Saturday, April 07, 2018

impressive sand paddles

moron most deserving of going to jail... this jackass who couldn't figure out how to exit the freeway

anyone under the age of 40 probably never saw Hardcastle and McCormick, but it was a fun tv show, in the era of Knight Rider, Simon and Simon, Magnum PI, Fall Guy, and other prime time car centric shows

lots of car chases, car crashes, etc.

Roy Rogers liked Lincolns, and going to the swap meet... can anyone recall ever meeting a world wide known respectable celebrity in a swap meet? That blows my mind

This 1964 Lincoln (bought used by Roy in 1965) was supposed to be painted palomino color (originally it was baby blue), but Roy didn't realize that the friend he had paint it was colorblind, so it turned out canary yellow. Boy, was Roy surprised when he got back from vacation. But he kept it this color and he and Dale used it a lot to "take around town, or on the long road trip between Apple Valley and Los Angeles."

Thanks Steve! (Steve and I, maybe more me than him, were amazed at the many cars Roy was known to have, and these were two that I wasn't aware of)

Friday, April 06, 2018

hidden away in a New Jersey storage shed for the past 60 years, this 1938 Jaguar SS was driven into the shed, and then the owner lost interest and NEVER drove it again (thanks Michael) !

Roy Rogers brand whizzer Thanks Steve!

Sometimes it's really strange to see trends, like, today I see that all week long the traffic to this blog have been steadily increasing, almost linearly


The long graph is a close look at the past week.           
The short graph is the entire week at a glance, a bit averaged out, and show that plotting the numbers shows a distinct steady rise in traffic. How odd. What in the world causes things like that?

I mean, normally, most people do things daily or weekly. And aside from those that pop by the blog daily to see what I've posted, the rest of the traffic here I've assumed was just the result of people googling.

Neither explains a steady day by day gain of 200% of traffic. (I think that's the right way to express it, since it was about 200, then 400 then 600, then 800, then 1000 at a time interval that Google uses to monitor blog traffic)

Anyway, just odd thing that I noticed. 

Ferrari 312 by Dennis Hoyt

the late 70s cruisin on Van Nuys was photographed extensively, and if you want to flash back to the disco era cars and vans, there are about 6 dozen photo to look through (thanks Robert!)

Dang, had the money for the paint job, and only one set of Keystones

and behind the Vette are a pair of vans.

Roy Rogers and Dale take a Chrysler to the proving grounds of hills and racetrack banks.... and Roy wasn't behind the wheel (thanks Steve!)

Don't lean over the K rail... for a reason

Niece had to sell her Uncle's estate, including this 5081 mile 440 six pack, 4 speed, Road Runner, still on the factory original tires for 42 years of storage

and that, right there, is the poster child for hanging onto cars that you're never going to drive, enjoy, or sell.

She put an ad on that briefly described a B5 Blue Road Runner, with one picture in of a quarter panel.

The woman was representing her uncle who was in his mid-80s and had been placed in a nursing home with dementia. She was put in charge of his estate being as she was his only living niece.

When asked to send a few pictures of it including the fender tag, she asked how the hood can be opened.

Yeah. It really happened.

Why did he park the car? He lost control in 1974 when accelerating, and the skinny tires lost grip and the back end came around on him. He had other cars to drive, so the RR got parked

sometimes it's just faster and easier to create your own than it is to wait for the part to show up on Ebay Motors or in the few junkyards remaining

When you realize you've pissed off Chip and Dale, or, you've cheated on Squirrel Girl who's started with pine cones in your engine bay, and leaving bashing in headlights and tire slashing until later

referring of course to the Carrie Underwood song where women got empowered to destroy 4x4s instead of just not dating cheating assholes in the first place. (Find an eagle scout, a veterinarian, or some guy that doesn't date drunk women he picks up in bars)

And also referring to the many Chip and Dale cartoons where they square off  against Donald Duck

HA! At least the last oil changer was kind enough to put on a warning sign

How you can tell the kid has brain damage.

it's not the brand... it's the idiocy of putting effing stickers on the mirror.

You ain't being sponsored by them ya moron, you don't have to put their stickers on your car

Toby Price, Australia's dominant off road motorcycle rally champ

this gorgeous restored Mickey Thompson mini dragster just sold at auction for 19thou. Wow. 2nd one I've ever seen

a couple Von Dutch drawings of motorcycles I've never seen before

it's been over 12 years since these showed up anywhere, the Von Dutch engine studies, but they just were auctioned by Bonhams

I've never seen these on the internet anywhere since I came across them in 2006 on which is still up, and hasn't changed a bit. If you want to see how bad website design was a dozen years ago, there aren't many website that didn't evolve and advance when the tech came along, but that site certainly hasn't

a chocolate Citroen 2 CV, 1200 kg of chocolate and 4000 hours of work from 11 students in "Chocolatier" from the lycée des métiers de l 'et de l' Restauration Sainte-Anne

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Roy Rogers, 1958 magazine cover photo on a Harley, and an Indian in 1946

Roy Rogers rode out to Hollywood in the early 30’s on a motorcycle when times were bad and transportation costs were high. He took a liking to the sport, riding his Indian until World War II. Out of the saddle for 16 years his last bike was a 74 cubic inch Harley-Davidson.

and he didn't play favorites it seems, not only did he advertise for Harley and Indian, he also advertised for Honda and Nissan

It's too bad he lived so long before me, I'd have liked to have met him. I bet he was one hell of a nice guy.

Thanks Steve!