Saturday, November 03, 2012

Here's another reason Autoblog is one of the best in this vehicle coverage business, the Jeep that almost made it into the US over the border, but got high centered on the fence (we need a higher fence and a moat. Or just a single Marine. (If you want results that is)

in this photo provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, a silver Jeep Cherokee that suspected smugglers were attempting to drive over the U.S.-Mexico border fence is stuck at the top of a makeshift ramp early Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 near Yuma, Ariz. U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Station seized both the ramps and the vehicle, which stalled at the top of the ramp after it became high centered. The fence is approximately 14 feet high where the would-be smugglers attempted to illegally drive across the border. The two suspects fled into Mexico when the agents arrived at the scene. (AP Photo/U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

real, accurate MPG numbers for my 2012 Veloster.. from me. Kia and Hyundai have been found guilty of false advertising on their numbers, but not by much

I just went round trip from San Diego to Las Vegas

I got 37 mpg at 80 miles per hour going to Las Vegas,

 and on the way back, stopped at Victorville to gas up (3.85 a gallon an exit south of the Palmdale exit which was 4.25 a gallon) and

got 39 mpg at 80 on the trip from Victorville to San Diego

The Hyundai and Kia ESTIMATES were found to be over the reality by the EPA, who seems to not actually test cars before putting their stamp on the window sticker of a new car... huh. How about that, a lazy US Government agency taking a companies word for it when reporting information. Astonishing, and I am very sarcastic.

make sure your car insurance company insures your HID headlights, especially if you own a Porsche

It is believed that the headlights make for ideal lighting solutions when growing marijuana indoors. The high-intensity discharge bulbs give off more heat and require much less power than standard grow lamps, yet, critically, they offer the right quality of light and heat. According to De Telegraaf, as many as 20 Porsches fell victim to this trend, resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. The cost of a typical HID assembly for hydroponics can run from $100 to $500, and up.

Rafik Kaissi's creations had everyone stop in their tracks, even Von Hot Rod

the cool looking guy with shades on the right, that is Von Hot Rod if you haven't met him. Nice guy, incredible pinstriping talent 

it takes a moment to get funny, but then it packs a huge punch, Road Rage, the instant Karma!

Thanks Randy!

Flying commercial might be a little bit more fun on Air New Zealand, the video for safety

Found on the source of many incredible finds: Stipistop

One of two Bryan Fuller motorcycles I found at SEMA that astounded me.... I had no idea he did bikes in addition to custom cars

I have more photos buried in the thousands I took at SEMA, and will add them into this post when I find them. So if you want to see them, check back, or just head over to Bryan's website (good blog too )

You might be thinking I'd love to catch my driving or racing on camera... Go Pro has the hottest ticket for you, here's a demo clip, from them, and I'll post my coverage of their SEMA event eventually

after 1:08 you'll see the action from warm up for the GRC championship race that happened across from the SEMA event at the Las Vegas Convention Center (it was awesome!)

these bottom two videos are really high quality, and found on

just for fun during the Xmas shopping craziness at the malls

Deer season in Michigan (gun not bow and arrow) opens on Nov 15th, here's how to spot the DUI convicted deer hunters

Anthony Boosalis found a 65 Cobra, 427 SC chassis CSX 3047, unrestored

thanks to and Galpin Ford for having a car show that got Anthony to bring in his awesome Shelby 427 SC Cobra, one of approximately 30 SCs built in 1965 and one of only 2 that was painted Hertz gold by the factory.

The car is original with exception of the paint job. This car has never been restored. This car has spent the last 25 years in Pennsylvania parked in a garage. It is rare to find a Cobra this original. It is considered by many in the Cobra world to be the most original 427 SC left in existence.

this car show was August 26 2012, a Shelby memorial event

A family stored a custom LeBaron lwb sedan '32 Stutz for 73 years, because WW2 limited supplies of tires meant the owner had to store it, and drive his Nash for commuting. So it got stored away, and never hit the road again, only 23,000 miles

thanks to Hagerty Ins Co for sending out weekly newsletters and news items like this. They also have a monthly magazine for customers, and the past issues are available online. This also is to thank the HVA Historical Vehicles Association for going to car shows and finding "Cars That Matter"  and recording the story, getting photos, and sharing such great stuff with all of us! 

Petrosexual Tumblr has some cool stuff, and super wide variety, tractors to babes, drifters to muscle cars

Prepare to spend a lot of time browsing through the fun at


I'll be posting the incredible cars, cool innovative car related things I found, and new tools and so on for the next month or so, it might only take a couple weeks... I have no idea how long or how much, but I'M STOKED! Whooo Hooo! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rafik Kaissi has innovated more incredible motorcycles, like you've never seen before

 in Austin Texas, for info on Rafik, and his bike builds.

 if the name, or the style seems familiar, it's because his chain link bike was incredible, and I posted a huge gallery about it

Blastolene newest creation, the DecoPod by Randy Grubb

Inspired by the '37 Stevenson Aerodynamic Motorcycle, and built over a Piaggo scooter. Selling for around 11 thousand. Yup, he'll build you one!

All the "Design Engineering Inc" decals refer to a company that worked with Randy to do the interior on the Decoliner