Saturday, February 20, 2021

have you ever seen the early BMW posters with the incredible detailed parts in cutaway view by the artist Herbert Schlenzig?

and this NSU engine in the 60's! 

great George Ham art

1926 Cotton with a JAP engine

strange way to hide something, but it reminds me of a joke

the joke is about how an inmate wants to help his old mom get the wood moved, split, piled, etc... so, he says where the guards overhear him how he hid the evidence in the woodpile, and that causes the cops to go to his moms place and move the wood pile piece by piece to find the evidence. After several fake stories told where the cops could overhear, and go do work at his moms place, all the chores get done.

compliment of the day, thanks Billy O!

 Thanks for your efforts, they are worthwhile if they can at least save these places in our memories, thanks to people like you.

I discover something new almost every day on your site, and I'm extremely grateful for all your leg-work that saves me from doing it.

Alex Oxley was an animator, cartoonist, and illustrator from 1920-1950. With a huge passion for motorcycles, he worked for Triumph to design advertising posters for the British brand.

by the way, I came across a site that may be the most complete collection of Triumph advertising online

and here is the one Steve McQueen owned, sold at auction for an unreal $257.00 

CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR ALL GOOD MOTORCYCLISTS', signed pen and ink illustration for MotorCycling Magazine, issue 22nd December 1955, page 293

hmmmm, heavy railcars, steep hills, what could possibly go wrong? Were there no redundant safety precautions for the brakes? Hmmm, let me see, gravity plus wear and tear, yeah, who woulda ever thought? Especially after the 1st time in 1915? Or the 2nd in 1926? Well, there was a repeat in 1947

Seriously, who could ever predict that the rained on greasy cables would be less than perfect for applying brakes to?

online magazine about San Francisco history

100 years ago, streets were just getting paved for the 1st time, upgrading them from wild west to civilized... here's a rare before and after comparison

there are still a couple old houses on Quesada

President Roosevelt's motorcade 1938

built to last, the old San Francisco 1926 Mohawk gas station at 16th Avenue and Irving Street, is gone. Opened in 1926 by Charles Kleinclaus, his grandson took over after his 2 years in the Army during WW2

things went all to hell when a GM manager in charge of dealerships informed the little gas station and Pontiac new and used dealership that mom n pop dealerships weren't going to be in the GM roster anymore, but if they opened a 3 car showroom, they could keep their dealership... so the family bought the empty corner lot across the intersection, and then?
The city decided to seize it by eminent domain, to use as a fire dept location, for hook and ladders.
In an instant, the dealership was lost, the property just purchased was lost, as was the money sunk into the new property and new built dealership building. 

above, 1968

After that, it went through many owners and more problems caused by the city, that caused it to shut down, again:

Frank and Jim’s Mohawk Service (1960), 

La Prath Mohawk Service Gas Station (1963)

and Louis (later Lou’s) Mohawk Service (1964). 


One of the last people to run the station (from 1964 to 1980) was Ludwig “Lou” Glowacki. 

In an odd situation, the design of the old gas pumps could only show gas selling for less than 59.9 cents a gallon. But gas prices had reached $1 a gallon. 

For a few years, many stations had been “half-pricing” their gas—doubling the price shown on the pumps. By this time, the Mohawk station on Irving was engaged in quadruple-pricing. 

The signs in the window stated that “the price per gallon and the amount of sale is one-quarter of the amount it should be.” 

But a new city law required that all old pumps be replaced by new ones before July 1, 1980. Glowacki could not afford the estimated $6,000 required for the upgrade.


this photo was taken days before some asshole flew a destruction permit through city hall to get rid of the impediment to greedy developers

So, instead of a cool old gas station, there's an empty lot waiting for a buyer.

video at

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