Sunday, June 20, 2021

late, but still posted on Fathers Day, so it counts


a good example of a photo made for a caption contest

Twin Flat head V8's one drove the front rear the other the rear rear, 2 transmissions 2 drive shafts 1 driver. Built to haul bomber parts during WW II

nice looking ad

I've made more banners than posts lately, but there isn't enough time to post them all at this rate, so here are some that I just have been passing over, that I'm not likely to ever get to


For the Jeep fans

there once was a time when drag teams had dancers in go go boots

Just getting in a work out on leg day, .... w'sup with you?


video at

they picked a very strong and long lasting glove for this exhaust pipe

Saturday, June 19, 2021

a world traveler who had driven through 52 countries on four continents, during 11 years, visiting Ford dealers, such as the LAA van Hamersveld company here.

Pretty strange Hudson

Bob Hope and Jack Benny in a T Bucket... for the Beach Boys spot as guests on the Jack Benny show (Thanks Mr Paul! )

skip the first 2 minutes to get to the point whet the T Bucket rolls into the scene after the Beach Boys sing California Girls for the zillionth time with less energy than a butterfly sneeze, as they lip synched to a slow recording of the song

the episode is described and analyzed at as also having Walt Disney and Elke Summer

I wonder what the story was with the T Bucket?

Probably not an original 60s Shelby, as owners of real Shelby Cobras aren't likely to screw around with million dollar investments on the street

looks like a fuel cell in the trunk too, a good sign it's not an original.

interesting rear entry passenger area, not many cars were made like this, 1900 Lanchester (thanks Billy O !)

Also no steering wheel. Still using a horse carriage dash board too.  Strange to see wire rims though, on something this early