Wednesday, May 05, 2021

I just watched the documentary The Cold Blue, it's got the best real footage I've ever seen of WW2 aviation, and it has a lot of footage of the Memphis Belle

there were about a dozen planes, like these and the Kickapoo, and Hellzapoppin, that could be identified by name or nose art

I think there was a pin up painted on this propeller blade, and I've never seen that done before, but it's a great idea

I've posted about Old Bill's nose art painter

If you highly recommend a documentary on WW1, WW2, Korean War, Nam, or the 16 years of the Gulf War, or cars, race cars, Bonneville, land speed racing, El Mirage, bikes, cyclists, riding motorcycles, restoring vehicles, bombers, fighter planes, or rock n roll, that can NOT be missed, on Netflix, HBO +, Disney +, or Amazon, please let me know in the comments! 

But not some show that was ok. only the "if you miss this, there's no point in having a tv" level of great documentaries

I forgot to mention

 if you feel that the world is coming apart, crashing on you, just giving you no way out but suicide, and will try one last thing, like talking to someone who wants to talk you out of it?

 Let me know, I'll try. 

Or try the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

 24 hours, 365 days a year. 

Languages: English, Spanish. 800-273-8255

If you're not in the USA, my email is

65,000 miles on a set of NGK Iridium

LaGuardia airport, a lot of history for a miserable airport

Among pilots, it is referred to as "USS LaGuardia", because the runways are short and surrounded by water, thus giving the feel of landing on an aircraft carrier.

LaGuardia has been extensively criticized for its outdated facilities, lack of cleanliness, cramped building design, poor customer service and has been ranked in numerous customer surveys as the worst in the United States.

The site of the airport was originally used by the Gala Amusement Park, owned by the Steinway family. 
It was razed and transformed in 1929 into a 105-acre private flying field

The initiative to develop the airport for commercial flights began with an outburst by New York mayor  La Guardia upon the arrival of his TWA flight at Newark Airport – the only commercial airport serving the New York City region at the time – as his ticket said "New York".

He demanded to be taken to New York, and ordered the plane to be flown to Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field, this was a marketing and publicity stunt, but it proved a point. 

He was making a splashy news event to urge New Yorkers to support a new airport within their city.

American Airlines accepted LaGuardia's offer to start a trial program of scheduled flights to Floyd Bennett, although the program failed after several months because Newark's airport was closer to Manhattan.

 La Guardia went as far as to offer police escorts to airport limousines in an attempt to get American Airlines to continue operating the trial program.

compliment of the day

 I agree Jesse, and I can't tell you how much this blog is appreciated. Well, yes I can. I REALLY LOVE THIS BLOG!!!

JSFury  (thanks!)

springtime in Michigan

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Hey everyone, today, was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

 I woke up, after not sleeping very well. I got online to check email, comments on the blog, and then facebook. 

Cause I was hoping to see some good news. Instead, I learned a cousin died, suicide. 

So, that news just changed today from my birthday to a bad day. What do you possibly say to his mom? I don't have a damn clue, but it went something like, I'm here to talk if you need or want to, distract you if I can, and maybe even cheer you up for a minute. I'm good at that. 

Then I went to work, with the problem of my car being at the dealership on my mind, and the service advisor I was interacting with - not answering text, phone message, or email. What the hell right? 

I needed someone to know I wanted not just the two ignition coils on my commuter replaced which were giving the OBD a code that they were bad, but the other two also... because if two were shot, at 64995 miles, the other two probably weren't good for much longer. 

Why the haste to get that done? Well, it took 24 hours to get two out of stock and replaced on the car, and I seriously don't need to waste another day paying for a car rental to get the other two replaced, you know? Replace them all, at the same time, and the spark plugs, and that was what the dealership said BEFORE they would tall me what the hell is going on with my clutch. I can't make that up. They would NOT (the service advisor told me) take even a look to find out what is the condition of the clutch, and WHY THE HELL IS MY CAR LOSING 1 Qt of OIL per 1000 miles?!?!

So, a whole lot of not happy. You know? 

Then was a fun little drive over during my lunch halfhour to get some face time to discover why there was no reply to my voicemail from 430 pm Monday afternoon, at 1130 the next morning. 

What would you do? Right? 

So I find out that my service advisor has been in off site training all morning. 


well, that doesn't get my car worked on any faster, at all. 

