Saturday, August 28, 2021


Same guy, same car. He survived getting hit by a train in this car in 1973

HA! It's true!

French farmers are seriously committed to letting their govt know when it's time for action

Willow Springs hill climb


I just learned there is an Internet Movie Aircraft Database

 and it has 7,850 Movies / TV Shows, featuring over 1,468 different aircraft 

Built by over 189 Different Manufacturers

1907 Texas chuckwagon

Myron Perley, the artist with talent, and a portfolio, but without a biography

I've seen his art for Goodyear, Listerine, and these Pierce Arrow ads, so, he had serious heavy duty customers. It's really weird that their isn't any easy to find biography

A McLaren 600lt went off on the Dragon at Deals Gap, and the tree that stopped it from sliding down into the canyon didn't budge


don't leave food in the plane, in bear country


Pennsylvania state route 212

Swamp clearing tractor boat

and at 4 minutes 30 seconds on the next video 

for more, just google search, or search on youtube, tractor boat

park in the delivery spot and piss off the delivery crew... see what happens

Friday, August 27, 2021

Grace's Doodlebug. In the mid 1950s a young Grace Curry bought this car and raced it, becoming "Queen of the 1956 International Autorama" in Philadelphia, and it is now for sale on Ebay (thanks Doug! )

William Fisk's amazing motorcycle paintings


and he paints cameras too

damn cool

I'm going to digress from vehicle stuff for a moment, to share my celebration of Nandi Bushell and Dave Grohl, rock n roll, and cool epic good stuff that hits me in the feels

this is the sort of stuff I find awesome, and share on my facebook, because I don't share car stuff on my facebook page

Have a great weekend, do fun stuff, and share legendary rock n roll

Thursday, August 26, 2021

results of a really bad hail storm on a highway full of fast traffic


it would not be hard to imagine a machine gun had shot all their windshields - instead of hailstones.

I think this happened in Italy

wow, mighty strong stump puller!

Today I learned.... that the Post Office benefitted from the Works Progress Administration federal program, where 1,371 murals were painted about the local history of about 1,300 cities and towns, and the paintings were hung in, or painted on the walls of post offices.

The murals celebrated local industry and historical events, but today these murals often go unnoticed, almost like real-life Easter eggs of art hidden across the country,” writes Texas-based photographer Justin Hamel who has documented nearly 375 of these works of civic art while traveling across the United States. About 900 to 1,000 paintings still remain, though some are now in libraries due to the bankruptcy of the USPS and closing of some post offices over the last decade

 According to him, the local industries that are depicted in many of the paintings still drive the economies of the communities they grace: cotton in Camilla, Georgia, for example, or wheat in Anthony, Kansas. 

Notice the uniformity of the doors, windows, and lettering - though over time, some of the lettering for Bulletin and Postmaster, have been removed. 

The federal government program responsible for the post office murals was the Section of Painting and Sculpture (later called the Section of Fine Arts). It was under the tutelage of the United States Treasury Department in Washington, DC. During the 1930s, the Great Depression caused rampant unemployment, hunger, and anxiety across the United States and Connecticut. President Franklin Roosevelt, to show citizens that the federal government could still get things done, built hundreds of new post offices (hence the uniformity).

 Seeing a new government building constructed in the center of town helped boost the morale of local citizens and showed that the distant federal government had not forgotten about them. The Section of Painting and Sculpture decided which of those post offices got artwork inside.

 Locomotive Repair Operation by Harold Lechman in the Renovo, Pennsylvania, post office shows six men working in the Pennsylvania Railroad repair shops, that are now no longer there.

Between 1934 and 1943, the federal government placed murals in twenty-three Connecticut post offices. Taking the form of both paintings and sculptures, these murals were intended to be of high quality and depicted subject matter that was quaint and comforting. The government wanted these murals to spark an interest in art and offer people an uplifting distraction from the troubles of the Great Depression.

See the series that Justin photographed at

The majority of relocated murals are in local museums or libraries. Examples of these are the murals in Borger, Texas (Hutchenson County Museum); Brevard, North Carolina (library); Enterprise, Alabama (library); Fort Pierce, Florida (City Hall); Idabel, Oklahoma (Museum of the Red River); Lamesa, Texas (community center); and Sebring, Florida (library). The most interesting location a mural now hangs is in a hotel suite in Covington, Louisiana.

