Thursday, February 29, 2024

Whoa... it's been a long time since I've seen a road train, and I never have read these stats and facts before

the cattle trains at Helen Springs Station Australia has 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per trailer; that's 102 decks of cattle and there would be about 28 cattle per deck,  this totals 2,856 head of cattle The cattle are about 1100 lbs ea

They sell for about 75c/lb., so about $825 ea, that's about $2,356,200 

Each trailer has 24 tires plus a dolly with 8 tires. So total, there are 4,464 tires on the road

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1914 Minerva 38 CV SS

In an interview/podcast, Hillary Swank was telling Rob Lowe about skiing with Clint Eastwood, and mentioned that the place was one Clint bought decades ago, and it came WITH a wood panel Wagoneer.

 Ain't that a thing you'd like to see? Clint Eastwood enjoying a drive in a woody wagoneer.

I looked online, didn't see any photos of it. 

Lucille Ball and a Boeing 247 model for a movie promo in the late 1930s


Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I bet you've never seen a vehicle loaded onto a ramp trailer like this...

check out this VW dealership! How come no one builds showrooms this stunning anymore? It doubles as the roof of the gas station under it

very cool, the Show Boat station near Hastings, Nebraska. 1960s.

Pretty simple way to make your gas station stand out! 

Ever seen this one before?

It's been many years since I posted a Muffler Man, I don't think I've posted a Paul Bunyan

a couple interesting things here... what seems to be a board covered area of parking, for fueling up, the advertising of an "Auto Laundry", and a Mobil Oil cabinet on the sidewalk next to the pump

Auto Laundry was a term for a car wash, I've only ever seen it a couple of times before now

This time instead of links, I figured I'd add the images instead

check out the shop delivery car! A Pontiac delivery wagon!

I wish I could make out what is on the door, and the rear panel advert... 

This 89 IROC Z was stored until 2020, when it was bought at auction... now it's getting flipped, and the current bid is 55k. That's exactly how much it sold for in 2020. It's only got 440 miles on it

 As soon as flipping cars becomes unprofitable, the entire old car sales situation will probably lose 30% of the inflated concept of what they are worth. 

Then they will finally go back to reasonable prices, like the 100 year old stuff no one wants anymore. 

compliment of the day ! This blog should be required reading in schools!

 This blog should be required reading in schools!


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the early 50s were a time for experimenting on semis, for various reasons, and Peterbilt made some unusual things that didn't catch on, like the Bubble Nose and the Dromedary (thanks Gregg!)

while digging for a McDonalds building’s foundation in Frattocchie, Italy in 2014, workers found about 150 feet of an ancient Roman road, constructed between the second and first centuries BCE.

The McDonalds was then part of the excavation, preservation, and built the restaurant a storey above the road, with some glass floor areas so diners can look down at the 2000 year old road, or head down the stairs to get a close up look. Yes, 3 skeletons were found, recreated with fakes, and relocated. 

This makes it the only McDonalds with a museum. 

And the only one not able to use a preexisting road for a drive thru

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

a Pierce-Arrow suburban limousine circa 1914 converted to a rail inspection car

PIE's small yard tug


15 year old messenger for the Waco Texas phone company, in 1913. Notice the pipe

Thanks to Gary, we can get a look at this cool bug in Ecuador!

the cost of a set of Cragars in 1968! Doug still has his receipt and warranty card for his first set of Cragars, for his first car 

Jackson Michigan Railroad Depot built in 1873, (the original Jackson station was built in 1841 ) might be the oldest continuously operating train station in the US. It has not seen a single lapse in service once in its history

One interesting aspect of the station is its slate roof. The hard and inflammable slate was used so it was more protected against fire from flying sparks from the wood and coal burning steam engines of the late 1800s.

Why? What that blocking the radiator, of all the more interesting of humorous things that are available?


I find the hats interesting, the guy at the left has a SCTA pith helmet, and the tall guy in the back looks like he's got a Ed Roth Rat Fink hat

hard to believe that the mansions were so quickly abandoned, and reused by anyone that could figure out something to do with them, but, I never would have guessed that one would become a junkyard

I am not familiar with the the history of the industry of cotton and tobaaco, but I guess it was predicated on slave labor, and no one had a clue how to farm in the south to grow vegetable crops, like everyone everywhere else on the planet, to keep plantations in business with farming instead of bankrupt without slave labor. Or corn, wheat, alfalfa, etc

Then again, this photo is in 1936, after the great depression, and about 50 years after the civil war, this Antebellum mansion/plantation could have failed and been abandoned for other reasons

the same place in 2011:

It was built in 1837 on a 350-acre plantation, with the columns and Italianate tower added just before the Civil War. Dr. Drish died there in 1867, his wife Sarah in 1884. 
It was the Jemison School from 1906 to 1925. After its time as an auto parts warehouse and Walker Evans's visit, it was purchased by Southside Baptist Church, which built a brick sanctuary on one side.

