Tuesday, November 13, 2018

1 of 22 1970 Charger R/T with a 4 spd and 440 in Go Mango color pulled out of a long term storage collection, made to run, then tossed on ebay for a ridiculous reserve price that was over 47k

It went to 44,600 on Ebay, reserve not met... well, no shit. For 45k at most auctions you can buy a restored 440 4 spd mopar of your preference.

This rusty menace to you saving account has cancer, and probably isn't a reliable driver as it stands, so, complete rebuild of every damn thing no matter what.... while rust silently spreads. Nope. No one is going to slap 60 or 70 k on this without a hemi in it, and Tom Hoovers name on the old registration


Looks like next year will be a bonkers year to be megawealthy, and young and crazy enough to buy a hoverbike... 150k apiece.... the CEO of Red Bull might buy one, but it's going to be awhile before they play any part in Redbull races

and when they do get into crazy stunt videos, I bet that jet backpack is going to be seen in the video.

Do you guess young stunt guys first? Or ridiculous rapper claiming to be crazy wealthy will be the first you tube show off video to feature them both?


Thanks Gary!

SEMA posts vs regular variety

I took about two weeks to get out the majority of the SEMA posts, and there is still a little more, though not vehicles, to still post (no time tonight)


I can tell you it feels great to freestyle through the day of posts for a change, I dig the crazy variety more than posting from the file of SEMA photos.

There are still a lot of Optima Challenge photos to go too.... it all takes a lot of time, which I have very little of anymore

Standing ovation to Toyota, who has seen what (please remain standing for a 2nd ovation for: ) a hero with a Toyota can do, and who burned up his Tundra being a nurse in the midst of the Paradise Ca fire, and has reached out to him and offered a new replacement!

A nurse has emerged as one of the heroes of the disaster, driving into the flames to evacuate patients from the intensive care unit he manages. While he made it out alive, his Toyota Tundra didn’t fare so well. Once Toyota found out about the nurse’s heroic deeds, the company offered to replace his Tundra.

The nurse, whose name is Allyn Pierce, posted a picture of the fire-damaged Tundra on social media. In the post, he said “this truck literally saved my life today.” In response, Toyota said, “We are humbled you’d risk your life and Toyota Tundra to drive people to safety. Don’t worry about your truck, we’re honored to get you a new one!”

Allyn Pierce bravely battled the flames not once, but twice, as he drove through the fire to ferry people to safety. At one point, the Tundra became stuck in gridlock traffic... thankfully a dozer came to the rescue and pushed the dead cars aside freeing Pierce to head back into the fires to help some more


While clearing out the back yard shrubbery... they found a car buried under rocks, dirt, and plants

they found the identification plate, and the license plate GUK 880

They didn't get a precise year and model though, the best guess is a 1949 Daimler.  From the remains, it looks like the car used to be black and have dark red leather upholstery.

The house was built in the 1950s or 1960s, but this part of the garden was purchased later from a farmer. The previous owners had been in possession of the property since it was new, but it is not possible to ask them about the vehicle. Mrs Ward said she had contacted her estate agent to see if they can get in touch with the former owners’ daughter.

No one yet has mentioned if they've ever heard of the car being buried in the yard only 70 years ago... you'd think someone would recall such a thing, in the small town of St Peter's on the island of Guernsey

Tip of the hat to https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2018/04/07/four-links-motorcycle-bicentennial-bessie-b-stringfield-helene-rother-buried-daimler/

Police dashcam video of chasing a 1967 Morris Minor through Bradford England... it got away!

A stolen 1967 Morris Minor narrowly avoided crashing when the driver ran a red light at a busy junction in Bradford.

Police footage shows the car driving in the Fagley area of the city on Saturday before swerving right across traffic.

West Yorkshire Police said it was stolen in Ravenscliffe and found abandoned 45 minutes later on land off Harrogate Road.


Helene Rother was one of the first women to work as an automotive designer, and achieved an impressive resume of companies she'd go on to work with

Born in Leipzig, Germany in 1908, Helene Rother was in Paris at the outbreak of World War II, having made a name for herself in a career within the Paris high fashion market, designing fine jewelry, watches, and hat pins... she made her way out of France just as the Nazis begin their invasion.

She boarded the first outbound ship she was able to get a ticket on and found herself in Casablanca with her seven-year-old daughter, Ina, in tow.

Finally, she ended up in New York in 1941, safely away from the war in Europe and North Africa.

Here she put her artistic skills once more to good use, landing a job as an illustrator for Timely Publications (later, and certainly better known, as Marvel) drawing an early Marvel character by the name of “Jimmy Jupiter”.

Purely coincidence that yesterday I learned that Stan Lee started working there in 1939 as a gofer.

In 1942, she spotted an advertisement General Motors had placed in The New York Times for an interior designer.

