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Red Bull/Aston Martin F1 does a pitstop in zero gravity.


interesting attempt at preventing the car from getting repossesed

this was not successful, the repo man must have waited until this car's non paying user was in the shower. 

search through local junkyards databases for what you might want

Ford Ranger 4th quarter of '23 United States sales, deliveries decreased 92 % compared to Q4 2022.

one of the deadliest jobs, is food delivery by bike or scooter

Most of the 65,000 food delivery workers in New York City are immigrants from Mexico or Guatemala.

A Nov 2022 report by New York City said that the fatality rate among food delivery workers who don’t use a car was 36 deaths per 100,000 thousand workers from January 2021 to June 2022. 

That rate surpassed that of workers in construction (seven deaths per 100,000), which had historically been the deadliest industry. 

Food delivery workers were for a brief period celebrated in New York as the Covid-19 pandemic made their services critical.  Delivery apps offered viable income to those who had been laid off from their jobs or had their hours slashed, and for those whose immigration status complicated obtaining government aid.

As the pandemic lurched on, the dangers of the in-demand work became glaring. Activists formed unions and pushed for better pay and protections, an effort that continued into 2023. Under pressure, the city set a higher minimum wage for app-based delivery workers, starting at about $18 per hour in October.

the Canadian government announced in December that they plan to phase out the sale of gas-powered light duty vehicles by 2035.

 Although transportation accounted for 63 per cent of the N.W.T.'s greenhouse gas emissions in 2021, only 7.5 per cent of overall emissions come from light duty cars, SUVs and pickup trucks, while 24 per cent come from heavy duty diesel vehicles like transport trucks.

So, 31.5% come from what? Tractors? Construction equipment like excavators and dozers? Trains?

and 37% come from industrial exhaust and  cows? 

1950 Drag Racing by the blimp hanger in Santa Ana

back when there were mom n pop auto supply stores in the 50s, before small businesses were killed off by big chain stores who sold cheaper by buying in bulk and long term contracts (parts stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, and gas stations)

What sets your car parts store apart, and makes them your preferred place?

Pep Boys,
Advance Auto parts
Car Quest

I'll guess those are the national chains available most everywhere.

Why go to one instead of the others, is there any compelling reason? Does one have a gimmic, or a measurable amount of customer service that sets them apart?

I just learned that AutoZone sells brake pads once. After that, you bring in the old ones, and leave with new ones, without any more cost to you. Same thing that put JC Penney out of business with the battery and muffler lifetime guarantee

Well, it also may have been that in 2012, JC Penney was overinflating prices in order to claim a sale price

JCPenney, the iconic department store has not proved as enduring as its battery warranty. It offloaded itsauto service centers to Firestone in 1983, discontinued its catalog in 2009, restructured in 2012, sold its corporate headquarters in 2017 and declared bankruptcy in 2020.

Jim Zeman was born in 1964, bought his first battery from JC Penney strictly because of the lifetime unlimited warranty, and died in 2022. 

“I’ve always considered myself a smart consumer, so when I had the opportunity to buy a battery from JCPenney with a lifetime warranty back in 1978, I jumped at it!”

He’d ultimately purchased two of them with lifetime warranties, and showed receipts of the four times he’d exerted the warranties in the 44 years since — in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2006.

At age 80, he went for one more, in June of 2022... because “the way I look at it, I’m still alive, so the lifetime warranty is still in place.” but instead, he got the runaround

hot rods and classic trailers on El Mirage

I wonder if there are any left, as it's the only truck I can recall being made in the Yoop (UP of Michigan)(Pettibone makes skidders etc in Baraga)

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good parking tips

John Wayne on a 1915 Cyclone racer

1922 Curtiss bus

The January 1922 issue of American Exporter announced the debut of a third model, the ‘ Highway Coach’:


“Acting upon the principle that ‘it is easier to pull a load than to carry it,’ Glenn H. Curtiss, pioneer aviator and airplane manufacturer, in conjunction with G. Carl Adams, president of the Adams Trailer Corporation, has constructed a novel and practical motor bus on a standard Dodge chassis. The new vehicle called the ‘Highway Coach’ can carry 26 people comfortably at very nearly the speed of the regular Dodge car. The chassis was shortened 12 inches but the brake, clutch levers, steering column and controls were lengthened. In spite of its unusual length this bus can be turned without backing in a 50 foot circle and with one backing in an ordinary street.”

