Saturday, July 30, 2011

The 1909 Rauch and Lang Carriage Company electric car catalog and artwork

Same car above and below but the top up and down demonstrated
 Interesting that the artwork is the same in the backdrop, but the featured car in the highlight is different
 and here the car seems to be the same model but the artwork is different

Von Dutch work you may not have seen

 According to the book "Von Dutch: The Art, The Myth, The Legend" the first airbrushed "monster" shirts were done by Von Dutch, and I've posted earlier that a lot of others got into that business, Ed Roth, Jeffries, and Mouse were selling them

 This is the dash of the Hirohota Merc

this is a very sought after piece of racing car history. No one knows where it is, but everyone knows that is was on the front of the Chavaliers club race car

 I like the louvered fenders with flames, it's very unique, and I doubt anyone ever copied it
 This was the first I'd learned that Reventon had Vond Dutch pinstripe and number the scarabs
 The above Corvette was the daily drive of Eric Rickman, best known of all the Hot Rod photographers
 I'm sure this van has to have went to a junkyard long ago, but if it ever turns up it will be a treasure of Von Dutch's work... hell, what an eyeball on the nose!
and Von Dutch's Kenford, and the adjustment levers are just damn terrific. Not shown is "Le Dump Tube" that Von Dutch put into through the floor so he could get rid of beer cans before cops found them in his truck...

He didn't think a door handle was cool, because anyoen could use it to get in... so he made his own wrench to open the door from the outside. This is a cool custom idea.

 Stan Betz was a louver puncher and body man, and possibly Von Dutch's best friend, and beneficiary of a ton of free work, and knives and guns

 the above flame jopb is comical and ingenious, the yellow flame telling the sperm following him to turn back, it's a blow job. Yup, right on Stans business truck fender. Von Dutch was in such high demand for so much of his life that it made him bitter, obnoxious, and he offended many people just to get breathing room, the rest he bacame a hermit to get away from.

June Softly posted some Von Dutch motorcycle photos I've never seen before  is June's post, and the first I've ever heard of or seen the Triley Davidrumph

the above was a Von Dutch triumph and the story of it getting a 3500 auction on Ebay
A Cleveland that Von Dutch restored, and below, the helmet the VOn Dutch made and the story goes that he engraved the names of each type of motorcycle he restored on it. Why he put a pacifier on top to emulate a German helmet I don't know

the above is from gallery of Steve Kafka. He is restoring the Von Dutch bus.

above is a 1922 Motosacoche that Von Dutch restored ... notice the front friction shock, and that sprocket between the oil and gas tank