Saturday, August 06, 2011

another wild variety of photos from, from Queens and Kaisers to carnival coaster cars and pirate women in Ostrich carts

1890's quadricycle with a Maxim machine gun mounted and beign tested for army contract consideration
Total car kid awesomeness! Want!

Proabably for a private little rail backyard fun... but the cutest damn thing I think I've seen all day
Pirate women ostrich racing... most bizarre thing we'll see all week?
Kaiser Wilhelm and blimps! Steampunk delux

incredible yes? for hours of distraction from the mundane

Had you heard of Beetleball24? Vancouver to Ensenada run that has a current record of 21 hours 15 minutes, 30 sec

 the next one is in July 2012 and it will be a Beetleball48 from Sing Sing NEw York to Alcatraz San Francisco

Batman and Robin in the batcycle with sidecar.... was Robin the biggest wuss you have ever seen? Or really desperate for this job?

Can anyone identify, or have a suggestion of where William can ask for identification of this Italian 1905-1909 Diatto and Clement engine?

Diatto and Clement were only in partnership between 1905 and 1909.

If anyone can help out bill, please email him at 

912 Porsche customized for racing, glass replaced with plexiglass, door handles and stainless trim replaced with plastic (?) and window cranks replaced with leather pulls straps

San Diego Porsche Concours photos from this morning

 More 912s than I've ever seen parked together before

 the above and below belong to a 912 that has more than triple the documentation paperwork (aside from catalog and brochures) of any car I can remember ever seeing... and he brings the originals to car shows, ans when I asked him if he had copied all his originals for a backup, he replied no. Never thought about it, and seemed to think the idea not worthy of consideration. Idiot.

Just one dropped open bottle of water, one careless dog owner, one natural disaster (as San Diego is home to the nations largest wildfire ever, and an earthquake and tsunami zone)  etc etc etc and not a single piece of the irreplaceable purchasing, shipping, restoration, repair, registration, and prior ownership will ever be avilable again.

Think about your most important papers, and consider making a xerox copy of all of it to keep in a safe deposit box, or safe, or with family in another state. If you ever lose your originals, the easiest way to get them replaced with the right authorized ones is a xerox copy that can give you the phone numbers, id numbers, websites, account numbers, etc etc. Good advice I read years ago is to copy everything in your wallet or purse annually. You never know when you might lose or have it stolen... and the fastest way to cancel credit cards and accounts is the info on the cards that you won't have unless you xerox them
 Read he last couple of lines in the above.. .. risks of was, mines and torpedos

  From very stock concours perfect looking engine above, with what looks like a pair of flower watering can (well, that is what they remind me of) to gradually more performance modifications in this series of 912 engines from 4 to 6 cylinders

What the hell? I've never seen anyone paint the back of their license plate, and then flip it. What the point? Leave it right side out, get a vanity plate or logo plate, or take it off.