Saturday, April 18, 2015

Some cool Ed Roth creation that were kid sized

photoshopped, but very cool

you can tell it's photoshopped by the tag in the lower left corner, Worth 1000. That is a photoshop competition website

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Wheelbarrow rod... very cool

Hot Rod Magazine says this is the result of Nitrous bottles overheating in the sun

Damn. It looks like the home plumbing system did not have a pressure relief valve

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Elvis owned planes went to auction, seems they didn't sell, and now it's time for them to be removed from Graceland

the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II

the planes were bought by an investment company, who made a deal with the investment company that bought all the rights to everything Elvis and Graceland.... OKC Partnership and Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE)

So they brought the places to Graceland 30 years ago, made a lot of money, and things were fine. But no one has a commitment to the investments, they were riding the gravy train til they could make a profit if anything else came along, and that was spring of 2014. EPE decided to build a 450 room hotel, in the same footprint as the planes.

So the planes investment company (OKC) had to get the planes off the (EPE) Graceland premises... but they decided it'd be a lot easier if they sold them instead.

Except, nobody bought them. No one wanted to part with 10-15 million, and deal with how to move planes that can't fly or even start up, probably can't even roll, but have to move off Graceland.

McLaren 650 smashed up on delivery to the dealership, didn't even make it to receiving to get the plastic wrap removed

Friday, April 17, 2015

National League for Women's Service (NLWS) Motor Corps

National League for Women's Service (NLWS) Motor Corps women assisted the US Quarantine Service at Ellis Island and other major ports of entry and were involved with ambulance work evacuating wounded after a major explosion of an ammunition factory at Perth Amboy New Jersey.

The NLWS Motor Corps conducted the lion's share of the evacuations of wounded factory workers. Many members of the Corps were commended by the city of New York for this service.

Gourmet food truck chef feeds homeless in San Antonio, police harrass her. Who knew being Christian in Texas was a class C misdemeanor?

For the past 10 years, Cheever has devoted her Tuesday nights to providing hot, restaurant-quality meals to homeless people in the downtown area.

Chef Joan Cheever serves high quality, healthy meals to the homeless people of San Antonio, Texas out of her food truck each week, a project she started in 2005. Though she's been running the "Chow Train" for years, local police recently slammed Cheever with a ticket carrying a fine of up to $2,000 because she brought prepared meals to the feeding location in a pick-up truck, take-out style.

Cheever has been cooking for the hungry and her “street peeps” for many years. The Chow Train is a nonprofit food truck that serves hot, healthy and restaurant quality meals to the hungry and homeless and those individuals who are temporarily homeless like the residents of the devastated towns of Joplin, MO, Moore, OK, La Place, LA and those who lost their homes in the Bastrop fires.

As the court date to contest the ticket approaches, Cheever is considering mounting a religious freedom defense, citing laws very similar to the RFRA, which caused so much controversy in Indiana this spring. "This is how I pray," she says, "when I cook this food and deliver it to the people who are less fortunate."

Cheever is scheduled to go before Municipal Court on June 23, but she remained defiant after receiving the citation, arguing that under the 1999 Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, she has a right to serve food to the homeless because she considers it a free exercise of her religion.

Over the past year, it’s become increasingly obvious that the city wants its homeless population out of the view of downtown tourists. It wants to push the homeless west of downtown to Haven for Hope, and discourage any acts of compassion that might divert them from that destination.

Express-News reporter Benjamin Olivo also reported that benches had been discreetly removed from Houston Street because city staffers worried that the benches led to loitering and panhandling in the area. “(The city) has already made being poor and homeless a crime,” Cheever said, “and now they’re going after Good Samaritans. “I always say, 'We’re not working against Haven for Hope, we’re working with them.’ They have a waiting list, and they send their people over to us, and we feed them.”

timing is everything, the owner of the Fast and Furious Supra (stunt car, not hero car) is putting it up at auction in May at Indy

grandfather with cancer gets a job with Uber to pay off house, so his daughter and grandkids always have a place to stay

Kenneth Broskey, is still working full-time as an Uber driver and real estate agent in the Detroit area. Broskey told ABC News today he's trying to raise as much money as he can so his daughter, 46, and his two grandchildren, ages 13 and nine, have a place to live when he's soon gone.

"Once I pass away, chances are my daughter, who’s a part-time waitress at a small restaurant will lose the house we live in because she won't be able to afford it anymore," Broskey said. "So I'm doing everything for her and my grandkids at this point. When you find out you're dying, you realize your family and friends are so important."

Thanks to a fateful Uber ride three weeks ago, Broskey met Ronald Gainer and is now $22,000 closer to paying off his family's $95,000 mortgage.

"I was asking him if he liked Uber driving and then he explained how much he loved it because he got to meet new people, and it was also helping him earn extra money before dying because he had head, tongue and throat cancer," Broskey told ABC News today. "I felt super-compelled to help him."

Gainer turned to the owner of a popular barber shop in Detroit for ideas on how to help Broskey, and
Sebastian Jackson, owner of "The Social Club" barber shop, said he got Broskey connected with a communications expert named Karen Dumas in the area, and the three of them worked together to start a GoFundMe account for Broskey this past Monday.

"Uber will continue donating an additional $1 for every rider who uses the promo-code "UberPartnerKen," through April 20th," Anderson added. "Ken is part of the community, and we were so struck by how he's continuing to support his community and family every day even in the face of such challenges."

Broskey said though he's been given an estimated two to 10 weeks left, he feels fine, and he's going to keep driving with the help of morphine pills.


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you have to be clever, but oh so very alert, when proposing

(Skip the beginning 2 minutes, no one knows how to edit apparently)

When Daniel picked up his girlfriend, Alex, he had a plan for what he thought was the perfect “promposal.”