A weird and neglected trailer with VW wheels turned out to be a 1960s Wo Wi VW trailer

an SO14 trailer is an original accessory package, acutally just a transport axle, offered in the 60’s through the VW dealerships. 

Back then it cost around 750 euro / 700 pounds.

This trailer and turntable were produced by “Gebruders Wolperding” in Winsen in Germany. That’s where the “WOWI-trailer” name is based on. It can be combined with a single cab or a double cab. The turntable was fitted on the load bed and the trailer on a regular tow bar. In this configuration, long materials up to 7 metres could be legally transported.

I’m in the orange Toyota parked outside

A right hand drive 1952, originally ordered for the Swedish railway, but discovered forgotten in a forest in Sweden in 2015, after getting parked in 1962. The farmer owner traded it to the new owner for a bottle of whiskey.

I wonder...., do book creators realize that some books will be worth triple (or more) the selling price after the first printing has been sold out? Here's a cool example, now selling for about 300 bucks. 400 pages, 4 pounds, was first made in 2016

the Volkswagen Beetle Book from world famous VW photographer Shin Watanabe, shaped like the Hazet tool kit for the bug spare wheel

Born in 1970 in Toyko, Shin Watanabe relocated to Southern California in 1998. For 20 years Shin worked for a Japanese publishing company as an editor for the VW magazine Let’s Play VWs. In 2017 Shin was hired as Chief Editor for Hot VWs magazine

Two matching 1951 Standard Bugs, never restored, and still featuring their original Pearl Grey paint.

it's so cool to see a cool car you've liked show up on Facebook, or in a magazine. I found Paul's Gommi's 1932 panel truck at the 2012 GNRS, but seeing photos of it in sunlight are better

Like many kids in the 1950s and '60s, Paul came to appreciate cars, which led him to become a drag racerBuilding some road racing Lotus/Ford engines for a friend led to Paul getting a call from Carroll Shelby. He wanted Paul to build V8s for his Trans-Am Mustangs and to develop engines for the GT40s raced at Le Mans. 

After the Le Mans wins, Keith Black hired him to develop the 426ci engine for drag and boat racing; but he also built motors for the Miss Chrysler Crew, the Hawaiian dragsters, the Super Chief Funny Car, and more. Other notable accomplishments include designing the first three-disc clutch, the bottom oiler, and running the first fullsize rear wing on a dragster.

We also owe to him the first successful rear-engine dragster on the West Coast. That rail set track records at Irwindale, Seattle, Orange County International Raceway, and Lions. , starting with a small Austin Bantam roadster and quickly progressing to Top Fuel. He won no less than 30 meets at Eastern dragstrips in 1963-1964.

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my submission for the most redneck thing you're going to see this year

serious car swagger...

lol... and the humor begins

there, fixed it! 

it wasn't too far gone to restore... and the before and after photos show it, but, the photo of the PILE of cash needed is missing. Key part of the restoration is the fortune it costs.

The Energy Information Administration's first outlook for 2025 shows forecasted U.S. crude oil production reading 13.4 million barrels per day—a new record for the country.

U.S. production of dry natural gas is seen growing at a rate of 1.3 Bcf/d in 2025, compared to the 4.0 Bcf/d seen in 2023. For U.S. coal production, the EIA predicts a decline by more than 90 million short tons to less than 430 MMst in 2025—the least amount of coal produced in the United States since the early 1960s, the EIA said in its report.

The EIA pegged crude oil prices for Brent falling to $79 per barrel in 2025—a time when production growth is expected to “slightly” outpace demand growth. Its 2024 estimate for crude oil is $82 per barrel. “Our forecast for relatively little price change is based on expectations that global supply and demand of petroleum liquids will be relatively balanced.”

U.S. retail gasoline prices will average $3.20 per gallon in 2025, the EIA said, compared with $3.50 per gallon in 2023.

the CEO of Costco started there 40 years ago, as a forklift driver.

the purpose of deregulation of industries in the USA when Reagan was elected, was to make rich people ridiculously wealthy. It worked. But... it wasn't good for the other 95% of Americans as govt regulation and inspection was drastically cut.

