Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Fageol tractor demonstration, tiller steering

I came across this one 9 years ago in Vista at the Antique Steam and Gas Engine Museum, which is mostly tractors and old semi's. It was an amazing msueum, all spread out over a farm, and most of the vehciles are out of doors, or in barns.

Locomobile with cool sliding side windows, San Fran, 1920

times have moved on, and now young people are having a car show that celebrates the 1980 -99 cars and culture, neon colors, and Nintendo cartridge trophies. Radwood

making what you want out of what you've got... has some strange results

how long do you think it would take to wait for the pond of water to become still enough for this photo? Or, did they just photo shop it?

the best sports fans in the world, who else helps the competitors get back into the challenge? With extreme physical exertion!

Two major trucking groups have filed a multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit against Pennsylvania for imposing “excessive tolls” on drivers.

The lawsuit alleges that the Turnpike Commission has enacted “excessive toll increases” which “place an undue burden on interstate commerce while improperly diverting toll revenue to other projects unrelated to the turnpike.” The Turnpike Commission has increased tolls on drivers by over 200 percent since 2006.

According to OOIDA, it is unlawful for the Turnpike Commission to give PennDOT $450 million worth of toll revenue each year for non-turnpike projects. The suit alleges that it is a violation of interstate commerce laws to use toll revenue for anything other than the maintenance or expansion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Since January of 2018, the Turnpike Commission has paid PennDOT $5.875 billion in toll revenue — and the lawsuit asks Pennsylvania to refund the nearly $6 billion to drivers.

The lawsuit also points out that truckers are paying an unfair share of the toll burden, paying half of all turnpike toll revenue even though trucks only make up 15% of total traffic.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The roads were too damn snowy, or, the driver wasn't slow enough. Regardless, no kids were on the bus, and the driver wasn't hurt. Frederick County on route 77 in Catoctin.

Fresno County truck driver bought a scratcher before starting his route for the day, and won $750,000... ain't it cool to hear that a regular working blue collar guy wins big!?!?

A press release from the California Lotto says Cruz Rivas Castro was on his way to haul a truckload of fresh fish for markets located throughout Los Angeles but first, stopped in Castaic to fuel up and grab coffee at the Pilot Travel Center, and also decided to buy a couple of Mystery Crossword Scratchers.

Now, he's rich!$750000-from-california-lottery-scratchers-vending-machine/3238578/{FEC24F87-1AE0-41D3-A3EA-2892FA63CE23}

check out these 1940s 50s wiper blade replacements...

nice restored Standard Oil gas station

Either the factory made a mistake, or the previous owner made it look like one

Looks pretty good! But below you can see the way it's supposed to be

there may have been too much caffeine involved, Slawson was in a bit of a hurry, and Sherer was stuck in the way

“Randy and I were mixing it up, going back and forth, you probably saw the one at the bottom of Backdoor that happened and then we went back and forth on Outer Limits. It’s easy to reel someone in in the rocks because you’re hunting. He (Randy) got up behind us on Spooners and we let him go and then we passed him, but that’s racing and we had fun and it was clean. Then he drove over our car and I was like, ‘It’s on brother, it’s on.”

And it was. With Scherer just in the lead as the finish lined loomed four or five miles ahead and the pair drag-racing across the flat, hard surface of Melville Dry Lake, Slawson’s car suddenly lost its transmission and coasted to a stop. Scherer took the checkered flag. Slawson was listed as a DNF.

Six former Kings took the start line in 2018 and all but Randy Slawson finished the race.
 All the other Kings finished in the top 10, proving that experience is key at the Hammers: Jason Scherer (1st); Erik Miller (2nd); Shannon Campbell (6th), Loren Healy (7th).

With the exception of JR Reynolds, who won the first Hammers in 2007, all former Kings raced in 2018.

All who competed on Friday now have two wins, except Shannon Campbell who has three.

1962 Sabra Sport roadster

The only sports car made in Israel, sort of. Between 1961 and 1968 a bit under 400 were made, but the 1st 122 were made by Reliant.

This is one of 33 made in red, and was made in Tamworth England Jan 1962, then sent to a Florida dealer who intended to give it to his daughter.

She didn't like it though, and it was kept in storage for 38 years before being discovered by an enthusiast in 2000, showing just 40 miles.

I actually ran across a Sabra 4 years ago, and not surprisingly, had no idea what it was

1930 Amilcar with a 12 liter v 8 Hispano engine from a WW1 fighter plane

tree stump pulling

When they were digging the Erie Canal they invented this!