It's quite astonishing that she went from drawing comics, to working at GM as an automotive designers, if you can imagine doing that... and going to interview with GM. That's a big leap!

She applied for, and got, the GM job working for Harley Earl. With her daughter in tow, she moved to Detroit, found an apartment, and began designing interior trim for GM cars.

It was reported by The Detroit News that she was collecting an unheard-of $600 per month (roughly $8,500 in today’s money). GM was quick to downplay the report due to the progressive idea of having a woman not only working in a male-centric field, but also making more than the average man at the same job ($200). After four years with the company, she had stockpiled enough capital and name recognition to step out and start a business.

In 1947 she opened her own studio in the Fisher building on the 16th floor, and formed a successful partnership with Nash Motors, where she specialized in designs for automotive interiors, furniture, mosaics and stained glass windows.

Even the economical Nash Rambler models were prominently promoted as "irresistible glamour" on wheels. The innovative 100-inch wheelbase Rambler was conceived initially as a well-appointed convertible with its interior designed with the aid of Rother as a consultant.  https://www.chuckstoyland.com/category/automotive/nash-rambler/nash/nash-1951/1951-nash-the-new-nash-airflytes-sales-catalog/

Nash used a strategy to focus on design and quality features helped establish a new segment in the automobile market, as the Rambler is widely acknowledged to be the first successful modern American compact car.

Many Nash sales brochures and Rambler advertisements of the time featured the copy stating: "Styling by Pinin Farina and interiors by Madame Helene Rother of Paris" as proof of the European influence on company's automobile styling. She conferred with Pinin Farina, who styled the exterior of the 1953 Nash Airflytes, to coordinate with the interiors and new custom fabrics. In 1954, the Nash Ambassadors had a big feature: the completely new interior by Rother.

After Nash, she purchased a home on Chicago Boulevard in Detroit, with living quarters upstairs and a studio downstairs, where she continued other independent consulting work for or with a number of automotive-related companies including Miller-Meteor, a company known for its ambulances and hearses, Goodyear, B.F. Goodrich, U.S. Rubber, Stromberg-Carlson, and International Harvester.

Her client list included non-automotive firms too, like Magnavox and Elgin American. She also designed a sterling flatware pattern called "Skylark" for Samuel Kirk and Son, silver craftsmen firm since 1815, that the company issued from 1954 into the late-1980s.

Later, she designed stained glass windows for churches throughout the country, a remarkable career move she would continue the rest of her life, along with raising horses on her ranch in Metamora Michigan

The designed stained glass she made for American churches in the mid-1960s were mainly in Michigan, such as the Beverly Hills United Methodist Church in Beverly Hills Michigan, and the St. Lazarus Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in northeast Detroit

Yes, from Parisian jeweler, to Marvel comic artist, to Nash interiors, to stained glass. I emphasis this to increase the focus for a moment on how amazing a person's life can be, and how varied the careers in just one life can be. Ask your grandparents, if you can, to write their biographies, I believe you'll find your family members lives to be astonishing when looked at in total. 

All of that ought to be enough to cause you to have little surprise that there is now an award in automotive design, in her name, and will be an event in Las Vegas in Oct 2019.

The Helene Awards Banquet and Ceremony will honor 12 deserving innovators throughout the automotive industry for outstanding achievements is the design, development and future of the automobile.


ps, I didn't know that Dean's Garage lifted stories from other sites
http://www.deansgarage.com/2018/damsels-of-design/  is a complete copy of https://www.core77.com/posts/49498/The-Story-Behind-GMs-Celebrated-

identification guide to the early National cars, 1904-1913

this poor bastard was having a really bad day... and no brakes

watching car crashes, glad it's not me, and hoping to learn anything on how to avoid this crashes from ever happening to me. It's not cool, but, it's probably usefully educational

a highly detailed model of a Studebaker, and the interior designer, Audrey Moore Hodges... I wonder what they did with that model? Museum piece?

looks like she is trying to focus attention on the back seat lap blanket

She later went on to design the interior of the Tucker

originally from https://56packardman.com/2018/04/10/gear-head-tuesday-automotive-designer-helene-rother/  Shas just found out! He was looking at that site, then looked at this one, and found that purely by coincidence, I'd posted this image from Stiffspeed about the time he was looking at it on that other site

Col. John Glenn and wife check out an 1894 Daimler-Benz - 1966.

There is probably a reason no one ever put a John Wilkes Booth license plate on a Lincoln before

I just learned that Mopar collector Steven Juliano died in late Sept.... pancreatic cancer. Damn... that is a shock, he put together the most amazing Mopar collection


If you haven't been aware of his amazing collection in a warehouse in San Clemente, well, I posted it ten years ago, https://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2008/11/steven-juliano-collection-im-betting.html  some lucky person walked around and took a lot of photos, and that's the only set I've ever seen of his personal museum of Mopar stuff. I've never seen it in person, nor even met him, as I just don't get to enough car events to meet people at that level of car collecting.... that's some Pebble Beach level right there

Monday, November 12, 2018

Garret's Rod Shop 1966 Super Charger, I wasn't able to get great photos of it's exterior due to it being in the Mothers covered area outside with these tent supports...