Through the rest of the afternoon nothing brought any satisfaction from the communications with the service advisor on getting my clutch looked at, and my oil loss problem diagnosed. 

Now, was some of that cause I wasn't in the right frame of mind, with damn little sleep? Maybe. 

So, after work, I take the rental car back and find that I was told 35 a day, for a Nissan Kick, BUT I got charged 44 a day. 

Where the actual hell are the prices written down? Well, if you want to rent a Compass, or a Tesla, you want to know how much, am I right? The guys at Enterprise rent a car, they say it's not written down. Anywhere. 

Not on their website, not on their cars, not on any sheet of paper. 

Huh. Well, the rest of the day went downhill, and I knew I was running out of time to get over to the dealership to get my car. It was 5pm, and I had a couple blocks to walk to get to the dealership. 

I get there, and wanna guess how bad it went? Double that. 

Know how they are required to check your tires, oil, wipers, etc? 

That didn't happen, which I was pretty sure of, because, I already knew that the passenger side wiper was falling apart, and since I was dropping off the car at the dealership, it was a good known issue to check and see if they were on their game, or not. 


Whoever gets paid to see that the tire pressures and that stuff is good or bad, didn't look a the wipers. 

But, I was already talking to the service dept manager, and said, well, a lot. It's late, I'll skip most of it, but it all boils down to, why the hell can't I get your service dept to tell me how my clutch is? Why can't I get them to tell me if my oil is leaking out a gasket? Valve cover, oil sump, or timing belt cover? 

SO, yeah, I was a hot mess of anger, stress, frustration, and outrage... but kept it together sorta well. 

Hey, when in a bad situation, I said so, and apologized for whatever I might do when no longer able to keep it together. 

Wouldn't you?

Well, I asked the service manager to sit in my car, and turn on the wipers. 

Bingo, there's that streak of not working area of the wiper, then I raised the wiper off the windshield, pointed out the rotted rubber, and said, nothing on this verhicle inspection sheet matters now that you have seen that the simple easy wiper check wasn't done. 

How am I to believe anything, any little or big thing, did get done right, when someone lied about checking my wipers?

Serious. I was stone cold evil eye on that. 

Well, he was sure nice about it. Honestly, I had him to rights, and then we got to talking about the other stuff. 

I left in a lot better state of mind, after 90 minutes of shaky mental state, but completely liking this guy. He's got a bad spot, to be the one responsible for all the mechanics, service advisors, cleaning crew, parts dept, etc. When they screw up, he's got to deal with the ugly mess coming at him all guns blazing with evidence that he can't do a damn thing about. 

Well, he has moxie, I'll tell you that. I also can say that I really have issues with my serive advisor, but holy shit, she kept the best comms replies I can tell you that. Not that she's on point what what she said, but damn, I want her on my side in any verbal discussion where she can't lose face, can't slip on tone, and must stay upbeat when everything discussed is terminal. 

So, hats off to Aric Erlandsen, service manager at Kearny Mesa Hyundai, and Michelle O'Neil, service advisor. If she learns engines, and never says a word about them, she's going to become great at her job. Until then, she needs to remember to try and upsell. They don't get paid much, but make more if they can upsell you on stuff, and I had to ask to get 320 dollars of ignition packs replaced. I can't recall who brought up replacing the spark plugs, at 23 dollars apiece.

Oh, and if you can select your finance guy, ask for Jay. Serious.

Other things, 23 dollar spark plugs, iridium ones, can't recall the brand, but I'll get that info tomorrow, are said by another service advisor to need replacing in turbo engines at 45k miles. 

The Hyundai Veloster service manual, for the 2015 R Spec I bought, and finally paid off, has line 8, of the required and recommended maintenance, the spark plug line. 

No where in the required mileage guide (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc etc etc thousands of miles) all the way to the 100k or more, does it ever say replace the spark plugs. 

I'll post a photo tomorrow of how the look at 65,000 miles, and I'd replace yours at 50k. You'll see why. 

Summed up, great service manager, horrible service, horrible experience, no satisfaction, or even attempt, to hear me out on the clutch or oil, by the service advisor, and how mfing important those were to me to get diagnosed... and the manager ever mentioned that part of the intial dialogue, was deleted. 

