Tuesday, June 22, 2021

I finally found a couple more cars painted with Sonia Delaunay designs


all the sources will report is that it is a 1924

http://www.baronnesamedi.com/2020/03/malaga-le-musee-de-l-automobile.html says that "The artist-painter Sonia Delaunay was the first to personalize a car"

this 1928 Citroen B14 is now at the Mullin Museum

photographed by another favorite of mine, Jacques-Henri Lartique!

the Getty collection says the following about the dotted cart:  circa 1935: A fashionably dressed woman in a dress by Mlle Eigrane stands with her dog by a Citroen car which has white-walled tyres and is painted with random coloured circles by 'Valentine'

(47500th post) Have you heard of the 1933 art deco airport in New Orleans that was restored to original after Katrina?

murals representing historic milestones around the world during the early years of aviation were completed by the world-renowned painter and sculptor, Xavier Gonzalez.

Then in 1964 during the Cold War, in the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the airport terminal was converted into a nuclear fallout shelter. The beloved Art Deco details were replaced with horizontal lines, right angles, and flat roofs. 

All but 3 of the 144 windows were bricked in, hiding much of the artwork and history of the building.





two 71 Challengers were made for the 2011 movie Green Lantern, 440 4 speeds, by Ghostlite Picture Vehicles. 1 is now in Kuwait, the other is in Australia

one of them sold for only 40k, with all the new parts and on screen movie use provenance. 

The period-correct 440 powerplant, rebuilt with a performance cam, coated headers, Edelbrock intake and carb, backed by a 4-speed transmission with a new clutch, pistol grip shifter, rebuilt diff, ps pb, front disc brakes, Vintage A/C, functional shaker hood, aluminum radiator, AM/FM/CD stereo, R/T stripes, "Go Wing," front air dam, CALTRACS traction bars, correct Mopar rally wheels and Good Year F70-15s. Hemi Orange with black vinyl interior and bucket seats.






I didn't remember that the movie featured a Challenger , or that Michael Clark Duncan, Geoffrey Rush,  and Taika Waititi are in the movie

California now advises on electric cars being not such a good idea during the drought, and heat wave, and lack of enough electricity in the system - by mentioning them during the ISO report that a "flex alert" is on

 As most electric cars are commuters, and most commuting results in people getting home, and then choosing to recharge their electric car around 5pm, this will likely annoy electric car owners that bought such electric cars with the idea that these would be good for the environment. 

Just imagine how much the current electric infrastructure is going to fail when more people get electric cars, and gadgets, but no new electric producing power plants are built because of some stupid rare gnat, shrew, or butterfly that the environmentalists are in love with protecting. 

Build some nuke power plants, they are pretty simple to operate, and sure as hell don't take up much space and they don't pollute other than the inevitable eventual problem of what to do with the reactor, 30 years later. OR just take the reactors that the Navy is done with, and see how much longer they can safely keep heating up water without having to push subs and aircraft carriers through the water. 

I ain't saying go kill the sea otters, or nuke the bird migration areas... but some damn gnat? Some stupid rare short celery plant (actually parsley, but why let facts affect naming the plant?) that only lines in a seasonal wet pothole due to clay not letting the water drain off (aka vernal pool) puts the tree huggers into fits. I suspect that without these stupid useless plants, the jobs for environmental wackos would cease to exist, and they'd have to get real jobs instead of lefty liberal masters degrees for protecting fairy shrimp from developers and construction jobs. 


In particular, the pools on Miramar (formerly Top Gun training base) are cause for a big ruckus, and the military brass pounds into the low ranked types who are the only people who actually get out of the air conditioning, to NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER make a god damn vernal pool. Ask me how I know. Because making one of these damn mud puddles means the wackos have more damn shit to lose their minds over. Every damn year.


The California Independent System Operator, which monitors power lines across the state, initially said Wednesday that the grid was stable and that the state would have enough electricity to meet demand. Just hours later, however, the agency issued a Flex Alert for Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. to encourage reduced energy usage because of the strain on the state’s grid.

Residents are advised to avoid lowering the thermostat during those hours and to complete tasks involving high amounts of energy beforehand, such as using major appliances and charging devices and electric cars.


nice trick!


Monday, June 21, 2021

Posing for the camera with determined innocence, before heading out to start the shenanigan's

 clearly, you're looking at a leader, not a follower


the strange marketing choice of a dog food company


cool panel paint and grill piece on Dave Marquez’ Ardun-powered roadster.

 https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/vintage-shots-from-days-gone-by-part-2.1154030/page-1026#post-13939531  via  https://patganahl.com/2021/02/08/flamer-follow-up/

eye catching


traction demonstration to market and publicize the caterpillar track linked back axles on this C 6 on the Deauville beach August 15, 1929,


1911 3 ton Packard, the first heavy-duty motor vehicle to cross the continent on its own power


Coolest thing I've seen all week, a chopper taking off by rolling down the runway on the nose wheels to get enough speed going to achieve lift off due to high altitude thin air ( Thanks Shas! )

Briggs Cunningham built his C-4RK with a B17 24 clock, which incre4ased the difficulty of making a recreation, a perfect recreation

The 24-hour clock on the original’s dashboard was from a B-17 bomber.

After six years of work, it was completed just in time for the Cunningham reunion at the 2018 Greenwich Concours. 

Every component has a story. The Marchal driving lights required a trip to the Retromobile show in Paris, as Schoendorf couldn’t find the correct units in the U.S. Most Marchal lights in the States have a small nipple in the middle; the C-4RK had units with a small crease running lengthwise. The 24-hour B-17 clock was found on eBay, also difficult to find, but not impossible, were the Halibrand magnesium wheels, the Pontiac taillamps, Stewart Warner gauges, Renault 4CV license-plate light.


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