Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bob and Leanne Kleiner's '54 Kaiser Manhatten, the rest of the gallery

for the gallery of this sweet dark cherry Kaiser as I photographed it cruising Escondido:

read about the Kaizer Frazer company

Ezra Dyer, terrific funny writer, his latest column excerpt

Speaking of the Ferrari 458 Italia:

" ... the 458 makes its horsepower peak at its redline. So if you want to access all 562 hp, you have to hang in there until 9000 rpm. In fact, if you let the tach drop below the 7000 rpm, it will start raining because you made Enzo Ferrari cry from heaven. " Love this guys writing!

Carson tops

about 5000 were made, according to Bob Cumberford of Automobile Magazine design feature, from 1935 to 1965 and the last one was made for George Barris

1961 Cadillac Brougham Jacqueline coupe, body by Pinin Farina

full story from Hemmings at

One just sold at Bonhams Auctions, it went for $289,000

The Jacqueline was named for the wife of the American President at the time, it debuted at the 1961 paris Auto Show. In the 1990's the head of Cartier, Alain Perrin had the concept (no powertrain) grafted to a 1960 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Motorsport scooters, 3955 Pacific Highway, San Diego (formerly 4225 30th St). Vespa sales and service

If anyone knows of any Vespa / Paiggio Ape events in San Diego, please email me so I can attend, and add it to my calendar of vehicular events

So far I've only learned of the Scoot Invasion VI, June 10-12th in Los Angeles - Santa Monica

Coincidental parking of 3 1966 Chevy trucks let me compare short bed, long bed, and Custom editions

the reddish truck is owned by a guy with time and appreciation for woodwork, it's the custom, and has the crhrome work around the rear of the cab, and the big back window

Food trucks, not the roach coach of the recent past.. Chef Miron is cooking in the MIHO food truck. It's underground restauranting. No landlord!

I happened to photograph these shiny new food trucks before seeing the magazine, not from coincidence, but I suspect due to a publicity push to get the word out and draw out easy push overs like me to add to the cool new craze of superb cooking that can go head to head with restaurant food, read the San Diego Reader article (well researched and well written as always)