Saturday, April 28, 2007

Woody's Chili Dogs, Saturday night ended right. Clairemont neighborhood cruisers hang out

Turn here, it's a right hand turn if you are heading West from the 805 or Genesee area of Clairemont. You can just make out a couple of rods there in the parking lot. This big 'ol signpost is a darn good landmark. Woody's is on the flip side of this bank building.

1970 build your own convertible GTX, from Virginia, (cool plates)

Of course Plymouth didn't make any, so this cool guy decided he was the right man for the job of adding one to the lexicon. Really, look at this, and tell me what was the brain trust at Mother Mopar thinking when they didn't do this? It's a no brainer for sure.

Just take and find one of the 700 or so ever made convertible Satellites (yeah, right... good luck finding one for sale) add the GTX grill and tail light parts. Put together a bitchin' 440, add some Lakewood bars if you like the look, shoe it with terrific looking Torque Thrust D's, put the GTX emblems behind the side scoops, and Bob's your uncle, (viola is so damn French, them buggers) you've got a damn fine looking and performing drop top.
Still a little course for some, but the owner said he's not looking to be worried about every scratch and ding, it's a machine for enjoying, not a trophy hunter. Rock on.

I just dig this view.

A M3A1 1941 Army scout car. Made by the White Motor Company

Hot Rod City ( in El Cajon) went out of business a couple years ago

This is in the showroom, of the now "East County Collision center". How a full race saturn ends up there, minus the drivetrain... no idea. Hot Rod City was a cool place to look around in, full dealership feel to 30's and 40's customs for sale, think of a Good Guys car show where it's all for sale.

Has a car show on Thursday nights

Cruisin' Italiano Style Cruise Night, 5 to 8 p.m., Thursdays, Pernicano's Restaurant, 1588 E. Main St. (at Broadway), El Cajon. Open to pre-1973 classics and hot rods; music and trophies will be included. Information: (619) 338-5225 or (619) 444-4546.

Just driving along and spotting these in driveways, crazy ain't it?

This hasn't moved in about 14 months, damn cool though

This looks like a land speed, salt flat, or dry lakes runner... wow.

The only place you'll need to take your car for electrical problems

619-444-7850, tell them the yellow 69 R/T sent you. They may not remember,
'cause once they fix it, it doesn't need to come back. I was there 10 years ago for my Super Bee, and 5 years ago for my R/T
317 North 2nd Ave, El Cahon.
East side of the road, just in the middle of Walgreens, McDonalds, and the car wash.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm blown away by this level of craftsmanship, and versatility


As part of the Ford anniversary marking the 75th Anniversary of the 32 Ford, ten icons (Bobby Alloway, Roy Brizio, Boyd Coddington, Pete Chapouris, Jesse Greening, Steve Moal, Rolling Bones, Thom Taylor and Troy Trepanier) made pedal car versions of their personal style of a 32.
and look through the June 2007 issue of Streetrodder magazine, pages 196-208. So amazing.

Some of the cool touches these guys and companies put on the pedal cars, take you right past the notion that you are looking at a kids plaything. Louvered hood, cyclops air induction, big and littles, working gauges, working lights, a triplet of carb tubes through the hood, scallops, stance, mini Moon Eyes discs, upholstery, custom rims, custom hub caps... nothing is off the shelf.

Everything that was made to suit the design taste and aesthetic of the individual car customizer is a one off, right off the work bench (or maybe 4 at a time for the rolling stock) but just amazing for the context that these guys do not work on this miniature scale.

Awesome new art concept by Max Grundy

 Above is a photo I took from an understanding guy who appreciated that I liked his style, and taste in art...  and we both think that this version of the american flag as a tire tread and shift pattern is utterly genius!

Below are some of the art pieces / tshirts,  you may recognize as Max Grundy's because they have been getting magazine coverage ( I think it was Rod and Custom Illustrated... but I'm not sure) and that last one of Von Dutch's flying eyeball is way cool.

To get your copy of the prints, or tshirts, or to check out the other cool stuff that Max has made, see and select from the left side of your screen the menu of "Fine Art, Commercial Art, or Online Store" 

Things I like, from El Cajon cruise

It is so cool to be surprised by the unexpected, like this old Plymouth having a dual quad hemi

Sniper from the superior craftsmanship of Troy Trepanier

Say it with me: Double - Double

The Classic Malt Shop, Pt Loma

The Classic Malt Shop (get a chocolate malt! Damnit! Those are good!) Midway Dr, west of Rosecrans, south side of the road, behind Home Depot.

Their cruise night is 6 to 9 p.m. Fridays, 3615 Midway Drive

Cars from the '50s and older. Information: (619) 226-1600.

A Henry J... beautiful. Rare. Right on

Beautiful, 63 Split window, incredibly well chosen slotted mags, perfect stance, black and yellow plates on a black car, I give it a 1st place trophy