Saturday, June 14, 2014

The most amazing vehicles were for sale today at the LA Roadster show and swap meet, wow x 2... vehicle and price combos were astonishing

For the gallery from the Edelbrock open house show:

a Kurtis midget with a Offy! If they'd only take a kidney in trade!

for the gallery of this Hudson from SEMA

The Rush truck center (repairs etc) in Fontana... has a full size Peterbilt 60 feet in the air... wow

drifters in practice laps... get into the gravel and give the reporters lots to enjoy!

I think this concludes my notion of ever getting a motorcycle... and certainty that they are collision magnets. Never ride with your kids, that's for damn sure

Best racing video I've seen in a while... clobbered on the green flag, then has to pass the entire field to win, but he DOES it!

Motorcycle riders have a protest ride to the San Diego/Tijuana border crossing.... and no media coverage from any big news organization covers it!

A reservist and veteran Marine (not active duty)  drove from San Diego to Tijuana with guns... yes, that clearly is stupid. Idiotic even... but he's been imprisoned since March, and the USA government and Marines haven't gotten his situation handled satisfactorily yet, though the 5 Gitmo for one US military member trade happened a week ago. WTF?

They’ve been on the road to California for more than a week, led by John Harrington, of Shiner, Texas, who organized the ride. “I have a core group of riders with me,” Harrington said. “We’ve got lots of other riders pledging to ride in.” They want Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi freed.

We’re told Tahmooressi, a veteran who has served two tours and is currently a reservist, called 911 when he couldn’t turn around, but U.S. authorities couldn’t help him because he was already in Mexico. Tahmooressi reportedly made his way to border patrol agents and told them he made a wrong turn. Supporters said he alerted authorities to three guns in his truck that were registered to him, but he was charged with gun running.

Tahmooressi supporters believe the federal government is not doing enough to free him, even though they were willing to release Bergdahl, who they believe deserted his troops before being captured by the Taliban.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

one of two made, the only one in private hands. This is one rare John Deere

Cool old cars needed for a calendar shoot

A photographer working with Attitude Modeling Agency is trying to get as many 1950's vehicles as possible but on such short notice this might not be possible.  They only need about a handful, but the more the better. 

Please email Rob Ball <> if you want to be included or you just want to show up to meet the girls.  

Thank you very much for your help!!!

All vehicles interested in Saturdays photo shoot to meet at the Mission Bay Park Visitors Information Center at 9am June 14th ,   2688 E Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109     

Its located at the end of Mission Bay Dr. Exit Clairemont Dr and head west onto Mission Bay Dr. We will meet in the parking lot next to the information center.

Thank you,

Rob Ball
City To You Media

predator helmets

GM decides to recall Camaros for an ignition issue... maybe they actually learned their lesson!

The latest recall includes the current edition of the Chevy Camaro, one of the company’s more storied brands and a paragon of what Detroit has always excelled at: delivering a lot of horsepower per dollar. And it’s a pretty big batch of affected cars, too. GM is telling customers to bring in all Camaros made between 2010 and 2014—almost 512,000 cars in all.

 Finally—and most importantly—the newest recalls once again stem from defective ignitions, but this time around the problems are in no way related to the ignition switches that sparked the recall crisis in the first place. The crummy Camaro parts meet all GM engineering requirements, yet they still have a tendency to shut the car off mid-drive given the slightest bump.

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A judge has to throw out a ticket that accuses you of driving 563 mph, right?

The photo that blocks the speed reading over 85 is known as two things, the biker's daughter's photo, and a speed governor. Most brilliant thing I've seen all day

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Australia.. the yikes version

interesting 911 at the Friends of Steve McQueen annual fundraiser car show for the Boys Republic of Chino Hills

the Beerster Great Race car

Did you know this weekend will be the 50th anniversary of the LA Roadsters show?

Compliment of the day!

This one is a must for every car fan. It might take a while to trawl through 8 years worth of cool stuff though. Jesse's brilliant

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And if Stiff is reading this, Thanks!

3 car brands that suck at selling in a upturned market

Lincoln, Infiniti, and Volvo all have dropped sales volume during this resurgent economy and overall rising sales

in a parking lot at a gym

bad timing?

a Charger give away by a collaboration of 5 Dodge dealerships in San Diego in 1970

I never hear of car give aways like this anymore... 

a monument in Moscow protesting drunk driving

finally, two examples of what "Protect and Serve" is intended to mean.

this cop handcuffed himself to the person intending to jump

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