Saturday, March 19, 2022

1927 Packard brochure, the car moves left to right when you open it

Happy 100th birthday to Alex Xydias on March 22nd. Now you have a couple days to figure out how to get birthday wishes to him

there are only a few of the original hot rodders still around.... Isky, Ivo, and Gene Winfield are the only  others I can think of.

Alex graduated from jr high with Judy Garland and Jason Robards. He went to Fairfax High School with Mickey Rooney and Ricardo Montalbán.
While riding his bicycle around Hollywood running errands for his mom, he was sent to a market on La Brea to buy a sack of potatoes. Coincidentally he happened on a gas station and repair shop at La Brea and Oakwood that had Midget race cars in the back shop and Alex was fascinated watching the Midget cars being maintained. Years later he would learn that the Brea Wood Garage was operated by Vic Edelbrock.

Alex Xydias is a WWII vet, as radio operator, top turret gunner, and engineer on a B-17, worked on P-40s and B-25s as a mechanic, was the founder of the So Cal Speed shop in 1946, El Mirage and Bonneville racer (and record setter) in a personally-built roadster, P 51 belly tanker, coupe, and streamliner... one secret to his success was a mixture of 40 percent nitromethane. 
And he was at the first Bonneville meet in 49
And was the Car Craft publisher. 
And he or his cars made the cover of Hot Rod magazine 4 times in the 50s
And as a director, he helped launch an industry trade show that would eventually grow become the annual SEMA Show. 
And he partnered with Mickey Thompson and launched the SCORE Off-Road Equipment trade show.

seen on todays walk, very little of interest, but more proof that BMW owners neglect their bimmers

there's an SCCA sticker in the back window, and the registration expired 7 years ago. 

the weeds and grass, plus half the grill is missing, show that this bimmer doesn't move

this Pontiac Executive has been parked on this same short street for about 20 years. It's quite neglected

a Lexus! Quite a surprise to see it pretending to be an overlander

if you like playing he "what's under the car cover" guessing game, here's a couple more


someone really enjoys Disney

this poor Desoto has been sitting there for about 15 years, at the least.


I posted it in 2019 if you want a better look without the tan car in the way

found on last nights walk

the nice old Ford is a daily driver, surprisingly. Old trucks are quite uncommon around here

the above Chevy registration expired in 2018, the below Saturn is across the alley, and it's registration expired in 2019. Why do people waste parking spaces on these? 

there aren't many mid 90s Mustangs out there any more

This is the longest RV in the neighborhood, no question

instantly when I spotted this from a long way away, I could tell something was wrong, by all the leaves under it

but when I saw the other side, and that they are using a building to prevent it from rolling downhill? Suspicion confirmed

the driver of this vette might as well just send a prewritten speeding ticket in every week.

Johnson outboard in the US Army supply system, date on the motor plate is 6 24 54

the manual from the military tells you how to sabotage the motor in case of enemy and how to bury it properly so they can't use it

cool engine stand!

remember when gas cans were built to last?

there once was a time when you could walk into a store and buy a beautiful kit like this. A long time ago, when my grandpa was a young guy

 imagine how stunned someone would be if you gave them this for their birthday

Love this cop... he's protecting, serving, and entertaining

Marion County deputy Bryan Bowman back in 2018

1980 AMC Spirit bought for a $100.00, and built for the GRM Challenge

a Lincoln town car donated an AOD trans, someone's dead Mustang project supplied a 30 over 302, with GT40P heads, Mallory ignition, Edelbrock intake, and rims from a rock crawler, plus 2/5" exhaust.  

That's a great combo. 

I prefer the top photo version, but, if you must add finishing touches to sneer in your opponents face, the wing might have them wondering if this little rocket can fly... because I bet it corners like mad

reading the tread specs on your racing tire while flying past them ... not the right time to admire the speed rating

a good comparison between Magnum 500s and factory plain steelies and dog dish caps