A pair of 16-foot tall wheels were mounted loosely on an axle while a smaller wheel was fixed firmly to the axle in between. Rope was wrapped around the axle and hooked to the stump. Another rope was wrapped around the smaller wheel and hooked to a team of oxen. As the oxen walked forward, they would pull on the rope attached to the smaller wheel, thereby spinning the axle and pulling up on the rope attached to the stump. The leverage this set-up created ripped stumps out of the soil with ease.

keeping in mind how things can jump up and take out your vehicles back window (Jeremy Clarkson and that station wagon pulling a 8 foot long log, if you recall that) this next one might not be a good idea or design... however, use your best judgement and the method that makes sense to you based on what you have available for leverage and power

Worst 15 second ride you can have without hitting anything? Maybe

up to the last 5 seconds, did you think, as I did, that it was two lanes both heading in the same direction?

it seems it is, and that bus that nearly killed him was on the wrong side of the divide.... go back to the beginning of the video and see traffic heading in the other direction over on the right side of the screen

stored for 41 years with less than a 100 miles on it, a Zhiguli (VAZ) 2103 (Fiat 124)

999 steps, at a 45 degree angle, that had never been driven on, and Range Rover somehow convinced the Chinese to allow a car commercial to be filmed on it

Previous exploits include a record-setting hill-climb at Pikes Peak, USA, a record crossing of the ‘Empty Quarter’ desert in the Arabian Peninsula and a 7,119-foot descent of the legendary Inferno downhill course in Mürren, Switzerland.

It can still be done, a high schooler can flip burgers and buy a Firebird for his first car at age 17. Check out Victor's 1970 Formula 350

not everyone who talks shit in a road rage moment is ready for the calm reaction of someone who isn't putting up with any shit today

the 23rd edition of The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance had some impressive cars, and a collection of Martini racing Lancias. It was a stunner, I haven't seen such an incredible selection of cars at one event in years

the Plainsman has been restored!

a Thunderbolt

the Plymouth XNR

a one-off 1972 Ferrari Daytona “wagon” designed by Luigi Chinetti Jr. and Gene Garfinkle

1965 Willys Team Renault R8 Gordini

the Dodge Grenada concept

the Shelby Lonestar that has never been in the public eye before, and photos of it haven't even circulated online since 2013

a Rolls Royce from the T bar W Ranch used for hunting

ALL of Ed Roths cars were there, but, this is the only one I haven't seen at every car event every year for the past decade

Whoa... a hunting Jeep Wagoneer

1929 BMW Ihle 600

Monday, March 19, 2018

coffee and donuts video, 1960 road analysis from the highway engineering viewpoint, through small towns in Iowa at about 20-30 mph gives a timewarp view of small town mid America, almost Norman Rockwell-esque, skip the first 45 seconds

around the 2 minutes 30 seconds there is a slow stretch of small town and a Mobil and Texaco gas stations, and dang it, they all lasted through the 20s, 30s, 40s 50s, and 60s, but the oil crunch of the 70s killed them, then the economy killed off whatever remained

A 50's Mercury, two handguns in a bag with a 10-pound weight, and all hidden underwater in the Pineview Resevoir east of Ogden Utah

Crews first located the vehicle several weeks ago as they were testing sonar equipment, and last weekend four more cars pulled from the water, all 4 were stolen

stolen and abandoned cars found near the boat ramp in the Williamette river at the Oak Grove Blvd ramp in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Portland in 2013

Oak Grove residents built the boat ramp years ago without permission from the county, and county commissioners want to avoid responsibility for it.

The county closed the ramp in October 2013 after Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies found six abandoned cars in the river.

The commissioners could close the ramp or choose not to invest in it anymore if they don't like the results after a year or so. Department of Transportation and Development Director Barbara Cartmill stressed that the county is not on the hook for the ramp at all.

"We take no responsibility for that or acknowledge it," Cartmill said. "It's very hands off from the county perspective."

Stolen cars pulled out of Grand Marais Lake, Frank Holten st park, St Louis in 2015

a Camaro stolen in 1999 was found submerged in a lake located in New Port Richey, Florida, in 2014

Sheriff’s deputies stumbled upon this sunken car purely by chance during a survey of the area looking for potential stolen cars.

Beneath only ten feet of water, the Camaro was stolen in 1999 from a local dealership that has since closed.

Due to the area being largely undeveloped, until recently, the Camaro would sadly go unfound until 2014

Abandoned cars pulled out of the Columbia Rover Gorge east of Portland in 2015

William C. Putman's 1969 Buick Electra 225 has been his daily driver for nearly 50 years, accounting for more than 418,681 miles.

He bought the car on Dec. 9, 1968 for $4,700. He said that included the tax, license plate and all the other bells and whistles. He still drives his Electra today in its 99 percent originality.

Most days, one can find Putman driving his Electra to work for a few hours. Currently, Putman works part-time at Taco Bell in Boaz to “just get out of the house.”

“I just go and work a few hours to get out of the house,” Putman said. “Unless something real catastrophic happens I really wouldn’t have to do a lick. I just enjoy being around people. It’s a lot better than sitting around at home all day.”

Work is all he’s known throughout his life. He said while growing up he plowed a with a mule and picked cotton since he was 9 years old.

Putman’s first job came many years ago in Cross Creek, Florida at a Cannon parts warehouse. Putman said he and his wife combined to make $1 per hour. They later made their way back to Alabama where they worked a few different jobs until he decided to buy an OK Tires store in Gadsden.

Soon after taking the reigns, Putman transformed the business into what is now known as Putman’s Alignment Shop.

the Buick Electra, possibly the last car named after someone

Harlow H. Curtice, former president of the Buick division and later president of General Motors, named the car after his sister-in-law, Electra Waggoner Biggs

near Verdigre, Nebraska there is a nut who takes his long horn for a ride, regardless of the amount of filth it leaves in and on his car. That's why people use trailers

a group photo of the early LSR (land speed record) breaking cars