Friday, October 23, 2020

this guy is terrific... I bet his family is a hoot too... a natural comic, and deserves a payraise. Mike MacAdam on West Jet . If tv sitcoms aren't trying to hire him, they've lost sight of real humor

and this guy on Southwest is also very good, but for different reasons. 

Sure would be cool if people took photos in high res / high def

Does anyone know where some other images of this cool old 3 wheeler might be?

I kid you not, if I ever got to Europe, I'd be photographing cool stuff like this

This seemed like a good idea to at least 2 people... the accordion player, and the record company producer (until he went out of business trying to sell this garbage)!&p=84793615&viewfull=1#post84793615

Mr Norms Super Charger

Nice! And finally an old hot rod photo that isn't just black and white

The Moon Eyes company truck at the dragstrip

Clint had a plan and spent 3 hours filling the creek with hay-bales, logs, slabs of wood, and tires to build a road, it took him 19 seconds to cross. Yes, this happened in Missouri. Shit gets done, no matter how red neck the solution is

A bridge made of hay bales and old tires, to move a trailer home? That's mighty red neck

AlaBAMA (Tom Hanks voice) good ol boy cop Jason Davis... turned off the dash cam, so he could get retarded without creating evidence that he's a fuck up and embarrassment to police in uniform everywhere as he went full retard (Never go full retard - Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder). Red neck Alabama police don't understand civil rights, never have. Probably never will.

 Federal appeals court judges ruled Tuesday that Alabama police officers (like imbeciles Jason Davis, Brian Waid, and Frederick Blake) should face trial on allegations of excessive force filed by a truck driver who was tased and beaten during a 2014 accident investigation. 

A district court judge (no doubt paid off by the police union) had previously dismissed the case because the officers had qualified immunity, which protects police from being sued for doing their jobs. However, immunity does not apply if officers violate a constitutional right.

Immunity for three police officers accused of using excessive force against a truck driver has been revoked following a federal appeals court judge ruling. 

 The initial altercation occurred in Homewood, Alabama on May 23rd, 2014, but the new ruling was reached earlier this week, on October 20th, 2020. 

 According to AL News, truck driver Moses Stryker was making a late-night delivery to a Walmart when a woman blocked his truck with her vehicle and accused him of damaging her car. 

'Hold my beer and watch this' officer Jason Davis responded to the scene and started to get angry when Stryker pulled out his camera in order to get pictures of the incident for his company. 

Davis then pointed his gun at Stryker and tased him in the back. When Stryker attempted to escape by climbing back into the cab of his truck, the two struggled and Davis ended up breaking Stryker’s jaw.

 Stryker was able to make it back into the cab of his truck and lock the door, so Davis called for backup before breaking open the truck window with a baton and pulling Stryker out of the cab while using pepper spray on him. 

'That's nothing, we can help' officers Brian Waid and Frederick Blake then arrived on the scene and aided in pulling Stryker out of the truck before all three officers proceeded to kick and beat the truck driver.

Stryker then sued the city of Homewood but the local sister kisser good ol boy district court judge dismissed the case on the grounds that the police officers had ‘qualified immunity,’ which protects them from being sued for ‘doing their job.’ 

But since that's bullshit and everyone with an IQ over 80 knows is, the federal appeals court judges have ruled that the officers violated Stryker’s constitutional rights, eliminating their qualified immunity.

“Moses Stryker was tased, beaten and left with a broken jaw after a routine accident investigation by the City of Homewood spiraled out of control,” according to the ruling by judges on the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Saskatoon police ticketed 32 drivers for using phones to record fatal semi truck crash

The distracted drivers weren’t ticketed at the scene — instead, police took down the driver’s license plate numbers and are mailing out the tickets.

An insurance company representing a trucking company has agreed to pay out $460,000 after their client drove over a 114 year old bridge in July 2019, in Northwood, North Dakota

The bridge was rated for 14 ton gross weight with restrictions marked. It was built in 1906 and listed on the National Registrar of Historic places. 

The semi was hauling 25 tons of beans, and the total truck and trailer weight was 43 tons. An overload citation of $11,400.00 was issued.

Jonathan Rea claimed his sixth consecutive WSBK Championship at Estoril. The Belfast-born racer was awarded six gold rings and a golden helmet to mark his unprecedented success.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

1922 Mitchell F-50 "White Streak" and "ask about the wedge of power"... they had a lot to read on the sides and fenders of this car, even on the cover of the convertible top

I didn't realize the balancing act carnival show was this old

the Airplane Super Service Station in Salt Lake City

umm, why the extra room inside the tow truck? Seating for the people whose car is being towed? Steve has had to deal with that.

