Saturday, October 22, 2022

not smart, but apparently necessary, and possible

I'm shocked I've never seen or heard of this game before now

I wish I'd learned of it when I worked at the dealership (6 years until laid off because of Corona Virus killing off car sales) I would have bought one from Ebay and given it to the guys in the sales office< Barrett, Gary, Wes and Kyle

“1957 vintage Chrysler” promotional game that Milton Bradley produced .... Thank you Paul S!

there are a lot of things for kids to do, and play with, but have you ever considered how they might want to design cars, with a clay kit? Interesting stuff! I bet kids in the 70s loved this ... (thank you Paul S!)

cool photos from Trevor Lyden Photography

wow, Team O'Niel is rally racing an AMX!

either someone was inspired by the Partridge Family bus, or they are a fan of the obscure artist Mondrian, who no one would know of without that bus

If you're too young to know what the hell the Partridge Family bus is,

well, you're lucky there IS so MUCH good tv you can choose from now... in the 70s? There were 3 channels of tv. THAT WAS ALL THERE WAS.

 CBS, ABC, NBC, and I don't really count PBS, as they simply sucked the life out of everything unless you were 5 years old and watching Sesame St. I was. 

 Still love Big Bird, the Count, Bert and Ernie, Super Grover, Cookie Monster, Kermit, Sherlock Hemlock, the Martians, Mr Johnson the fly in the soup diner guy, the mad painter of numbers (Paul Benedict) in the striped shirt and bowler hat, the Twiddlebugs

no clue who the pink faced ones are. Don't care. Still miss Mr Hooper, Maria, Gordon, Susan, Bob, and Luis

Lefty The Salesman signals to Ernie with a furtive whisper: "Hey, bud! C'mere." 
Ernie shouts, "Who, me?" and the Salesman shushes him excitedly. 
Ernie whispers, "Who, me?" 
The Salesman answers with an elongated "Riiiiiight," and then begins his sales pitch: "How would ya like to buy..." "Tell ya what I'm gonna do"

 the mad painter of numbers (Paul Benedict) in the striped shirt and bowler hat

By the way, Charlotte Rea, the adult in the Facts of Life did a season on Sesame St as the postal delivery worker, and Raul Julia was also a single season cast member who went on to star n the Addams Family movies as Gomez

The show with universal appeal initially declared its target audience, “the four-year old inner-city black youngster” rooted in African-American culture, more specifically the community of Harlem.

Mississippi public television concluded that its viewers were not ready for the portrayal of multiracial harmony on city streets and wouldn’t air “Sesame Street.” Parents successfully petitioned the station to 
bring it back and invited the show’s cast to visit Jackson, Mississippi. When the show came to town, the local police showed up in riot gear.  Fucking racists.

It was wrecked and ruined after 1980. Not even worth discussing. Before that? Pure childhood magic

I'll take the Honeymooners and the first decade of Sesame St, any day

Ok, so from Subaru to Sesame St... obviously this is not the professional paid content that gets advertisers, or subscribers. Nope. I am all heart and enthusiasm

cool rally photos

a part of Height of Land road through Shuckhart Lake, Minnesota where photographers can sit in hopes of a great splash photo

in the annual Ojibwe Forests Rally

the Lake Superior Performance Rally in held in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in mid October has the potential for great autumn colors in the maple trees

photos by Trevor Lyden

the rally drivers didn't have any experience with roads IN lakes, where you are either on dry road, or in the water. No shoulder!

cutting a corner, into a lake? That's a stupid idea that will ruin your day

and now you are testing the lake temperature at 5 feet underwater. Based on experience, it's around 60 degrees f in mid August

fell video at skip the first 41 seconds

There are a lot of photos of this part of Height Of Land Rd at The Ojibwe Forest Rally in Minnesota in August