Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Posting from the con ( convention)

as promised, my first stop was to get a photo of the first car I've ever heard of being given away in a Comic Con related promo for info

making the trolley cars look like school buses is a pretty clever vinyl wrap idea, that I haven't seen done
before. It's a promotion for a tv show called Abbott Elementary

the normal posts will be interrupted by me going to Comic Con until Sunday afternoon, and the utter lack of decent sleep until Sunday night. Pardon the interruption!

 It's been since 2019 that Comic Con has been either cancelled or very limited, and this year it seems to will be back to it's normal fun and insane amount of things to see and explore. 

If you've ever been to SEMA, you'll understand the SIZE of  big convention, but, not the spread of one like Comic Con San Diego, which pretty much takes over a couple dozen city blocks of hotels, all the outdoor spaces and small parks in between, etc etc. It's safe to say that most of San Diego downtown proper, from Island St to the waterfront at the south side of the Embarcadero Park at all Comic Con, all week from Wednesday to Sunday night. Traffic is rerouted, streets are shut down to pedestrians only, etc etc. 

It's probably several times larger than SEMA, though not much less indoors of the Convention Center, and the adjoining hotels. Those summed up are about half the size of the indoor area of the Las Vegas Convention Center during SEMA. 

Anyway, there are a LOT of things going on, even using the Petco Stadium across the street, and Hard Rock Hotel, etc etc. MANY big corporations put on individual off site events, like a Grey Man training program "experience" using a train car... as a publicity event for the Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans movie. IMDB, Netflix, Apple, HBO, Paramount, Marvel, etc etc are all doing stuff here and there. It's a blast if you enjoy tv shows, movies, and conventions that are NOT about attending for business (thing D23, CTN Expo, etc, FUN stuff) 

So, I might not post for days, because I will need every moment away from the convention center to eat, shower, and sleep. 

Reminder, there are over 51,000 posts,... go back and look at something from way back when.

genius idea when pulled off properly, getting a forklift to help move a semi trailer when the corner is too sharp for the natural turn radius 

I couldn't find it on youtube

I was curious how Volkswagen is reviving the International Harvester Scout brand... I couldn't think how the German company would be related to IH and get the licensing for the Scout.

VW's commercial truck division, recently purchased Traton, which owns Navistar, which owns Scout. 

And that's how corporate conglomeration makes all the small companies owned by a big umbrella company.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Richard Petty with his 1968 Roadrunner at Daytona. That top is textured paint, not the factory vinyl, to hide the acid dip thinned metal wrinkles from racing speeds

with a tiny air foil on the tail of the trunk

Jabe Thomas bought that Racecar from Petty Enterprises after they switched to Fords in 1969.

similar to the 1928 airplane I posted in March that was powered by a Harley engine, here is a Harley engine that was used to power some unknown 1927 aircraft

I love when finally someone posts a solution to a common problem, like how to mute those damn television gas pumps

Cobra racing a Jag at Goodwood

cars look better with hood scoops, exhibit A

Today's "Florida Man" is also a good example of a typical elected official with power trip in full force, This county commissioner (whatever the hell that job does) decided that the cop pulling his 2013 Ferrari 458 over, for 92 in a 70, BETTER "RESPECT MA AUTHORITAA! " in true asshole fashion

A Florida county commissioner pulled over twice for speeding in luxury cars boasted of his title and, in one case, declared, "I run the county," and that it would be a "career-ending move" to arrest him.

Flagler County Commissioner Joe Mullins, 51, was pulled over June 2 in Seminole County and June 19 in Flagler County for speeding. Mullins, a real estate investor and property manager, won a commission seat in 2018 after running unsuccessfully for the Georgia House of Representatives in 2015

Mullins boasted his position to the trooper who stopped him for 92 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate 95, according to the citation report.

that just adds affirmation to my belief that Ferrari driving politicians are assholes. 

A severe drought in Italy has revealed an archaeological treasure in Rome: a bridge reportedly built during emperor Nero's reign that is usually submerged under the waters of the Tiber River.

the remains of the Neroniano Bridge, also known as the Ponte Trionfale or Vatican.

 The remains of the pylons now emerge on both banks. According to Romasegreta, the structure was built by Caligula to connect the Campo Marzio to his Circus located on the left side of the current Vatican basilica. 

But the bridge takes its name from the emperor Nero, who “restructured” it to improve the connections with his properties on the right bank of the river, where there was also the villa of his mother Agrippina. Via Triumphalis was passed over it and reached Veii.

