton found the source! and there is a series of photos which shows the engineering method of pulling up a 16 ton Caterpillar 65c onto an ice floe

notice the mountain in the background? That's why I think this is near antarctica. The north pole has no land mass under it, the south pole has a serious mountainous island

it was underwater for over a year

Somewhere in South Australia

a fan made Batpod in Vietnam

Her dad is going to have a hell of a fight keeping young men from pestering her, not only can she ride a skateboard, she can dance on it. Damn, that's a sign of grace

When it's your lucky day, go buy a lotto ticket

if you ever thought, "hmmm, repo man, why not?" then here is the answer

Bonneville from space

hearse found on the street in Greece yesterday

Friday, July 26, 2019

Photography is a mighty cool thing

Crazy? Or just capable of finding a solitary half bowl no one else will be using, and having it all to himself?

Not many asymmetrical planes about....the Bv 141 was built as an observation plane, with an as good as possible view from the cabin.

While it flew fine, its unorthodox appearance and its excellent direct competitor Focke Wulf Fw 189 worked against it. Only five prototypes were built.

Thanks Kim!

100-year-old Vic Gamble is reunited with his old car, thanks to the new owner, John Ball (thanks James D!)

Gamble bought the 1955 Consul in 1960 while on vacation with his wife Elma and mother-in-law, when their car broke down while on holiday.

For 55 years they continued to use it, and it only let them down once.

After Elma died five years ago, Gamble frequently drove it to visit her grave.

 He finally gave it up in 2017 and a few months later it was bought by John Ball from Wincanton, who made it his mission to restore it.

Ball had the Consul restored and when he heard Gamble was turning 100, he drove it 200 miles to visit him at his rest home

It was a very pleasant surprise. I never dreamt I'd see it again. It was a wonderful old car. I had it for 55 years.

My wife and I enjoyed motoring for all those years and it only let me down once.


nice photography!

They're still out there.

Wow, an inherited Chris Craft outboard! That's PDC!

1917 Evinrude Detachable Row Boat Motor

the Super Cat 428 Cobra Jet Cougar will be coming to the MCACN this year, it was a magazine project car built by "Dyno Don" Nicholson in conjunction with Lincoln Mercury, and Coca Cola.

Randall Pitman bought a Ford Model T truck for $47.50 at 17 years old. At 87, he's still driving it.

At 17, Pitman pumped gas part time, earning 10 cents an hour until he'd saved up $50.

He knew the truck would be coming up for auction and, when it did, he brought his savings and a quiet determination down to the auction house in 1949.

"Eventually, I bid $45 and the auctioneer, as auctioneers do, kept saying, 'Forty-five! Who will give me 50?'" he remembers.

"I stupidly said 'Forty-seven fifty,' and he said 'Sold!'"

a 1930s indy car

1926 T. Model Ford Roadster listed for only $400! Note the War Tax of $16 for WWI.

Tour de France organizers stopped Stage 19 of the race because of a hail storm

Along with the stormy weather in the Alps, racers will be heading directly into the hottest temperatures Paris has ever experienced. On Thursday, the city shattered it's previous temperature record, reaching 108.7 F.

Cat Woman (Eartha Kitt) using Gene Winfields reactor

doesn't appear that the engine was used very much, or very well. All that smoke wasn't from tires, it was the side exhaust

good morning

Scott Smith has a cool way to make art from intricate typography based on tv, books and movies