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Bart has a cool site about Samba's, and most other VW cool stuff at

this is just the booklets that came with his '57... lucky guy! the service manual, the VW dealership map, and the owners manual

If you enjoy variety, and old cars... dive into (Former Green Yellow) from Brazil... wow

 A Military Police Willys in Brazil in the 1950's I guess
 a Humber 12/20 photograph from 1911... wow,. I've never seen a Humber
and to blow my mind, a gallery of photos from the Robert Lee Museum! The Robert Lee Museum is one I've posted about a couple times, but nothing lately, Robert Lee was killed in 1975, the museum closed in 1993. The cars were pilfered, vandalised, and neglected for 18 rainy years. See more about the abandoned museum:

Enjoy a lot more from I will be!

Online gallery of Church Magazine (by Coby Gewertz) photography of 2011 Bonneville found on Traditional Speed &

just 2 screen shots to show you what I'm talking about, many more at 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Paul Sylva's roadster, painted and striped by Von Dutch, with Ardun heads, just was featured in the Winter 2011 issue of Traditional Rod and Kulture Illustrated, and sold at auction

Run at Bonneville in 53 and 53, and drag raced at San Gabriel, it was held onto by Don Ferguson for 40 years, until Aug 2011 RM Auction in Monterey.
above images from

for more info and vintage photos of it in the 1950's:'s_1927_Ford

Update July 2017, I found it at

Vintage motorcyle show this fall, in Sept, just West of Long Beach in Torrance

Vintage Motorcycle show, 1/2 way between LA and San Fran... May 19th

Antique farm equipment and tractor show, Tulare California, 1/2way between LA and San Fran, April 20-21-22

four young Amish adults consumed large amounts of alcohol and then crashed their horse drawn buggy into the side of a police car

Police arrived at the scene of a party that was reported by local residents which point the Amish teenagers attempted to flee the scene, smashing one buggy into the patrol car.

The crash occurred in Chautauqua County, New York on Sunday night at 7:15pm in the rural town of Sherman.

Deputies say the teens were parked along a country road and were drinking inside of several Amish buggies when they arrived on the scene.

While attempting to flee the scene of the party one of the Amish buggy’s quickly switched lanes and smashed into the police car, causing the buggy to flip onto its side while at the same time causing minor injury to one of the passengers.

While not the fastest vehicles on the road police officers say the accident allowed several other amish buggies to flee the scene of the crime.

found on via the DSC on Jack 100.7

Avoid New Mexico's Dona Ana County traveling friends... they locked a guy in solitary for two years without a trial. No judge, no sentence, no charges. True story

Slevin was awarded $22 million in damages by a federal jury for his ordeal, which involved being confined to a small cell with no natural light for 23 hours a day.

Meanwhile, his relatives were trying to find out: where's Stephen?

for most of his 22-month detainment, was that he was in "deplorable" conditions of his solitary "pod," court documents state, except for a 14-day period in May 2007, when he was sent to New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute in Las Vegas, N.M., for a psychiatric review. He had lost a third of his body weight by that point, documents say, and had bed sores and a fungal infection on his skin.

It wouldn't be until months later that Slevin's sister, whose name and location [attorney Matt] Coyte did not give, found out what her brother was going through: Forced to pull out his own tooth because he was denied access to a dentist, he told reporters on Tuesday. Toenails curling around his foot because they were so long. Basically forgotten about in his dark cell for more than 22 months.

“There was no doctor looking after him. There was a nurse, the nurse practitioner.”
But the so-called nurse practitioner only had a bachelor’s degree in psychology and no actual medical qualifications, KOB reported.

Dona Ana County officials were tight-lipped about the case, refusing to answer questions about whether any jail employees were reprimanded or fired over Slevin's treatment.

So, I won't be driving through that county... ever.

News excerpts from but you'll find the same info everywhere around the internet... this is appalling. Nothing about being a citizen with constitutional rights was ever applied to this man until his lawyer got the County of Dona Ana of New Mexico sued.

And if you think this is just an isolated incident, and that this Dona Ana County doesn't have problems?