Hmmmm, not good. Seriously 90 minutes that sucked to deal with, but dang, he was awesome. Nothing else about this was. Rental car rates jacked, 2 days to do 3 hours of work (but I get it, lots of customer cars to deal with, they don't focus on any one to complete it, they do this, then the service advisor tells the owner, then gets the parts, then when the mechanic gets time to get back to your car it's the next day) and it's all been just the worst, even catching that the wiper was not looked at, but reported good. 

I can say I was really happy to find the old parts in the car, even the spark plugs. YOU know, and I know, you can see what the engines been doing by looking at the spark plugs. I pointed it out to the service manager, and he got it, but... no one else involved seemed to know, to learn how the car is running, look at the plugs, not the mfing OBD readout. Plugs don't lie. 65 thousand miles of evidence. 

Anyway, it's really damn late, sorry there's no time to look around for stuff to post, but just typing this while it's fresh, took 30 minutes. 

Avoid looking at facebook first thing in the morning. You'll be better off waiting til after work. 

Worst birthday ever. Worst dealership experience ever. I still have to get the clutch looked at, I still need to know where the hell the oil is going to, and though there might be a warranty coverage of the engine going through so much damn oil, 1st the customer has to foot the bill before Hyundai decides if it's warranty covered. 

More on that later, but get this, Hyundai policy says they must change the oil to begin an "Oil Consumption Test" which is a new thing since this March.... then the customer comes back after a thousand miles. Then they might decide to charge a thousand dollars to open the top end up, clean out carbon on the intake, then repeat the oil change and thousand miles drive, to now see, did that fix the loss of oil. 

Not a mention of a THOROUGH exam of all gaskets that the oil system passes through.

NOT just mark the damn dip stick and come back in a thousand miles to see how much it's down. 

2 oil changes and a thousand dollar cleaning of the intake. Maybe the head too, I can't recall, it's 11pm, on a bad day, after 5 hours of sleep, with only 6 possible before waking up tomorrow, so, damn, it's time to post and shut off the laptop. 

As for extended warranty vs paying for repairs? It's about 3500 for the "platinum" warranty. I've now had to pay about 1500 for repairs. So, so far, it looks like you're better not giving Hyundai your 3500 to pay for repairs (how can anyone call that paying for an extended warranty?) but instead hold onto your money and risk that you'll either get a different car before your Hyundai breaks serious parts, or that you'll spend less on repairs than the 3500 they already factored would be the break even amount. 

Because car companies have been compiling info for decades on how much things break, how much to charge, and what they'll cover with a warranty and what they won't

baby of only 29 weeks born on an airline, and some interesting emergency useage happened

Three NICU nurses from North Kansas City hospital were at the right place at the right time, helping to deliver a premature baby on a flight to Hawaii. The nurses and a doctor who rushed to mom's side are sharing their incredible story of how they kept her and her baby safe until the plane could land.

There happened to be 3 nicu nurses and a dr onboard the flight

They used shoelaces to tie off the umbilical, baby warmer made from microwaved bottles of water, Apple watch as a heart monitor.

“I don’t know how a patient gets so luck as to have three neonatal intensive care nurses on board the same flight when she’s in emergency labor,” said Dr. Dale Glenn of Hawaii Pacific Health. He was on the flight heading back home.

The group improvised with whatever they could find to keep mom and baby stable for three hours until the plane could land. “We’re getting, asking for all these supplies just, you know, oxygen, anything we could keep the baby warm with,” said Bamfield.

for about 7 million you can buy a Blackhawk

it's a 1980 model, with about 5900 hours run time

the first salesman of Hondas in the USA was 16 year old Rita Manly.

her parents had been selling Honda motorcycles for 8 years, and were selling so many that they won a trip to Honda in Japan, saw the new N360s, and wanted to start a Honda dealership. 

So, they got the 1st dealership, and their daughter was the first salesman to wait in a dealership to sell the first Honda car in the USA.

That's pretty damn cool. 16 years old, selling cars, in Santa Rosa,1970. 

Road and Track vol 4, page 120

What's more, she's still selling Hondas, and her daughter joined the family business too! 

Rita Case is one of the few female dealers to have followed a mother into the business and also to have seen a daughter join.

Rita is vice chairman of Rick Case Automotive Group, which ranks No. 26 on the Automotive News list of the top 150 dealership groups based in the U.S. as ranked by 2014 new-vehicle retail sales.

She and her husband, Rick Case, operate 16 dealerships in Florida, Georgia and Ohio.

