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rolling memorial

I'm at a loss for words... who? How?

Corporate Harley Davidson has made a mistake... they're refusing to do warranty work with the excuse that flying flags damaged the drivetrain... are they really building them that weak?

Seems like HD is stupidly short sighted on this... only imbeciles don't know or understand that you thank the vet, fix the bike, and take him out for a steak dinner while the repairs are getting done. Swap some stories while sharing a meal, and invite him to hq and the museum next time he's in Wisconsin. Is the HD service manager really this effing stupid?

the Historic Ford Factory in Walnut Hills (Cincinatti) was abandoned for years before developers refurbished it in 2002 now used as a mixed-use space, and a 1915 Model T is displayed there, right were it was created

The three-door touring Model T is on display in the lobby, the car probably has been repainted and the tires have been replaced, but you can't tell by looking at it.

Tug Brock, it's owner, said the car has remained in Cincinnati for most of its existence, except for a time it was on display at a Chattanooga museum.

The Model T was built in Detroit, shipped to Cincinnati by train in a wooden crate and assembled at the factory in Walnut Hills. The wood from the shipping crate was then used as the floorboards in the car.

Brock said the Model T was sold new by Ford in Cincinnati to Simon Zellner for $422 in 1915. With inflation, that would be about $9,700 today.

the 7 Minute Miracle, the impeccable cleaning staff of the Japanese bullet trains

I just learned from JTB that there is a transportation museum being built in Invercargill New Zealand! Formerly "Harold's shed" aka NZ Road Transport Hall of Fame housed about 40 trucks n busses

one of 3 known Dodge Airflow Fuel Tankers

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Over 300 trucks, 150 petrol bowsers, significant Henry Ford Letter Car and V8 collection and much more motoring memorabilia

keep up with news and progress at

could they really have screwed up this bad, at the factory?

instant easy identification of a race hemi, or a street hemi, by looking at the heads

lots more than just this one image, a full article and gallery at

Friday, May 22, 2015

Rob is in Kansas, and on schedule to bike to New York in 6 weeks on his biking around the world adventure

He flew out of Australia and into San Francisco (not San Diego, as I'd hoped because I'd like to meet him) about 4 weeks ago, and he's made it from there, through Yosemite, to the Grand Canyon and then to Monument Valley and into Kansas ,   and

Nissan aren't built to stand up to much, this gator tore this ones plastic off in one snap

did you know you can stretch the shape of a you tube video from tall and thin to long and thin?
just manipulate the code  height="820" width="580". Normally I go for 680 wide and 410 tall. 

such a happy kid

Crumple zone... it's a lifesaver

50 mph into someone who zigged into the path...

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And then there are the guys that just don't understand the weakest link

one of the best looking commecial truck designs

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The New Zealand museum of transportation says that there are only 3 1940 Dodge Airflow fuel tanks left, so, you're probably looking at theirs. For another view, see

Cobras on race day

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Coincidentally, they were even hanging out in the paddock left to right, low to high number

Petty's Super Bird hits the road for the 1st time in 45 years before heading to Goodwood

Full 8 minute video and interview with Richard Petty at

Because the video isn't embeddable. 

Worth clicking through to watch this transformation from 10 to 18 wheeler

Posted by Camion  decorati, e mezzi pesanti- on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I doubt this video is going to post correctly, click on the link though to see the video 

Dumb and dumber, and two fat bastards, trying to put out one burning tire, at a gas pump.... it's nearly a Laurel and Hardy skit

compliments to the kid, beginning a life of hooliganism

the most surprising thing? It's not a Swift truck!

first time I've seen such a serious window screen rock guard

I just learned that Max Bulchowsky used ol Yaller IV as a camera car in Herbie the Love Bug in 68

Daddy day care

self explanatory

Motor Magazine, their covers were often fine art

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the only one left... and it's an extraordinary example of luxury. 1914 Locomobile with French velvet, silk, English broadcloth, and Tiffany reading lamps

Bill Alley's Model 48 4 passenger Berline, this six-cylinder, 540-cubic inches limousine weighs 5,500 pounds and is the only known remaining example of Berline Style. Coachwork body by Kellner. The interior is adorned with silver lamps by Tiffany and was the first model ever produced with a metal top.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

today was a glorious shakedown run for the Norfolk & Western Class J Passenger Locomotive #611. She's been out of service for 21 years, and it took 1 year to restore her back to operation.

through High Point station

and up out of the Yadkin River Valley toward Spencer

Thanks David, for sharing!