(Mayor Elect) Daniel Salinas, of Sunland Park, was arrested overnight Monday on bribery and conspiracy charges alleging he gave acting Police Chief Luis Monarez his job in exchange for persuading Monarez’s sister not to run against a Salinas ally for City Council, according to Dona Ana County Assistant District Attorney

Salinas had already posted $50,000 cash following his arrest in late February on extortion and other charges related to accusations that he and the city manager tried to force an opponent out of the mayor’s race with a secretly recorded video of him getting a lap dance.

Side note, from the DSC show on 100.7 Jack FM news, the opponent mentioned above was running for Mayor, and while giving a job interview and accompanied by his election campaign manager, the interviewee started up music and stripped off her top. Bingo, caught on film, total set up. Feb 24 podcast #4 of 4

That set off a widespread probe that has resulted in eight arrests of current and former city officials on bribery, extortion, voter fraud and other charges.

From the Washington Post

Why did I post this? We all drive, and occasionally we drive through some scary places. I don't want you to go through there without being warned. Seriously.

Men compared to Women driving statistics, crashes, car buying, causes of crashes... big infographic and my thanks to Charlie Holbert and Helen Young, and

Infographic by Carrentals – Men Vs Women Drivers found on where you can see it full size (original size is bigger than Blogger can deal with)

San Diego held an Annual Autorama from at least 1957 -1959, A Custom and Hot Rod Show, some icons attended included Roth with his Outlaw, Kookie's T-Bucket, Tommy Ivo, and the Kopper Kart

 above image and the rest of the story thanks entirely to Kelly and Crystal Hutchinson who posted it at

Ed “Big Daddy” Roth was present at the show with one of his earliest creations, “Excalibur” (named after his mother-in-law’s family’s Revolutionary War sword that he used as the shifter). The name he later changed to the “Outlaw”. Ed drove down in a 1957 Chevy with a trunk full of t-shirts, easels, and an airbrush kit. 

Kookie’s Car, built by Norm Grabowski, was pulled off the set of the “‘77 Sunset Strip” television show just to be displayed at this event. It was a bold move. If anything would have happened to the car, it would have halted the production of the show and much of the success it later famed.

Larry Watson displayed a brand new 1959 Thunderbird at the event that he had just purchased and repainted. Larry became a famous pinstriper and painter. He grew up in California and witnessed the work of Von Dutch and Dean Jeffries at Barris Kustoms.
above image from

model Louise Muller and the Ala Kart, photo from the Bog Book of Barris, google books,

from the august 1957 Hot Rod magazine

and it was mentioned ina  magazine called the Red Cedar Review, issue 8:2/3 page 71, author Peter Nye

and 4 pages were about the San Diego Autorama in the September 1958 issue of Custom Cars found on ebay

and is mentioned to an unknown extent in the February 1962 Car Craft and Cart also from the same seller on Ebay

Skateboard art... the Last Supper of Clowns by Kelly

 are on the skateboards from the below painting
 and a variant with just fast food icons.
Very cool art, I spotted it the other day and Kelly was very cool and sent me these photos... by the way, the Jack in the Box lawyers are very upset about this... no sense of humor or art.
Kelly's website: doesn't have the above art for sale anymore, the lawyers nailed down a cease and desist on selling the Jack in the Box image

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the 1A Auto Blog found a zombie hunting vehicle... who builds this stuff?

Nicest compliment of the month, Jeremy's personal Top 11 favorite and most frequented gearhead blogs website review at 1A Auto Blog

hough it is a similar name and acronym to the above auto blog, (Justacargeek) the Just A Car Guy blog is very different, yet equally awesome. This car blog is like a massive museum of fascinating mechanical greatness. I can’t even begin to imagine where Jesse finds the photography that he posts up, but it is an endless supply of everything that you have ever wanted to stare at (okay, almost everything). There are beautiful photos of classic motorcycles, hotrods, trains, planes and just plain everything with wheels. Jesse also often has fresh pictures from major gearhead events that you can only dream of attending. That means that like me, you can live vicariously through him and his photography. Does life get any better? Unlikely. Be sure to click through the different categories on the right side of the Just A Car Guy Blog page. Be careful though, I have been known to get sucked in deep and lose multiple hours at a time. It’s addictive! Go there now. Thank me later.