Saturday, September 10, 2022

the new Cars On The Road series on Disney + delivers on all the incredible imagination that Pixar artists have when inventing new Cars characters, like the dinosaurs!

the bog dweller QuadraTorquesar

the West Falianapus

Flintstones era Lightning and Mater

Tyranamissionasaurus Rex

Tyranamissionasaurus Rex and a Spinocrankshaftosaur Rex

This get pronounced REAL fast, but I think Mater called him a Mechaturbonatops

some info at

and episode 3 had Lightning and Mater going to Bonneville for Speedweek! Great capture of what it looks like, very authentic


This is what they call the speed demon, looks like a 1937 Talbot Lago T150 SS Teardrop Coupé with Figoni and Falaschi body

episode 2 is a terrific homage to the Shining by Steven King

I've never seen a Super Bee with 71 Challenger hood scoops before.

I spotted this in Hot Rod's coverage of the 2022 Power Tour, so I looked online and learned it's Steve Kranick's Bee, and it's supercharged. He bought it from a coworker who mentioned that the car had been in a wreck and had been sitting in his garage since 1985, and it only had 43,000 miles

WD 40, good for so many uses you might never imagine, but, actually happened

A bus driver in Asia faced with the problem of a python coiled around the undercarriage of his vehicle may, on the face of it, have little in common with a Bristol nightclub owner trying to deter customers from snorting cocaine in the lavatories.

About that python in India. It wrapped itself around the undercarriage of a bus. The bus driver sprayed it with WD-40.

 Problem solved. WD-40 1, Stupid python 0. 

And the naked burglar? Police used WD-40 to remove the burglar who became trapped in an air-conditioning vent. WD-40 2, Stupid burglar and Stupid python 0.

Phil Knight built the Volksliner VW powered FWD streamliner in 1971 while a service adviser for a Daly City Volkswagen dealer.

 newspaper article written by Miles Ottenheimer  (thanks Steve!)

It doesn't get mentioned much anymore, but Reggie Jackson's collection of cars was the thing of respect and regard. People still flip his ZL1 with the sales pitch, "Reggie Jackson's"

OMFG, a BMW driver lost his fuzzy little mind over getting the results of a windshield washer spray onto his car from the car in front of him, pulled his pistol, and killed the driver who had been cleaning his own windshield

I've never seen a Delorean at a car wash until now

we've come a long way since 1983

4,000 year old wagon made of oak, unearthed in the Lchashen village near Lake Sevan, Armenia. It is among oldest wagons in the world.

is this a good time to talk about your wagon’s extended warranty…?

the giant snow cruiser built for the Admiral Byrd Antarctic expedition, Chicago 1939. 55 feet long and 15 feet high

It was abandoned in 1940

During Operation Highjump in late 1946, an expedition team found the vehicle and discovered it needed only air in the tires and some servicing to make it operational. 

In 1958, an international expedition uncovered the snow cruiser at Little America III using a bulldozer. It was covered by 23 feet of snow and a long bamboo pole marked its position.

click the "Snow Cruiser" link tab under this post to see the earlier complete coverage I've done on this unique vehicle that went to Antarctica

some of the most ingenious exploits of legal ambiguity throughout racing history include at least 4 of Smokey Yunick's tricks

the inflated basketball in the oversized fuel tank
the 67 Chevelle with all the tricks, like moving the body on the chassis for better weight distribution
and the 2" diameter fuel pipe that alone, could hold gallons of gas, allowing the fuel tank requirement to be ignored
The lightweight Camaro was 270 pounds under a stock Camaro, mostly through acid dipping

the stuff others came up with was the trunk rule - that a car had to be able to carry a suitcase, so,  they made the gas tank big enough to fit one, and avoided having a trunk wasting space and adding material to the race car
the T Rex Jeff Gordon car
the Double Diffuser
the suspension trick that Gordon Murray came up with in 1981, to allow speed to push the car to lower than spec height, but return to spec for pre and post race inspections
the Red Bull flex wing, 

I love racing cheat information, how they innovated to get around the rules, and what they did that succeeded, or were caught doing

For what I've posted in the archives, click on the "cheating" link tab under this post

The Nevada state government is going to tell you that taking your classic vehicle out on an epic road trip might mean it can no longer be registered, because that’s what freedom is all about.

Nevada Assembly Bill 349, proposes that for a vehicle to be registered as a classic car it must pass a smog check, carry classic or antique insurance, and can only be driven 5,000 miles per year. 

If they want to improve air quality, why aren't they switching to the California gasoline blend? Is it because that would lower the price of gas in California, by having gasoline made elsewhere that can be imported, finally? Or because the California gas boondoggle is clearly a money grab to force Californians to pay more for the same gas made everywhere else, just like California Milk. I shit you not. Laws put in place to make California businesses immune to competitive prices from other states

Fuck you Howard Watts you should have realized that the law in place that allows anything over 20 years old to get Classic Plates should have been changed to 40 years old

side affect of the many corrupt New York cops? Releasing the non police criminals now that the evidence is not legally sound in 47 felony cases, and 331 misdemeanor cases

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office wants to vacate nearly 400 criminal convictions tied to 13 dirty New York Police Department officers.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said he didn’t find misconduct in the cases, but his prosecutors “no longer have confidence” in the work of the officers — who were convicted of crimes running the gamut from perjury to planting drugs to accepting bribes.

Gonzalez’s office referred to the move as the sixth-largest mass dismissal of convictions in U.S. history.

Prosecutors were in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Wednesday afternoon to request dismissals in 47 felony cases, and will do the same for 331 misdemeanor cases in Brooklyn Criminal Court later this month.

“These former police officers were found to have committed serious misconduct that directly relates to their official job duties, calling into question the integrity of every arrest they have made,” Gonzalez said. “A thorough review by my conviction review unit identified those cases in which their testimony was essential to proving guilt, and I will now move to dismiss those convictions as I no longer have confidence in the integrity of the evidence that underpinned them.”

just another reason I hate dirty cops, and their protective police union that keeps these ass holes on the payroll. 

U.S. Forest Service (USFS) is closing three miles of a road in southern Illinois 90 miles southeast of St. Louis for the next month to protect snakes undertaking a biannual migration in the Shawnee National Forest

Great River Road will be closed to motorized vehicles. “Forest Road 345 is the number,” said Vukovich. “Everybody knows it as Snake Road. It’s just a great place to come watch snakes.”

“The number 1 snake you’re going to see here is going to be the northern cottonmouth, the other two venomous snakes are copperhead and timber rattlesnake. You have a good chance of seeing those.”

how strange, a road closure to prevent deadly venomous snake from getting killed

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s, some gas stations in Toronto refused to gas Ladas. (who the hell would have a Lada in Canada?)

a wheeled item I've never heard of until now... a banana cart

 a "photochrome" from the 1890s

rich kids in Victorian era 1886 city park, Isabel Harter rides a tricycle while her sister Nellie rolls a hoop in Fort Greene.