 In 405 AD the emperors Arcadius, Honorius and Theodosius built a triumphal arch in memory of the victory achieved by Stilicone in Pollenza in 402 against the Goths of Alaric, but in the following century the bridge was demolished precisely to prevent the Goths from entering Rome.

Marshfield, Missouri, is having "sign war" along the main road through town ( we all can enjoy some humor today to deal with the heat wave across the USA and Europe)

It all began when employees of the Marshfield McDonald's posted, "HEY DQ! WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR" on their outdoor sign last week.

It was then they decided, as a team, to respond with 

 in reference to the fact that McDonald's ice cream machines are frequently broken.

Wendy's ain't messing around, they went for the throat punch!

Monday, July 18, 2022

the 1901 McCormick catalog used the Alphonse Mucha style Art Nouveau, that's interesting!


I'm a big fan of art, and Mucha is one of my favorites

Temps are getting so damn hot, that sand is getting spread over asphalt roads to soak up the tar, and give extra traction (thank you Steve! )

If you see a gritter out on the Central Bedfordshire roads today, don’t worry, they are helping to keep  roads safe.

Usually, Central Bedfordshire Council’s fleet of gritters can be seen keeping the roads safe from snow and ice in the colder months, but this week it’s the extreme heatwave that has seen their drivers pick up the keys to the gritters again.

Temperatures in our area are predicted to reach a high of over 40°C this week and this could affect the condition of the road surface. 

When road temperatures become too hot with the surface exceeding 50°C they can begin to melt and cause damage. By spreading a light dusting of crushed stone, instead of salt, it helps soak up excess tar and reduces the likelihood of road surfaces melting.

The Delta Porsche transfer, part of the Surprise and Delight program, occasionally surprises random passengers with concierge service from one plane to the next, in a Porsche

Delta Medallion members, meaning Delta 360, Diamond elite, and  Platinum elite are eligible to be picked up by plane-side as a surprise and delight moment. 

It’s unannounced and no one knows about it until it happens. 

Occasionally, they’ll pick up multiple Medallion members from one flight and shuttle them to their gates as a surprise to say thank you for flying with Delta.

The Delta Porsche transfer, or “Unicorns” as many frequent flyers call it has been see in ATL, DTW, JFK, LAX, LGA, MSP, SLC, SEA and SFO

Cyndi Lauper's son is an effing moron, he's been driving a stolen Mercedes, with stolen plates, for the past two years, and just illegally parked it, resulting in the cops learning what it is... because he's a "rapper" moron

The NYPD took dumbass into custody early Thursday morning after cops say they found him in the driver's seat of an illegally double-parked Mercedes. 

 Police ran the plates as part of their investigation, and the plates came back as registered to a different car.

 After checking the VIN number, they say the Mercedes he was in had been reported stolen 2 years ago.

Bonneville people are a hoot!


this seems familiar, like I might have posted it years ago, but since I can't recall.... it must be posted! This is terrific!

Sunday, July 17, 2022

a German rail wolf destroying rail tracks in Italy

1936 Mack armored truck

munition concerts by ENSA


Suzuki made in Mexico has these lift points, just welded on


how to wake up your buddy on his day off

I know about 700 amp reasons I won't do this, and an alternator diode set too.

notice that they are using a battery, identical to the dead one, that could be installed in 5 minutes or less, to jump the dead one. That is what idiots do.

a customer gifted his mechanic with really old Snap On set

one of my great aunts was a family tree geneologist, and going through her book now (wish I'd done this when she were alive to talk to) and found this photo from when everyone from a couple farms got together at haying time

Calvin was my maternal grand dad's mom's dad, and Michael was his brother in law. A couple miles north of Kalamazoo probably 1912 ish

I'm guessing the were making hay bales, but hell, I could be wrong

a stock steel 40 Willys that hasn't been hot rodded, rare

was in someone's back yard a long time

cool art from Stefan Marjoram

tool ingenuity is cool

playing with an SCCA race car, but on the streets and in the parking lots, and looking over the build design of it

for example, the way the hood isn't flush with the nose piece

was intended to get a little bit more air feed under the hood to either cool the engine, or supply the carb

I miss the country roads of my youth, I haven't been back since graduating high school, in 1989

one of my favorite songs... Chuck Berry really nailed it with this song


on Friday and Saturday the Gilmore had it's annual Celebration of Brass car show