Saturday, June 20, 2009

Before the big boxy taxi, Checker made the Model A, here is a photo with a 1940 example

Via Shorpy. There are two in the photo, click on it for the full size, one is right behind the unbrella holder. Notice the antique 2 bulb stop light as well.

Early motorcycles

Sally Halterman, 1st woman to get Wash DC motorcycle permit

That's a machine gun mounted up there... remember, this was when prohibition was happening, tommy guns were being used by bank robbers, and "G Men" were trying to hunt down Bonnie and Clyde

The way car dealerships were in the early 20's, very different from today. Elegant, indoors, and 9 types of cars

Via Shorpy

Graham Brothers trucks in the ice cream delivery business

Via Shorpy

Traffic courtesy in 1938

Notice int he above photo the woman in the lower right corner is crossing through traffic, and the two vehicles she's walking toward are both signalling with their arms to indicate slow/caution / stop by hanging their arms out the window and down
Via Shorpy

Detroit Electric with tiller steering

Via Shorpy

1917 photos from Shorpy

The above is a Kissel Kar

The above is a Chevrolet model 490 ... that just returned from a trip to Florida.

1936 and 37 trailers

Via: Shorpy

Weekly dose of trains

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mickey Thompson Equipment company advertising

Yesterday I didn't even know Mickey had an equipment company... now I have ads to share with you. Life's funny like that.