So, I saved some money from the 7 months of sitting at home unemployed... and wanted to get my rusted out headers replaced on my ol Dodge.

 And, the right choice seemed to be to buy a set of TTI headers. 

They've got the rep from dozens of magazine articles and website articles about their benefits... in horsepower, good fit, and thermal coating. 

Well. That didn't turn out so well

TTI doesn't have a one click ordering on their website

They don't take credit cards.

When I called to order a set, the person answering the phone said "no salesmen here today to help you" and that was on Wednesday. 

A middle of the week work day. 

I wasn't asked to leave my name and number to get a call back, or email. 

SO, I called again today. I'm stubborn that way. 

No one available, but they took my number, and I got a call back 2 hours later. 

But... guess what. So many people are stuck home upgrading their cars, that the set I want, 1 7/8ths primaries, and 3 inch collector, for a 413/426 wedge/440 WITH the ceramic thermal coating? Not in stock, and that's because the thermal coating is not done in house. It's farmed out. 

And that company is 2 weeks behind schedule. 

So, I asked if they had an authorized sales outlet in San Diego - the 7th largest city in the USA. 

NOPE. A So Cal city, with a muscle car culture friendly environment... doesn't have a shop or store that sells TTI headers. 

Sure, because Murphy's Law... I guess. I could drive to Corona to the factory, which doesn't have any in stock, and doesn't take credit cards... or Riverside, or wherever else in the Los Angeles metro area between the Pacific and Riverside, from the mountains on the north side to San Diego on the south side... yeah, that could happen. 

But it's not going to. I expect that there are companies that sell online, the TTI headers I want, that accept credit cards. I also am pretty sure that they have people that answer the phone in the middle of a work day, and I also am pretty sure I can just click and order the ones I want.

If I'm wrong? I'm pretty sure I can get some other company of good reputation that DOES have one click ordering online. Probably even cost less. 

Why TTI isn't user friendly, I don't know. It's not like I'm ordering something they haven't been selling for decades... that is a common part. 440 headers. I'm pretty sure those have been around over 40 years, probably closer to 50 years... I'm not asking for a satellite to be built to spec, and launched, to provide wi fi, or cell service. Just some metal tubes, mass produced I expect, on a machine. And I'm not trying to get them the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th month of the virus complicated world... it's been 7 damn months, hasn't anyone figured out how to run a business making the same stuff they've been making for decades, and SELL them on the same internet that has been around over a decade? Probably on the same website they've had for over a decade. 

Uber and Lyft didn't get their way... they WILL have to treat drivers as employees

 A California appeals court today upheld an order requiring Uber and Lyft to treat their California drivers as employees instead of independent contractors, less than two weeks before voters will be asked to exempt the ride-hailing giants from the state's gig economy law.

The decision won't have any immediate impact because it doesn't take effect for at least 30 days, well after the Nov. 3 vote on Proposition 22.

Uber and Lyft — who along with DoorDash have heavily bankrolled the ballot measure — had appealed an August preliminary injunction by a San Francisco judge. But the appellate ruling found “no legal error" and allowed it to stand.

ran the red light without coming to a stop, made a right on red when the sign says that's illiegal. Cops. Must be too busy eating donuts and driving

cracked his oil pan on the curb, was clueless... didn't notice it, didn't care... over the last 3 weeks... I pointed it out today, he was unaware. Some people blow my mind.

After 61k miles, here's what the brake pads look like... work down bad on the back - maybe only 1/2 worn on the front

you can see these wore unevenly above is the tops of both wheels brake pads

but the front have a lot left on them. So... that's interesting

cool little helicopter mover is a couple batteries and wheelchair wheels.

nice vanity plate

A guy goes to Barrett Jackson with John Elway, and spots the 1969 Z-28 he sold in high school when he lost his license... and bought it back

Glenn and his friend, football great John Elway, flew to Barrett-Jackson's 2020 Scottsdale auction on Elway's private jet.

Stearns' itinerary was to accompany Elway to Barrett-Jackson to watch Elway's 1992 Dodge Viper cross the block. During the course of the flight, Elway asked Stearns if he had any regrets in life, and Glenn answered his only regret was selling the 1969 Z/28 he owned in high school

Stearns' Z/28 was a known fast car on the streets of Rockville, Maryland, and among fellow students at Richard Montgomery High School... and that caused Stearns to lose his drivers license, and after that he put the '69 Z/28 up for sale.

