Saturday, September 20, 2014

I can't recall if I've posted these before

Boeing B-314 Flying Boat


Coast Guard

this wasn't labeled but I wouldn't be surprised if that's Sikorsky, or some actor looking very serious for a detective show. It's been confirmed to be Igor Sikorsky


all from

wood rim and brass era car photos colored by artist Patty Allison and

1905 Osceola car

1905, Northern Manufacturing Company touring car

1920, Brookline Ma.

1921 Nash Sedan, Washington, DC.

1920 Model 27L Milburn Light Electric car at the State, War and Navy building in Washington, DC.

1929 Lincoln Model L 2 window town car.

1934 Packard Twelve All-Weather Town Car with custom coachwork by Rollston

From the wonderful and amazing photoshopping colorization artist Patty Allison and

East Side peddler, New York,

Famous photo of Link's works about the last of the steam locomotives in the early 1950's

on the bottom left appears to be a Checker Model A in blue and white.

Circa 1906. Engine, Mount Washington Railway, White Mountains, New Hampshire

solid tires coal hauler

very cool truck. I can't remember where I found the image

Isotta Fraschini 1901 - 1935

what is it with cops and donuts? Magnetic attraction?

Worthington's India Pale Ale advertising car... missed the opportunity for a great windshield wiper from the bottom center

A hansom cab in New York city, 1900.

From the wonderful and amazing photoshopping colorization artist Patty Allison  and

Some interesting motorcycles and stuff in the Harley Davidson Museum

For her half dozen or more galleries of all the cool stuff in the Harley Davidson Museum

the worse the stupid crash, the better the comments on the Facebook thread

Corvette with Valet Mode... only in 2015 Vettes, so far

Paramedics and firefighters in Guatemala. Be glad you don't live there

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