Saturday, June 13, 2020

Fast time lapse of 4 weeks of finishing a Hudson project someone stalled on

I'd like to point out that if this crew can do this much work, and finish a car in 4 weeks, I can see no reason why any shop of decent quality, can not do the very same work, with the same number of guys, in about the same time.... instead of the typical 6 to 18 months. That's bullshit. 

it's fantastic to watch time lapse video of brilliant people making cool stuff

The making of the tank tracks... wow, that is cool, even though they aren't "powered" but moving from contact friction with the lawn... I love the notion that it's that easy to make some fun tracks for some kids to play with in a toy tank.

And spud cannon? I believe that clearly calls for someone else to build a similar spud cannon tank, and have a toy tank battle in a paint ball war type setting 

this mini has the same power-to-weight ratio as a Bugatti Veyron.

the 2017 Tour de France runner-up Rigoberto Uran was on a training run in Colombia when

Top cyclist Rigoberto Uran was on a training run in Colombia when he was suddenly accompanied by a man in working clothes who nevertheless managed to keep up with the 2017 Tour de France runner-up at 45 km/h. Uran was so impressed he gave Ivan, a flower grower, a brand new Cannondale racing bicycle and full racing outfit.

When you have a T Rex, and are stuck in traffic, you play with it. Why not?

someone's grandfather left him a garage full of cool stuff he doesn't want

Fangio's most famous sports racer. The Maserati 300S, chassis number 3069, one of 26 examples built and one of only two long-nose Fantuzzi Spyder Factory Team cars

Both Fangio and Sir Stirling Moss noted their agreement that Maserati's 300S was the all-time greatest Sports Racer ever built.

Fangio raced 3069 in the following four races:
-1957 Grand Prix of Portugal 1st OA
-1957 Grand Prix Sao Paolo (Race 1) 1st OA
-1957 Grand Prix Sao Paolo (Race 2) 1st OA
-1957 Grand Prix Rio de Janeiro 1st OA

the 2nd owner was a flipper, the 3rd owner would continue racing it competitively until 1971, making it the most prolifically raced Maserati in the history of the company.

the last owner went on a worldwide quest to acquire a million dollar collection of spare 300S specific parts ever gathered in one place.

These spare parts include both an original complete engine and ultra-rare five-speed transaxle form a sister car. Both have no running time since being overhauled. An extra set of brakes and numerous other spares. They accompany this car to it's future owners

and it is for sale. (Not by me, I only get a newsletter now and then from Bill Noon, and when there is a cool car that he lists, that impresses me, I post about it)

So, if you're a zillionaire, and want to buy it, get ahold of  Bill Noon

Symbolic International
At Veloce Motors Vault
9340 Dowdy Drive Suite 102
San Diego, California 92126 USA

Phone +1 619 840 7811

Friday, June 12, 2020

Trying to light off an old COE

spoiler, the above video was not the lucky day to fire it off, the next has success

getting a logging truck uprighted... a big task for a big tow truck

it takes 50 minutes before the truck is back on the tires. So, if you want to skip the set up and connections, there you go. Jump to the 5 minute mark

how very 1970

An automotive cargo ship at the Port of Jacksonville in Florida has been burning for days. The Höegh Xiamen caught fire the afternoon of June 4th and although controlled, is still burning a week later.

making the interior of the ship an oven, baking at around 1000 degrees, and all the cars it carries are melting all their plastic pieces, along with who knows how much other damage to rubber, foams, upholstery, glass, etc. They will be thoroughly junk for a recycler when they get removed

The 2,000 cars on board were all used, not new, vehicles being transported overseas

Comedian Jo Koy made the Jeepney part of the pitch for his new Netflix comedy special, by going to his home country where he was born and raised for 5 years. Good idea, get back to your roots now n then

The Philippines is head over heels for American comedy, comedian Jo Koy says, so he figured it was time to show the country he once called home some love back by filming his variety special In His Elements there.

"In His Elements" Netflix show, his 3rd, finds Koy giving fans the best tour you can take of the Philippines, bringing Filipino comics, musicians, and dancers to his variety show special

loving this art by Romain Hugault ! Thanks Maxime!

and he did this advertising posted for a real beer brand

I had forgotten that I'd posted his art before, my memory is getting pretty bad, it was only 3 years ago, and a much better post:  

Beautiful poster art by Lorenzo! This was for last weeks beach races, but the style, wow, so 1930s!

Thanks Maxime! 

Stray dog becomes local celebrity after helping children cross the street in Georgia

the art of drifting

hell of a photo

Thursday, June 11, 2020

‘69 Royal Bobcat GTO

Looks like my great grandpa, right down to the pipe he constantly smoked. Damn that smelled good

Phil Bonner drag team… Atlanta, 1963


with no adult supervision, this could go sideways fast

Pontiac's last Hurrah, still impressive looking, the WS6 designed for collectors to store and never drive. Lessens the warranty claims, increases profit per unit

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Loving on this hot rod inspired Guitar

nice. Yuppie mobile, yes, but still able to offroad with some better tires

would look great pulling an Airstream or fishing boat too


truck humor

I wonder what heating element method this company used for full car width floor heating

I've never seen this E & J light before

I bet you've never heard of this before

the MacBeth lens... never heard of it before

what a great display of dealership ability, a Servicar three wheeler, and a dealership work truck

This is fantastic, Josh sent me a photo of his grandfather, the flight engineer of Slave Girl, with his airplane!

My Grandfather, Frank Bradstock, flew on this B-29 as a flight engineer, he's on the left

 He was in the 19th bomb squadron 22nd bomb group. March of 45 is when he went overseas and that's when Slave Girl was stationed at Tinian with the paint job along with Lady in Waiting.

 Some of the planes were in the units with the 20th air force. 

Also Slave Girl was even used with the 461 squadron 346 bomb group. 

The last time he was on the plane is when the engines were on fire and with luck made back to the island of Guam.

Slave Girl and Lady in Waiting didn't fly any combat missions. They started arriving on Okinawa on Aug 8, 1945. This was between the time of the 2 atomic bombs being dropped.

 Frank Bradstock sent the Air Force Archives the crew photos. 

They were staging for the mainland invasion of Japan. All the 316th wing aircraft were moved to Tinian to make room for the troop transport aircraft on Okinawa. 

If you want to see the incredible nose art far better: 

pretty obvious now he's never been out of the city on that bike

it was a stupid idea to begin with, I saw that from the very beginning

jumping stadium trucks sure look cooler in sync

impressively well designed course

he is never going to top this, good thing it was caught on video

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

jukkari, jokeri or joker, a Finnish-English word for a truck or car repurposed for farm use. Tuovi & Toini Wiitala and Lillian Lahti posing like they are getting it started, hand crank method. Yoopers know that as Sisu power

so much a part of many of the little Finnish American family farms. It simply referred to a homemade tractor, since few of those raising annual crops of mostly rocks could afford a factory-made farm tractor such as Ford produced.

Ken Holster recalls the "Ruxel" two-speed differentials as desirable, as was a "creeper or crawler" gear in the transmission. Al Reko told me that his uncle added a second transmission to really gear down. Our neighbors' - the Ostolas - even had a "power take-off" source so they could run other equipment from the extra driveshaft, such as a saw-rig.