22 train cars of liquified natural gas have the equivalent energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. 33,000 gallons per car... 

John Oliver tackles one big issue per show episode. Quite often, it's very interesting. 

the Reagan budget and deregulation situation also resulted in closing the psychiatric hospitals that had the ability, the drs, and the budget to help the mentally damaged... so instead of public treatment, they are homeless... and self medicating with narcotics. 

Banking was deregulated... that didn't turn out well ( the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s (commonly dubbed the S&L crisis) was the failure of 32% (1,043 of the 3,234) of savings and loan associations (S&Ls) in the United States from 1986 to 1995) and the 2007-08 home loan scandal and associated recession and govt bailout. 

what an odd situation... the combination of rich people who can afford to get food delivered, food delivery apps, side hustle gig economy, limited Chick Fil A restaurants, and high number of unregistered/uninsured mopeds/scooters results in cops having a easy place to write tickets for parking, registration, etc

The only Chick-fil-A in Brooklyn (Manhattan, in comparison, has 14 locations) is on Flatbush Avenue, right next to a Shake Shack, (which also contributes to the delivery backup) is almost always packed. 

But 70 percent of sales are mobile orders. So, most of the street and sidewalk in front of it, is actually packed far worse.

Not with customers, but with delivery drivers picking up orders. It is, in fact, one of the chain’s highest grossing locations in the country, even though it’s a relative latecomer to the city’s fast-food landscape (its first standalone franchise opened in 2015).

O Winston Link, Dalhouse Cleans Headlight, 1950

Corvette Man

dumbass of the week award goes to


at least he pushed it away from the truck, and saved thousands in body and paint damage

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impressive looking environment to work in, sort of a cathedral, and I imagine, extremely quiet when the machines are turned off

United Airlines has been inspecting all it's 737 Max 9 aircraft plug doors (the part that went POOF! and disappeared on the plane this weekend), and found loose bolts on 5 , so far...

Other possible defects were exposed during the explosive event. When the cabin depressurized, the cockpit door flew open, banging into a lavatory door. That door is supposed to be sealed to prevent external access by potential terrorists. Yet it was somehow unable to remain closed when the cabin lost pressure. It sounds as if that issue will require further attention as well.

this guy is making a T/A 1971 340 Demon!

I had a 72 340 Demon, so, hell yes I'm interested! Mopar didn't make 340 Six Pack T/A Demons... so he's working from the Challenger T/A specs

Demon dual scoop hood blacked out
Hood pins 
T/A side stripes 
Demon  Go Wing 
 Current Demon 340 fender decal and decklid decal 
Chin spoiler 
340 4bbl motor with 2.02 heads
A833 HD 4 Speed as part of current 340 Demon switching from ball shifter to hurst pistol grip shifter as the challenger T/A had. 
Large front and rear sway bars
heavy duty shocks 
 T/A Side exit exhaust 
 Hi po T/A exhaust manifolds
Super Stock springs
  Power disc brakes 
8-3/4  3.55s  
Fast ratio power steering box
18”x9.5”rims,  275/40 tires

1,000 mile 1997 Probe was a contest prize, but not used by the winner... and instead of enjoying it, they stored it, and now it's for sale

This very special 1997 Ford Probe was actually given away as the top prize in a Ford-sponsored competition that took place that same year, but as it turned out, the lucky winner didn’t really have any use for it, apparently. Thus, they stored it away and rarely drove it over the ensuing years, leaving it in immaculate condition to this day.

Current price is about 15,000 pounds, but, since this won't sell for that much, as, that's what a NEW car would cost, and this has 27 year old plastic, rubber hoses and lines, etc etc. And there are no new replacement parts, and it won't have a new car warranty. 

If there is a great reason to buy a mediocre Ford, and pay the same as a new Civic, I'd like to hear it

about 20 years ago I bought one cheap to use as a commuter, I think I paid 2k for it... if that damn car had a more powerful engine it would have been a fantastic sports car. By the way, the Ford Probe, aside from not having a good name, was a remade Mazda 323 I heard. 

wouldn't it be cool to have one for the swap meet!!

thank you Bill M for the tip and the compliment!