Saturday, November 30, 2019

back in the hard working, no heater having, hand crank start engine days... there was a big ol bell so you could let people know for miles, if you got stuck and needed some help between the loggers and the main road - on a two rut that was made with a dozer if you were lucky

men were tougher than hell back then, they didn't have much to work with, and didn't have much to show for years of hard labor.

They busted roads through forests, mined the deep dark mountain roots, headed to the Yukon for gold, and tamed the wild west

Y’all be careful out there. My friend had 2 Cowboys tickets sitting on the console. Someone broke in his vehicle and left 4 more.

it doesn't seem to make sense, unless this happened where there are no junkyards

the most funky worded ad I've come across

another holiday gift story which now has me wondering, why do people who walk to work not get a damn bike and cut the time by 60-70%? Another single mom, no car, walking hours a day for a min wage job - and no one thought to give her a bike?

Crystal Lachance is a single mom from Salem, Oregon, who is not only a dedicated mother, she's a dedicated employee working at KFC and for a full year she had to walk to and from work — an hour each way, on Saturday and Sunday shifts.

Her coworkers wanted to recognize Lachance's commitment. So, they nominated her for a "Kentucky Fried Wishes" award.

The special honor is given to KFC employees who go above and beyond at their job, and KFC will give them something special.

KFC Foundation's surprise for Lachance's did not end with the car. "Now, I have a car and the owner of KFC is going to be paying six months of insurance for me," she revealed in her Facebook post. "I feel so blessed today and I just love my job and my boss Miranda, she seriously is the best boss ever!"

Friday, November 29, 2019

Somehow a set of sales training slideshow images survived the last 50 years, and some were kinda 60s funky

The 1973 -74 Space Duster (also known as the Spacemaker Pak) was something I never heard of until today, because, well, no-one talks much about 73 Dusters

The rear seatback folded flat forward, while a security panel immediately behind folded backward, creating an opening 64 inches wide and 13.5 inches tall. The happy result was a fully-carpeted cargo area 6.5 feet long (long enough for skis and surfboards), offering 56 cubic feet of cargo space.

I've heard of, and seen, most of the other Duster models, they were just trim and option package  Dusters with names that included Feather Duster, Gold Duster, Silver Duster, Duster Twister, Duster 340 and Duster 360

I've never seen this Coronet advertisement before

How did did it take them 17 years to set the BMW Mini up with these Union Jack taillights? They are genius!

These come standard on the 2018 and newer Mini, and since they are the same size and shape as the previous tail lights, they can be simply retrofitted on older models.

nice save

hang in after the first showing, and see the race from the onboard camera at 2:44! That's some fantastic steering!

Do you recall, a couple weeks ago, when the Ford publicity and marketing machine was in full blast mode to let everyone know that they had a new Bronco in the Baja 1000? I bet you didn't see a damn thing about it not even finishing.

The hope was that on the 50th anniversary of desert racing legend Rod Hall's 1969 overall win at the Baja 1000 in a first-generation Bronco, Ford's new model could at least place well.

After all, they had a Bronco that could win, 50 damn years ago, before computers, before cnc machines, etc etc that make creating a machine WITH 50 YEARS of EXPERIENCE of Baja racers to have worked out what it takes to make a winning machine, IN ADDITION TO having already made a winning Bronco....

and they couldn't even finish the race.

Shame. Shame. Shame. Either they can't pull their head out of the collective butt, or they didn't get a project manager on the job of winning the race that hasn't changed all that much in 50 years, even with the added benefit of 50 years of hindsight, 50 years of champions to hire as advisors, etc etc.

I think this takes failing to a whole new level, and ironically, at the same time as the Ford Vs Ferrari movie hitting theaters and displaying what little it DID take to win one race with the right people, dedicated to winning, not being distracted by stuff like social media maketing, etc etc

Maybe next time, Ford will get the right people, with the complete dedication to learning from the past, engaging all the champions to learn from their wisdom and experience, and having enough spare parts, redundant onboard systems, enough extra mechanics for pit stops, and all the rest of the support staff it will need to handle ANYTHING up to replacing ANYTHING that can possibly break down or fail, with truck loads of enthusiastic help, ready to install spare parts, and welders, fabricators, etc.

Given the results of a overall win and what that would do for the next decade of selling Broncos for racing and commuting, it seems like a no brainer to me to have the entire corporation focused on making a win happen.

so they can drive a car within city limits, some Beijing car owners are getting into fake marriages, just to get licenses from the limited number of authorized lotto winners selected for the privilege of city driving

you can be nice to the wild elephant, OR you can drive away with your car not smashed... you cannot do both. Instead of hanging around to let the elephant lay on their car, they should have accelerated away

The greatest opening sentence in the history of writing, is by Jennifer Steinhauer of the New York Times

just one reason emotional support dog owners should stay home. They aren't capable of dealing with problems their animals cause. After all, they already NEED emotional support on a good day when their animal HASN'T upset other people. 

Well, that didn't take long. The notorious 11 foot 8 bridge in Durham, North Carolina, was raised to a new height of 12 feet 4 inches. On Tuesday a rental truck scraped under the bridge, and small pieces fell off.

Seems like a no brainer to me that this city take a moment to grind off 2 inches of pavement SQUARELY and parallel to the orange bar in front of the bridge... or even just 1 inch, as long as it's parallel to the bar, as we can clearly see that this truck was not level.

Boing Boing and Tywkiwdbi are a lot of fun, and have an unreal variety of content

Damon Moran, animation designer at Warner Brothers.

Simon Davidson photography

there are some interesting looking places out there, on the 2 lane roads

why DIDN'T they use this in any Transformers movies?

it WAS a long time ago... when breakdancing movies were the fad of the moment

huh, I don't have a tag for roller skates

there are some incredibly good Black Friday sales on tvs, 60 inch screens for under 300 bucks, but it only matters if you get it home - so call an Uber van!

putdown memes are popping up from CyberTruck haters already

The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof

Revealed our Dynertruck the same day as the Cybertruck... smh

Well, this is embarrassing... We revealed our Crunchtruck the same day as the Cybertruck and Dynertruck.

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