 Threatened with demolition, it was leased to the Heritage Commission of Tuscaloosa County in 1994, and after designation as a "place in peril," acquired by the Tuscaloosa Preservation Society in 2007. It was finally renovated starting in 2012 and opened in 2016 as a venue for weddings and other special events.

the good old days

Monday, February 26, 2024

North Carolina volunteer divers found human remains in a car that disappeared 42 years ago in 1982

solving the mysterious disappearances of William Clifton, David McMicken and Michael Norman, who seemingly vanished on Dec. 10, 1982, after leaving a bar about 30-minutes from the final resting location of the car.

"We thought the car was upside down, but it was actually sitting on its wheels, but just everything above the wheels had deteriorated," Swain said.

After getting the necessary permits and preparations, they ultimately drained most of the body of water while the university anthropology experts studied the remains.

As the water was pumped out, they were able to get to the car, and the VIN number was a match to the missing 1975 Camaro that the missing trio drove in 1982.

It's a retention pond in John's Creek, that passes under the road, in a busy area that feeds into Pungo Creek in Beaufort County, North Carolina.

"We all rode passed this pumping station thousands of times over the years, and we just never went in there," Swain said.

I find it really weird that all 3 men died in the car. Was their foul play, did they do something that would cause them to be murdered? Since there isn't anything but some bones left to identify, I doubt any conclusion will be reached, but, 3 guys in a car drive off a road, exactly where the car will be in the deepest place a car can easily reach, and in such a way that all 3 men inside die, and the car was right side up? 

For years I've been posting these cars that have been found underwater, sometimes with the dead inside, and this is the first that I've felt it was likely that they were murdered. 

Hopefully all the recently solved "Missing Persons" that have been found in these underwater cars will motivate more local police to look underwater for cars, I've been posting these for years, so have some local news outlets. Does it really take more than that for cities and counties to get their police/water departments to just LOOK and rule out the possibility? Do you remember the Miami story I ran a couple months ago? Anyone could have checked there, or in this above example, anyone could have found this car

would you believe that anyone would be, or even could be, charged with a felony for mowing lawn? A grandfather mowed public property out of frustration last year, because the ticks were infesting the area, and a copperhead slithered out of the area

A Camp Hill man escaped serious penalties for mowing borough-owned property out of frustration last year, after a plea deal Tuesday that seemed to signal a truce in the situation going forward.

The Borough wanted to charge him with felony criminal mischief  to make an example of him, and to achieve free publicity goals,  for mowing a patch of borough-owned property along Conodoguinet Creek that was being left purposely unmowed to help create a natural buffer to reduce the flow of sediment and runoff into the stream.

Urban was initially charged with a felony and the borough had requested damages of 12,350 for "for estimated costs of alleged damages" officials believed he caused when Urban took his riding mower to their intentional "Riparian" buffer along the creek. 

The area in question sits across the road from Urban's home, between the stream and the stream bank, it was being left purposely unmowed to help create a natural buffer to reduce the buffer to reduce the flow of sediment and runoff into the stream.

Different wildcat mowers had hit it in recent years prompting the borough to set up a surveillance camera. 

"The borough ha a law that says you can't have grass over 8" long or you can be fined, .. .. I just don't want five-feet weeds by my house," Urban said last October after the case was filed.

"Basically it was safety, "Urban said, noting he got about 20 tick bites this spring that he attributes to the growth. " I have three grandchildren that live with me, the weeds were taller than they were. I got tired of the ticks, I got tired of the rodents, I had to relocate a copper head snake."

So, on May 16th last year, he hopped on his riding mower, and went to work on the weedy empty lot, where Camp Hill's cameras got him on tape, and police were able to identify his lawn mower. Local politicians made a publicity campaign about this, while the county district attorney's wife was running for Camp Hill Council, she got him to turn the prosecution over to the state attorney general's office. 

Contrary to the borough's felony charge, and alleged damages cost, the Borough Manager slipped up and stated that a "Riparian" buffer do "a low cost" job of preventing pollution from getting into waterways

Under the deal, Daniel Urban pleaded guilty to one summary count of criminal mischief. His sentence is a $150 fine, plus restitution of an additional $150 to Camp Hill Borough to reimburse it for the cost of a camera set up to catch bandit mowers.

interesting tourist duck boat in the new animated movie, Ruby Gillman: Teenage Kraken

Nicely chosen plate


must be nice to rate a new company truck, just to commute to work

Watching Disney movies from the 70s is a hoot... there's a decent fun movie (Cat From Outer Space, Herbie the Love Bug) and a good way to spot cool cars, and celebs from the 70s

Two Mustangs, a Green 65? Bronze 67 fastback? A VW van, Honda Civic in yellow? Gray Karman Ghia? Looks like a 68 Firebird by the bronze Mustang, Burgandy colored car might be a 75 Camaro

Same parking lot, different section

Tim Conway driving the Jeep

Dick Butkus in an LTD