Walking with Elway up to the Viper, Stearns spotted a blue 1969 Z/28 Camaro parked alongside. As he got closer, he exclaimed, "This car looks just like it!" Upon closer inspection, he excitedly proclaimed, "This car is the 1969 Z/28 Camaro that I owned in high school!"

It's got a DZ 302 with the Cross-Ram carbs, an M21 and a 12-bolt BU-code rearend with the original X33 Trim Tag.

the crew chief for the Funny Car driven by Cruz Pedregon was lying on U.S. 180 in Mineral Wells, Texas, late Monday night when a car drove over him, he died.

AMX 3 was pulled out of storage and put up for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and sold for $400,000 in less than a day

only five of the nine (two of which are not even complete cars) are in private hands.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

the Maharajah wanted to get a new car, but still have the feel of the horse drawn carriage he was accustomed to

must be a reason they took a photo of this truck... what's with the lookout rooftop?

You guys kill me... no comments yesterday, but today, out of the woodwork come a half dozen people who know the radio control RCAF truck!

Stuck for just one of many dozen times on this trip

A car I've never heard of just set the fastest flying mile on a public road at 313.12 mph. SSC North America (why, is there an SSC Europe? Africa? Australia?) has a car the call a Tuatara, and they ran it on the same hwy 160 between Vegas and Pahrump

 A 1,750-horsepower car built by a company in Washington set a record for the fastest speed on a public road on Oct. 10, down a 7-mile portion of state Route 160 outside Las Vegas, as it reached 331.15 mph

the album cover of Hal Blaine and The Young Cougars, 1963

Wrecking Crew musicians on this LP were Hal Blaine, Bill Pitman, Glen Campbell, Tommy Tedesco, Ray Pohlman, Leon Russell, Jimmy Bond, Ron Smith, Marshall Cram, Richard Leith, Steven Kreisman adn Frank Capp.

if you want to listen to some!

Thanks Steve!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Must have been the time of their lives to get into one of these Corvettes and get on the race track when trophy money was on the line

Elvis Presley filming Viva Las Vegas in 1964!/page279

here's a new one to me, a tractor on the back of (and down over the sides with those big tractor back wheels) a truck, which is on the flatbed of a dump truck to show how it can carry a load uphill at a 50 degree steep angle

Steve sets the matter straight (though Dennis mentioned what is going on in the comments, thanks Dennis! And Steve! )
From bottom to top:

The large truck is a circa 1932 International A-5 3-ton truck with a International 6-cylinder engine.

On its inclined bed is a circa 1932 International 1-ton Six Speed Special truck (last production year - 1932) with a Waukesha 4-cylinder engine. It had a gearshift operated Eaton two-speed axle with a conventional 3-speed transmission, giving it 6 forward gears and 2 in reverse. It had a 124-inch wheelbase.

On the back of the Six Speed Special is a 2 1/2-ton 1932 McCormick-Deering Farmall* F-20 (first production year) with a 22-hp kerosene/distillate 4-cylinder engine.

The photo shows International demonstrating that the Six Speed Special can haul heavy loads up steep hills, and oh look - we have a new tractor too.

By the end of 1932 the rating of the Six Speed Special had increased to 1 1/2-ton, the wheelbase grew to 136 inches, and the name was changed to B-2.

nothing on this dragster that doesn't make it go faster

those far out Alfas

Created by Franco Scaglione for Bertone, these visionary B.A.T. cars disrupted the 1950s automotive design ideas

Fall is here, enjoy it while it lasts!

I love this, Bruce Willis just made a Die Hard ... battery commercial! I wonder why that didn't happen before now?

This weekend, Willis’s daughter Rumer tweeted a video  where John McClane strolls through the darkness while someone whistles Ode to Joy. Some guns reload. He turns to see a gang of armed men. He removes his jacket. Some text reads: “As one story ends, a new one begins.” The video ends.

That teaser was to build some excitement for this commercial, that’s technically for Advance Auto Parts, featuring John McClane as he faces his old nemesis Theo in an effort to replace the DieHard battery in his car. 

Willis nimbly squirms through air ducts, flies through plates of glass, and gets chauffered by Argyle the limo driver. Pyrotechnic explosions, high speed chases, and references to Christmas all feature prominently in the commercial that winks at all of the action franchise’s well-worn tropes. 

So, John Mclane is now selling car parts? Well, at least the battery is the most apropos car part he could ever choose to push