Monday, November 11, 2019

the 70s would have been a lot crazier if more Gremlins had been this radical

there are few booths that I look forward to seeing at SEMA every year, the PPG booth is certainly one!

it's surprising how many buses are at SEMA, there were at least 2

flags were popping up around SEMA

With great pleasure and respect, I present for your admiration, a bicycle. Found ignored in the back of a booth at SEMA, behind stanchions, and why it's displayed with great respect.... the 50th anniversary of the Spanesi company, and it's wonderful founder. (kleenex may be needed)

if that's not the coolest story to come out of SEMA this year, I double dog dare you to find one more moving.

Stories like this are why I have the tag "respect"

SEMA is a great place for finding things, and completely unexpectedly I found a great new magazine, Wheel Hub. Content driven, not advertising and sponsor driven, so it's focused on bringing the best vehicles to you, not the product placement

$65 a year for a subscription, or $20 an issue at a magazine stand, but hit their store, and get 2 for $12 if you want issues 3 and 4, or 5 and 6. Or kill it and get 3, 4, 5, and 6 for $20 !

To tell you what it's like, I have to refer to a couple of magazines you might be familiar with, so, if you're not, I don't know how to describe this clearly. But if you've had an issue of Rodders Journal, or Street Rodder Premier, then you're getting the idea. BUT, Wheel Hub isn't as limited in the type of cars it features.

It's not JUST roadsters, hot rods, or street rods. It's those PLUS new cool stuff, like the 67 Coronet R/T built by Kindig Designs, and other cars that I've posted that I found at SEMA

This magazine is going to please you, and you'll know you got your money's worth, then you'll have to keep your buddies from grabbing it and taking off with it.

It's seriously NICE, like Rodders Journal.  It just won the Printing Industries of America's Premier Print Award, which selects the highest quality printed pieces from around the world that exhibits truly superior print quality and exceptional craftsmanship. To earn this honor, Wheel Hub beat out 2,240 other entries.

Created and made in the USA, by just 3 guys who aren't sponsored, connected to, nor working for some corporation that calls the shots. They made this the hard way, even creating their own distribution.

So, if you admire the hard working guys who put out an amazing magazine, like Sunday Slacker, Fuel, and Rodders Journal, and already know what amazing quality that results in, you're gonna like this magazine

interesting and good looking way to personalize your car, use the family, or clan, colors

Spotted on Halloween

I forgot to look through the photos in my phone to post this in a timely way

I'm certain this Challenger on the 215 was near the end of smoking this set of tires

62 Challengers and 111 Chargers, all 2019 models - were built with the wrong front wheels and tires, Dodge is issuing a recall.

The NHTSA reports that the issue is that the insides of the tires currently on the vehicles are at risk of rubbing up against the suspension steering knuckle.

“This wheel and brake package combination should not have been an available option,” according to the NHTSA notes.

The fix will include Dodge’s “Mid Gloss Black Wheel” (part number 5LD37RXFAA) being replaced (free of charge) with a semi-gloss black twelve-spoke rim (part number 5RN84MALAC). AND they will replace all four wheels so they match, if you were wondering. Front tires and alignment will be inspected and replaced or adjusted, if needed.

out the drivers side window near Houghton Michigan

the things you can see when out driving, really is amazing

I'm missing Paul Harvey today, maybe you are too. Here are a commercial, a Paul Harvey news, and Rest Of The Story compilation

and if that causes you to need a kleenex, you can be sure that you're not alone.

Found one, skip to 2:18 to get past the commercial and to listen to Paul.  Around 10:44 some radio interference noise worms in. It's not too bad though

Had you heard that late night host Craig Ferguson had pranked Jay Leno with a non-op 68 Bronco, when he had a tow truck drop it off in Leno's parking spot on Leno's last day as host of the late night show? Leno got Ford to help fix it up

I saw this at SEMA, but it's so boring looking, I didn't bother taking more than one photo

Really, I still stand by that. Great story, boring looking 760 HP Bronco

Skid marks across 4 lanes lead to a 2010 Porsche Boxster that went airborne and crashed into the 2nd floor of a New Jersey office building, driven by a 22 yr old, passenger was 23, both had been avid skateboarders. Happened at 630 am this morning.