Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dry lakes racing Hall Of Fame 2011 Inductees

Alan Fogliadini, Harry Hoffman, Sr. , Joyce Jensen, Judy Sights
Chuck Small, Larry Volk

JAZ Products

Ed Safarik

Ed Adams, Gene Burkland, Jack Calori, Art Tilton

For the Hall of Fame members, in alphbetical order in case you are wondering about a particular dry lakes racer:

Dry lakes racing brilliant innovative idea, measuring the front end lift during the run

I don't remember who was just mentioned doing this at the Dry lakes Racing Hall of Fame inductions, (the memory just is falling apart faster than ever) but the streamliner was fitted with an old fashioned gas tank level system, and its indicator on the dash showed the driver if the front was lifting while running the Bonneville course for a bit more on the event until I get my coverage posted of todays Hall of Fame ceremony

Tere has posted a great look around at the Mendenhall's Museum: where the hall or fame takes place, it's a museum of petroliana

Friday, April 29, 2011

1942 BMW r75 Wehrmachtsgespann in Afrika Korps colors and insignia

Camry Collector Edition, what the hell? What Toyota sales dept exec thinks people collect Camrys?

This pulled up next to me at a stoplight, and it's the first time I'd ever heard of a collector edition car. That is one presumptuous car company!

Cars are collectable in a subjective way, IMHO, based on factors not up to the car maker, unless it's smart enough to produce incredible Italian sports cars.

The LE based Camry collectors edition was new for 2001 according to

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The gourmet food trucks were gathered to add to the "Dining Out for Life® San Diego" this works better in Google Chrome than Internet Explorer
Hard to top the looks of a woodie food truck

If you would like Two for the Road to come to your location or event or if you have a great place for us to stop, email us at

We also offer catering for private parties, big and small. Please call us to discuss the details at 619-752-7104.

Two for the Road is a mobile food truck specializing in American comfort food.

Owners Lisa and Roberto are taking their favorite dishes from around the country and bringing them to the streets of San Diego. Coming from a food and travel background
they figured this would be the perfect mix for a traveling restaurant.

ROBERTO attended culinary school in Italy before making his way to the US. He has worked as Chef at several top hotels in Las Vegas and at restaurants here in San Diego.

LISA is a foodie whose background in the travel industry allowed her to travel the world and explore some of the best street food out there. Together they are hitting the road to bring the best of the US to San Diego.

Chef Deb recently took delivery of a beautiful little food truck. The little one is about 25 ft long and weighs in just under 4500 lbs. We’ve named her Ms. Patty Melt, because she bears a striking resemblance to the sandwich of that same name.

Ms. Patty has already given us a hint of her culinary heritage, and her potential to wow us with some amazing street food.

Keep an eye out for Ms. Patty Melt and Wilbur on the streets of San Diego. All grown up now, she wants to serve up some of the best mobile burgers and dogs in SD and remember, she’s just getting her wheels under her, so give her plenty of room!

our Orange Organic Coffee Mobile is the best (and tastiest) way to check out our retail beverage operation. It can be hired for private events of all sizes. We can bring our Organic Espresso Bar and create artisan espresso drinks at your special event. Whether you’re interested in hot, iced, or blended beverage service, we will work with you to develop a unique menu that is guaranteed to impress your guests. We offer lots of decaf options, including our Hot Chocolate Bar, Smoothie Bars, & Blended Coffee Stations.

We have converted an old delivery truck to look like a 1950s Hot Rod with a custom paint job and hand painted pin striping. We’ve added a killer stereo system to pump out our own remix of the old ice cream songs complete with subwoofers and outdoor speakers.

We are equipped to hold over 2,000 ice cream bars along with gourmet cupcakes, brownies, cookies, chips, soda, water, Gatorade and Monster Energy drinks. Click here to learn more about our menu. Our truck is able to adapt to specific requests and are able to carry a wide variety of product. We accept debit and credit cards for those who don’t carry cash. You may even see us on a corner as you walk out of your favorite downtown or beach nightclub after an evening of partying ready to provide you with dessert!

Don’t miss The Center's fifth annual Dining Out for Life® San Diego! On Thursday, April 28, 2011, an estimated 125 restaurants, bars, coffeehouses and nightclubs in San Diego will donate 25% - 100% of sales in an effort to raise $150,000 for The Center’s HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs. Dine Out. Fight AIDS! For more information, visit Dining Out for Life® San Diego on Facebook. Dine out for breakfast, lunch and dinner on April 28 and 25-100% of sales will benefit The Center’s HIV/AIDS services and prevention programs. Hillcrest has tons of options!

For more about these work trucks, you can read the article that was in a local newspaper a couple weeks ago in the San Diego Reader article (well researched and well written as always)