Thursday, June 27, 2013

Coolest thing I saw all day

James Garner... raced a Charger Daytona? Or is this Buddy Baker?

Found on

the car says Buddy baker, and maybe it's so obvious that the guy is also Buddy Baker, whom I've never seen a photo of... but he sure looks like James Garner

Jersey vehicle theft prevention system.

Found on

I think I posted this Superbird before

I just learned of this past weekends Model A event, the Texas Tour

these top two photos are courtesy of Robert

these last two photos are of the wagon ruts in a limestone riverbed from the pioneer days, from the 5 page gallery of the event at

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the photoshopper strikes again, and this time makes a van from a vette

above found on

but this one was found 3 years ago on was the work of "Capsule" and I posted the photo and the info at

the red one immediately reminded me of the green one. Small grill, big flat front, etc.

Steve just sent me :

If you had a show rig, I guess you'd transport it to shows on a cool rig like this

the guys driving these hot rods had the spirit, no one does this anymore

More 1970's paintjobs on Superbirds (and a Daytona) , it's been a good month!

and can you believe a chrome bumper on the nose? I've never!

all from

GT 40s in the 1960's

Motion Performance back in the day

I'm guessing on this last one

all found on

above found on

above Vette found on

all of the above were taken in front of the "speed shop" area, and the below, in front of the dealership showroom

above from

above from