Saturday, November 02, 2019

slo mo appreciation of F4s

16 foot atomic age inspired trailer that took 2 years to build (thanks Ron and Doug!)

coolest hoodscoop I've seen in a while found in the mall parking lot


Recommended product that I had to pay for and ain't getting any free samples of nor getting any endorsement kickback for... and holy shit it worked great, and you can see for yourself the result on my car's paint, with before and after, and side by side comparison

and a couple close up photos to make it easier to see all the particles of junk on the paint

here's the before, and the blue tape shows that before I got started the car was washed, then rewashed, and there was this much crap stuck to the paint. Then I put the tape down, sprayed that detail spray before hitting it with this Mothers Speed Clay 2.0

it has no clay, it's got a rubbery surface that somehow srcubs the particles of stuff right off the paint, like clay does, but FASTER! Without clay sticking to my hands.

above, no contrast ... below, hit with photoshop auto contrast to enhance how crazy much crap was on the paint, and how much was quickly removed

and to rule out a variance of lighting I rotated the camera a full 90, then 10 degrees

because I hate fake tests I go a bit overboard to prove how legit what I am doing is. Just removing all doubt

a bit of contrast makes that crud stand out

above without any photo shop, show that the sun had set

and its easier to see the side by side comparison toward the bottom of the photo

after I did the entire bumper, you can now see the uniform clearer paint, but compare the clean bumper that has been scrubbed compared to the hatchback

which is also visibly dirtier, even though it was washed by hand twice

so, I heartily recommend you use this cool new gadget. It costs about 20 bucks, 

The rat rods arrived in Vegas from Nebraska

Friday, November 01, 2019

So, would you jump at the chance to own a late 60s 911 for 5k? What if you were told it's in a barn. That fell down on it. First, you have to get an excavator to unbury it, just to see if it's destroyed, or driveable.

normally, I avoid Jalopnik... but, I don't avoid and they found this story on so, wtf, even though I prefer to not repost anything the competition has, this is just an amazing story they found on

well, if you're not going to fly in the winter, or the cold... why not? I'd suppose this probably increases gas mileage by weight savings. For that matter, why not wrap it in a bit of cellophane if you needed to?

Base aircraft features include an 18-gallon fuel tank, 153 square foot wing surface area, a maximum takeoff weight off 1,234 pounds, and a load capacity of 639 pounds.  Costs around 70 thou

I don't think I ever posted a Dodge Royal Lancer Texan before. 1956, back in the funky fifties when they had engines (like the mopar 315) no one remembers, because they were so quickly obsolete

ever heard of a Delmont 88 before?

it's a damn shame, but people fail to prepare for avoidable natural disasters, like floods. Loveland, Colo., Sept 2013

After the many floods in the past couple years that have been in the news, it's been shown that not getting a garage below the historic flood level prevents the majority of flooded cars. Making a simple ramp and elevated car parking with rail road ties also works, that puts cars at least 5 or 6 feet off the ground. Putting cars in BIG plastic waterproof bags works, etc etc. 

damn nice looking design

factory hubcaps on a Daytona... that's weird, but it also has white walls.

of course it's also weird to have white walls on a muscle car too

Someone in England lost out to the developers, and their entire farm, estate, and car collection of 135 various cars were seized and are now going to be auctioned off, including a Jag E Type

10 MGs
6 Range Rovers
a Jensen Intercepter
4 Vespas,
4 BMW 635s
and a bunch of others

Thanks Kim!

1890 baby carriage ad...

Gladiator automobiles and bicycles, never heard of them, but I love this ad

1903 Barnum and Bailey

the Gibson Girl in a collision, 1903

Gibson's name is still remembered for the icon he created, the "Gibson Girl."

The highest-paid illustrator of his time, in 1904 Gibson accepted a contract from Collier's Weekly, which paid him $100,000 for one hundred illustrations over four years.

a glance at the strange but wonderful 1970

Also coming to SEMA, Il Capo, a 1936 Packard Rat Mod competing in the International Ratical Rod Build Off/Drive Off

International RATical Rod Build Off had 15 teams from around the world competing. 100 people are estimated to participate in the drive to SEMA, in a cross-country journey from Nebraska to Las Vegas to display their vehicles for their sponsoring manufacturers.