Saturday, April 30, 2022

that red was a great choice!

spotted while driving over to the grocery store... and I haven't seen them when walking their neighborhood for some reason

nice rims

I love this year of Fairlane

I don't think I've ever seen a Diablo until this one. It's on a street I drive down every couple of days, for years, so, it either was finally out to get those new tires, or to get out of the garage on this nice Saturday afternoon

maybe he was just fed up with trying to get a taxi capable of handling wheel chairs, or maybe he escaped from the nursing home, but he decided to head toward the valley on Interstate 163, like he has zero fucks to give

when I spotted him in the distance, I wondered what the hell am I seeing? 

Peter Menotti’s decades-long dream to drive an Autopia car off the track and home from Disneyland finally came true, one of only 20 known remaining Autopia cars outside Disneyland and one of only nine that run.

this took about 45,000 dollars to get right

Disney turned to ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena for help designing the Autopia cars.

ArtCenter wasn't about to do it on the budget Disney proposed, but equally legendary car designer, and ArtCenter instructor Strother MacMinn knew a recent graduate named Bob Gurr who could use the work. The Autopia Mark I was designed on nights and weekends with the help of students.

legendary Disneyland designer and builder Bob Gurr:
"Opening day, people were jumping over the wall and commandeering cars before they got to the head of the line," Gurr says. "Walt was giving [actress] Gale Storm a tour and said, 'Oh, Bob can watch your kids.' I figured I'd have 'em in my pocket if I took 'em for a drive on Autopia. We're going along, and the kids kept yelling, 'Hit 'em, hit 'em,' so I put my foot down and knocked [another driver] over the wall. It was Sammy Davis Jr. I never did catch up with him to apologize."

I did a good post about Bob Gurr just a couple years ago,

Chip Foose owned one

April's banners


Happy Birthday Willie Nelson, and Dale Sr

back in the 80’s, the two icons joined car owner Richard Childress (who Dale Sr. drove for) to participate in an advertising campaign promoting Wrangler jeans.

my favorite Willie Nelson song was introduced to me by my paternal grand mother

but I don't remember posting about Willie before