Monday, December 03, 2018

Presidential limo is a 4 year 15.8 million dollar contract. How's that working out when the pres is blasting GM for layoffs and shutdowns?

and that's why instead of the fanfare that Obama gave the new limo he received from Cadillac, neither Trump nor Cadillac GM have had a word to say about delivering the new fleet to the white house


  1. Its not a Cadillac,
    anymore than a NASCAR Chevrolet has anything in common with a actual Chevrolet

    it sort of resembles one, if you squint your eyes, but thats it.

    they used to be a Cadillac body built on suburban chassis but no longer.

    its now on a special designed chassis.

    1. or a dually chassis... that thing is a tank... with a pretty paint job. It'd take a damn missile to stop it