Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stewart Warner gauge advertising

Sunoco 260 advertising.. . makes me wonder why anyone would feel it necessary to advertise gasoline

A rare 1938 Diamond T streamliner has been located!
Like I recommend, read regularly, Dan comes up with great stuff all the time!

Ed Zimmerly's Overdrive newpaper is now online in a digital format too!

For the paper version, read this post for locations:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The cover story isn't in this issue.. the pages were printed wrong and page 62 wasn't included to explain how to buy Dean's transporter

This is the Dean Moon Cheetah transporter.. and my December 1961 issue of Car and Driver doesn't have pages 57 to 65. It has pages 73 to 80 printed twice. See

The new owner of the transporter, (and finder of unique autos) Goeff has a copy of the Robert Lee Behme "$16,000 Transporter" article, the pages missing from my issue, and let me share them with you. Thanks to Dan of Hemmings for connecting us!

Unsafe amount of tread

An innovative way to prevent thieves from stealing your car

One odd looking sports car, the Cunningham "Le Monstre"

Oldsmobile Delmont road test.. 12.8 mpg from a 455

STP ads from the 60's

The below column references the above advertisements typed letter, click on it for full size

STP most likely is best known as the sponsor for the Petty race team, and I bet you'll be surprised to learn that STP was the Chemical Compounds division of Studebaker (it's in the fine print... look at the 3rd ad very closely once you click for full size)