This was bought by the current owners grandmother when new, and has been passed down to the next two generations. It's now owned by the grandson, and has even been stolen and recovered

yes, she totally flubs his name and calls him Garret after getting his name established as Karl Schulman. Then says it's his dad's shop, and if Garret Kitchen is his dad, then yeah... but, those last names don't match. I think she probably just needs some practice doing interviews and less hurry.


Don Swartz made a really good Fred Flintstone car, from a Smart car, by simply taking off the doors and adding a couple rollers. It's pretty good!

It appears that this toy size COE hauler has been airbrushed to show how good these templates are. Regardless, wow paintjob on the truck and deuce

Gerald Mendez teaches airbrushing https://www.schoolofrealism.com/products/fantasy-mendez

Gerald Mendez has been airbrushing since 1986. After his graphic design education in Mexico City, he undertook the challenge to master as many techniques as possible to improve the quality of his work; including airbrush and digital illustration, along with airbrush automotive techniques. His drive to create what he terms as “Unreal Concepts” has helped him develop his own personal style.

Gerald operates his airbrush studio in Chino, California and is currently working as a digital illustrator for Walt Disney Co. and he keeps very busy as a creative automotive airbrush artist. See more Gerald’s artwork at www.aerografika.com and https://www.facebook.com/GeraldMendez.ArtStudio/

I've never ridden in one of these old Z cars... but damn, it looks mighty close to the same basic shape and design of a gen 3 corvette, and I bet it's a hellava ride

this is one hell of a good looking car. I can't see what it's doing at SEMA, except costing a lot of money per day to rent.

This vinyl wrap really shows how cool a car can be made to look without the expensive paintwork, but with a complicated graphics design

This Wrangler has gotten around, has tackled the trails, and has the badges to prove it

wow... I never thought that these Mr Clean Magic Erasers are perfect for cleaning vinyl upholstery! I came across this at the Proctor and Gamble booth. I didn't see them doing the demonstration though

I didn't get a great photo of how clean the pieces are after they use it... but I saw it, trust me. These work really good

If you recall last week, a 1930s rare Oldsmobile was a "What is it" and I was asking for Eddie... well, he just found a photo of his grandfathers Harley!

Since Eddie isn't sure who the kid is, it's possible that it could be his Aunt, who bought that cool rare Oldsmobile

Thanks Eddie!

This is a bit different... a 283 and 350 turbo give it plenty of scoot... it could probably use some wheelie bars though

the 1966 Fitch Phoenix, a prototype created from a Corvair, body built by Intermechanica of Italy

A Chevrolet Corvair-based two-seat sports car created by the late John Fitch, a famous racing driver and inventor.

The Corvair's rear-mounted, air-cooled 2.7L flat-six was tuned to produce 170 horsepower, while the weight is 2,150 lbs. The big bumps between windshield and front tires? Are for spare tires, since the car has two sizes of wheels, it was equipped with a spare for each

Fitch planned to build and sell 500 examples of the Phoenix, but before that could happen, President Johnson signed the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act into law, making it pretty much impossible for a small independent manufacturer to offer a car to the public.

It's debut was at the Abercrombie and Fitch (no relation)  Manhattan, N.Y., store.

 As a result, the prototype was the only one built, he returned the 100 deposits, and Fitch kept it for the rest of his life.


here's a guy who will be the text book example for a long time to come, of what not to do... in several ways.

notice his speed triple from 47 mph to 141 before he catchs up to the speeder and pulls them over.

Ironically he says, "I don't recommend doing that" just before we can see the smoke start to appear from under his vehicle, due to the extremely hot exhaust pipe and catalytic converter lighting off the weeds he parked on.

He doesn't get his vehicle backed away, and off the weeds... so it starts to burn, taking out the electrical system, and disabling the vehicle.

Then he can't operated the fire extinguisher.

That's just stupid, doubled down.


Celebs and Hollywood stars are losing their homes in Malibu to the fires

Looks like he lost his Bronco too.

He recorded about a minute of the neighborhood in Point Dume https://www.instagram.com/p/BqF9fpVlBbk and it's like the houses were built of gasoline soaked matchsticks. Everything around them is fine, but the houses are ash.

Other people whose names you know that have lost their homes, Myley Cyrus, Neil Young.... and those who might lose their homes, and have already been evacuated, Lady Gaga, Cher, Alyssa Milano, Riann Wilson, Guillermo del Toro, Orlando Bloom, and Mark Hamill


above is not storm clouds.... that is smoke from the wildfires