All wrapped into one, it is undoubtedly the largest public art project in the US.

In 2019, the post office made a series of stamps to show some of the murals:  and

A photographer who chooses to locate, photograph, and document a specific thing, is something I've only found a couple of times that has something to do with the vehicle world, so that I feel it's part of what I blog about, but you might remember the rail car diners,  roadside rest area picnic tables, and the parking lot attendee booths, so, this isn't as vehicle related in terms of post office paintings, but the ones I've selected here are the railroad and tractor paintings

There are four murals by Stevan Dohanos in the Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas, post office in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which are likely the only remaining New Deal–funded artworks in a United States territory.

see the following for more:

If you'd like to find some, and want to look them up by state, this wikipedia link is terrific! 

but this one is even better!

they weren't all somber and serious:

even a high school auditorium got one 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

looks like an improvised way to try and alert people who need, but don't wear, glasses - that you don't want your back bumper hit

I stumbled across a drawing by Gus Maanum I haven't seen before


for the gallery I posted 4 years ago when I first discovered the art Gus did for the SCTA in 47 and 48

Simmons By The Falls, Columbia River Highway, Oregon 1933

I don't recall seeing a cage over a railroad line, but now that I have, I'm impressed with it's resilience and load carrying ability

I remember posting a photo of one of these a couple years ago.... and never thought I'd ever see another

a tractor restoration club in Pennsylvania went cross country with this John Deere in 2014


Waterloo Boy tractor restorers ought to be all it takes to get me to feature them in a post, but learning that they meet at the Rough & Tumble Engineers Historical Association Barn on Route 30 .... well I can not pass up mentioning a clubhouse name like that

The Waterloo Boys have been a 501(c)(3) nonprofit club since the first members came together in 1990. They have their own barn and meeting facilities at the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Association on Route 30 in Kinzers. Their barn houses three of the earliest John Deere tractors, including a 1920 Waterloo Boy

have you heard of the the new tv series 'Celebrity IOU: Joyride' ? It's on Discovery+


The six-episode series will follow Anstead, a longtime automobile builder, and car guru Lee as they help celebrities surprise deserving friends and family members with the cars of their dreams.

The celebrity guests on deck include Anstead's new flame Renée Zellweger, who surprises Jerome and Jerald, brothers who acted as 24-hour caregivers to her publicist Nanci Ryder during her battle with ALS; James Marsden, who surprises his brother-in-law; Octavia Spencer, who surprises her hardworking hairdresser; Danny Trejo, who surprises his longtime friend; Tony Hawk, who surprises his office manager of 10 years and Mary J. Blige, who surprises her trusted assistant of over eight years.

C-47 Night Fright flew with the 79th Troop Carrier Squadron, 436th Troop Carrier Group during D-Day, and took part in every other consequential Airborne mission in Europe during WWII, and is most of the way through a restoration that will be competed before 2023

The restoration was started with a goal of completion in time to have it flying over France and England for the 75th anniversary of the D Day invasion, things didn't go as planned, and it's still getting parts installed. 

As well as panels, lines, wires and other airplane systems parts, the volunteers are trying to track down all of the original navigation and radio equipment which would give this C-47 that authentic, 1944 look and feel.

In March 2020, this C-47 took part in a TV documentary, Warbird Workshop, which aired on Yesterday TV.

By the end of June 2021, work was all-but-complete on the wings, with all necessary repairs having taken place and the underside of both wings re-skinned. There are a few minor tasks yet to complete: repairs to the right-hand wingtip, the trailing edge sections need fitting and a little bit of skin work post-trailing-edge sections being installed.

Many parts are already overhauled and ready for installation as soon as the time is right – these include the engine cowlings, tailplane, fuel tanks and of course the outer wings.

a C-47 located at Peterborough airport in Ontario, Canada was purchased to obtain some parts that simply couldn’t be found anywhere else, including a cargo floor and a complete set of original paratrooper benches.