 He installed signs along a road that said, “Alex. Will. You. Marry. LOL Jk. Go To. Prom. With Me.”
Sadly, Alex missed the first sign and did not know the message was intended for her.

this is the way we smash our trucks, smash our trucks, smash our trucks, this is the way we smash our trucks, when we are too stupid to drive safe in a blizzard!

nothing happens from minute 2:20 to 3:25, so skip ahead for more idiots crashing

From the Wyoming blizzard today on the I 80. Did no one pay attention to the smash up in Michigan on the I 94 a couple months ago?

1919 Harley Davidson Model J with sidecar

1919 Harley Davidson Model J with sidecar - Won the FIVA trophy or the "Best Preserved Motorcycle" at the 2013 Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Ex-Bud Ekins, and 20th Century Fox before that. Sold at Kirk White's 1971 Collector Car Auction. It was featured in a 1971 movie with Keith Carradine riding it

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Kombi BBQ

say hello to stupid and soon to be footless

the 1937 Brauks 8, front end is a Terraplane, the rear is a DeSoto

crazy looking little thing huh?

Thanks to Vector!

Floyd Mayweather's car collection

The I-80 through Wyoming is a mess. Lots of semis piled up, a couple people dead. This will take 12 - 24 hours to clear out. This video is exceptional in showing up close what the inside of a pile up looks like

A stretch of Interstate 80 between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming, remained closed Friday morning, more than 15 hours after major wrecks involving dozens of semi trucks forced police to close it down.

about 50 commercial and 20 private vehicles were involved

bone head gets t boned

It's not smart to deliver a ton of pot in a small car. At 2am. With the headlights off

A 34-year-old was arrested last week because he was driving a car with over a ton of weed piled up in bundles in the back. In the city of Isla Cristina in southern Spain, police caught him driving the 4x4 at 2am in the morning with the headlights off, which naturally attracted attention. When they approached the 4x4, it was then they saw the dozens of packages piled up in the car. Overall there were 40 bundles weighing a total of 1220 kilos.

Around 700 million over budget, and not finished... can you see a problem with this rail overpass? It's a $5.3 billion dollar Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit 20 mile long elevated rail system

on top of the pillar, there are 2 levels of concrete the wood seems to show that clearly

big gap between pieces, and a hell of a crack forming on the bottom

This rail project was supposed to benefit residents and tourists on Oahu from Kapolei to the Ala Moana Mall. Basically the South side of the island.

I'm thinking it's a fast build to get it to where it's too far past the point of not return, and then it is cheaper to fix and finish than to demolish. Contactor is not going to get good PR for this

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that looks haphazard to me.

The state financial study, publicly released on December 2, 2010, indicated that the project would likely experience a $1.7 billion overrun above the $5.3 billion projected cost, and that collections from the General Excise Tax would be 30% below forecasts.

On October 21, 2009, the city announced Kiewit Pacific Co. had won the $483 million contract to build the first two stages of the line

On August 14, 2014, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) unsealed bids for the first nine rail transit stations. The bids ranged from $294.5 to $320.8 million versus HART's budget of $184 million

This rail idea has been around for 40 years. Never was worked out. It would have prevented the daily traffic jam on the H1 for the past 30 years

The rail issue was so divisive during the election that more people voted against the steel-on-steel technology (140,818) than voted for anti-rail mayoral candidate, now-Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi. Kobayashi received 128,798 votes.

The initial Honolulu rail line is proposed to run about 20 miles from East Kapolei, near the University of Hawaii-West Oahu campus, to Ala Moana Center. Along the way, it would pass Waipahu, Leeward Community College, Pearl City, Pearlridge, Aloha Stadium, Salt Lake, Kalihi, Honolulu Community College, downtown Honolulu and Kakaako. Extensions are also planned. One extension would go from Ala Moana Center to the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus, as well as Waikiki.

More than 60 percent of Oahu's population and 80 percent of its employment is located in the designated transit corridor.

AnsaldoBreda and AnsaldoSTS, which together form Ansaldo Honolulu JV, were facing a deluge of bad press for shoddy construction and broken contractual promises from Buffalo, New York, to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Honolulu is basing it’s driverless rail system on the Copenhagen Metro, and Ansaldo has a production facility in Pittsburg, where the rail cars will be assembled.

bus 62 has places to be!

only 1000 miles on this Enzo engine, and it was on Ebay. $89,000

If you ever can choose between Hilborn stacks or Dual quads, go for the Hilborn

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Make A Wish and CJ Pony Parts restores an 18 year olds Mach 1

Kodi was one of those rare teenagers who was lucky enough to get to drive his dream car during his teenage years, in this case a 1970 Mach 1. Unfortunately for Kodi, he was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, which is a rare, highly malignant type of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, on March 20, 2013, the day after his 17th birthday. Kodi’s medical team began treatment immediately, and to say it was probably scary, and that his life was near the edge on a few occasions would be an understatement.

Last summer, the folks at Make A Wish foundation -who work to help youngsters achieve a life enriching dream reached out to CJ Pony Parts for help restoring Kodi’s Mach 1. Not long after the first phone call from Make A Wish, CJ began sending a steady stream of restoration parts to the shop performing the restoration on Kodi’s car.

The project took over 8 months to complete. Just over 2 weeks ago, Kodi finally got to see his restored car for the first time when it was unveiled at a fire hall near his Battlefield, MO home.

It’s nice to think that car guys and gals can help put a smile on the face of a young person who has already had to face so much in his life. We join CJ Pony Parts, Make A Wish, and the others involved in wishing Kodi a full recovery, and many years of fun and enjoyment out of his restored Mach 1.