Monday, May 03, 2021

a good photo to end the day with, and to start Tuesday with

the news is not good out of Mexico today, a Metro rail overpass in Mexico City collapsed, sending a train plunging downward onto a road, trapping cars under rubble and killing at least a dozen, injuring over 5 dozen

Here's to John's dad,

He joined the Army in '42, and after crewing on a B-17 over Europe as a gunner and radio operator, he rose to Captain in the USAAF, and took over running the ordinance depot in Butzbach German

1931 Checker Model M. Notice the unusual front fender shapes and the rear-only running boards.

Kim reminded me how cool those headlights are

Thanks Kim!

things I'm going to learn this week....

 the difference in price of the Hyundai extended warranty, and the cost of two ignition coils that simultaneously decided they couldn't cope with acceleration, but can deal with any slow and gradual acceleration up to 80 mph. 

Also, just why the hell the ignition isn't covered by the 100,000 mile warranty, and just why the hell an extended warranty would, because I was asked 3 times if I had the extended warranty

Why the hell can't they cope with getting there quickly? My guess is the damn computers that tell them how to operate, are programmed to cause them to misfunction after 64,000 miles. 

Because that's what the hell happened.

Just like the trunk latch that stopped working at 60,500 miles. Computer controlled $475 to fix

That's one way to keep your company earning money, cheap parts, expensive labor

Weed Chain Jack?

A home-made lawn mower made from an engine from a washing machine

She bought her 1993 Volvo new, and finally returned to the same dealership with it, to trade it in on a 2021 model... that's a damn fine use of her car. Lots of years, and miles, and then trading it in for a new one

Volvo gets IIHS' Top Safety Pick Plus for all 2021 models It's the only manufacturer to get its whole model range certified with that elusive Plus  

a very weird advertisment for Moline Plows... used as a book mark a long time ago, and forgotten in the book

Sunday, May 02, 2021

the king of weight savings. I bet there's even holes in his hinges

oh, so now we can paint our plates whatever colors match our vehicle?

the only California plates with white alpha numeric digits are for horseless carriages, the rest are all yellow or blue

obviously I'm not rich or stupid enough to pay the ticket for fake license plates

what colorblind racer boy vomit spew bullshit color scheme is this?

a Veloster can fit a 59"x36"x13 " book case, and still be driven

it took some tetris level movements to get it in, and was hell to fight gravity to get it out, but better than wasting someone else's afternoon to use their truck bed

There's a couple reasons to ignore that Hot Rod even exists anymore, like it's boring, but did they have to ignore their duty to edit and read it before publishing?

in this example, some moron doesn't know how to spell Duntov.

And ironically ends the next sentence with "Oh, the injustice" 

Hot Rod has really quit giving a shit, and given up on being entertaining and bringing hot rods too. But if you give a rats ass about Chevy transmissions that can stand 1000 horsepower, like that's who's buying Hot Rod magazine?  Then you're in luck and they'll cure your insomnia at the same time.

Years ago when it was a great magazine, and ran features like "Hot Rod Anything" I paid for many years of subscription renewals. Now I can see that was a waste of money.

When Hot Rod magazine can't fucking spell check (with or without Microsoft Word) Zora (father of the Corvette and salvation of Chevrolet) Duntov's name, then it's time for them to throw in the fucking towel and die.

No god damn self respecting car enthusiast magazine should ever be caught with the inability to spell the names, with respect, of the legends that got us here

This issue is pretty good, a lot like the way I post here on the blog

The Boynton locomotive on the 1890s Coney Island was designed to pull double-height, narrow carriages only 4 feet wide, all on a single rail.

 The top rail was simply a guide, taking no weight. 

Boynton's idea was to adapt bicycle technology to railroading. 

Conventional trains required over a ton of equipment per passenger, and much of the energy that they expended was wasted due to factors such as wind resistance and side sway. 

But Boynton was convinced that a system incorporating a single rail on the ground, plus another on the top of the train for stability, would not only be more efficient, but could transport people at the then-unheard-of rate of over 60 miles per hour.

 Brimming with enthusiasm, he set up an experimental line approximately a mile long in the grasslands of Coney Island. His locomotive, which was dubbed "The Flying Billboard" by some critics, weighed a scant 4 tons, and pulled a series of double-decker passenger coaches only 4 feet wide.