Skip the first minute

The fastest and easiest way to purchase tickets is online through You may also call the VMT Ticket Line at 540-797-2666 or purchase tickets in person at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in downtown Roanoke.

Norfolk and Western Class J 611 is considered by many to be the finest American locomotive ever made. She is a marriage of beauty and power. Simple lines, a bullet nose, a midnight black façade, a Tuscan stripe and a baritone whistle makes her the most distinguished steam locomotive left in the world. She's an engineering powerhouse of steam, technology and near mechanical perfection. The Class J Locomotives were built using American ingenuity, design and engineering. Even today, she is the pinnacle of steam locomotive technology known to man.

The Norfolk and Western Class J Locomotives were designed, constructed and maintained in Roanoke, Virginia. These streamlined locomotives have captivated the hearts of rail fans worldwide since they first rolled out of the N&W Roanoke Shops, beginning in 1941.

611 was built in May of 1950. The 611 Locomotive pulled the Powhatan Arrow, the famed passenger train, from Norfolk to Cincinnati. 611 retired from passenger rail service in 1959. In 1962, she was moved to the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, Virginia.

In 1981, Norfolk Southern pulled her out of retirement and restored her to her original glory. Once again, she blew her whistle to sleepy towns and thundered across the landscape. She was retired from excursions in 1994 and moved back into the Virginia Museum of Transportation. Since her retirement, rail fans have clamored, hoped and dreamed that she return to the rails, to blow her whistle and steam over the Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains once again.

Sharon Jacobs and her 1915 Harley-Davidson F11

proof the coolest women who exist are already married

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Bridgestone, Obviously sporty

this suv owner is obviously suffering from lack of depth perception

has a back tire looking pretty low on air too

Million Dollar Point, where the US military dumped trucks, forklifts, and jeeps into the ocean

Called Million Dollar Point after the millions of dollars worth of material disposed there, the dump is a popular diving destination, and divers report an amazing quantity of wreckage: jeeps, six-wheel drive trucks, bulldozers, semi-trailers, fork lifts, tractors

The dumped goods were not abandoned by the Vanuatu (then known as the New Hebrides), but by personnel of a WWII American military base named Buttons. At the end of the war, sometime between August 1945 and December 1947, the US military interred supplies, equipment, and vehicles under water.

The Seabees built a ramp running into the sea and every day Americans drove trucks, jeeps, ambulances, bulldozers, and tractors into the channel, locking the wheels and jumping free at the last second. Engine blocks cracked and hissed.

cars with names that I actually give a damn about. I don't know why every car Chip Foose (and every other customizer) makes has to be named, but it's ridiculous

Tweedy Pie (Ed Roth)
Kookie Kar (Norm Grabowski)
Deora (Alexander Brothers)
Christine (Stephen King)
Snake and Mongoose (Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen)
Beast of Turin
Mystery machine
Marmon Wasp
Thomas Flyer
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Challenger (Mickey Thompson)
Tameless Tiger (Arnie Beswick)
Pete's Patriot
Blue Max
Scarab (Lance Reventlow)
Le Bestione (Gary Wales)
Golden Submarine
Green Dragon
the Beast (Eric Bana)
California Kid
Furthur (Grateful Dead)
Blitzen Benz
Ol Yeller (Max Balchowski)
Capt America (Peter Fonda)
Wagonmaster and Show Boat (Tommy Ivo)
Baja Buggy (George Hurst)
Gurney Eagle
Floor Shift Special ( Smokey Yunick)
Fang, Orbitron, Mysterion, Outlaw (Ed Roth)
Hirahota Merc
Mach 5 (Speed Racer)
Jade Idol (Gene Winfield)
Mormon Meteor (Ab Jenkins)
Battleship and Nancy Hank (Four Wheel Drive company seminal 4x4s)
Eden Rock (Fiat/Cord/Doheny families)
Kopper Kart
Ala Kart
El Cid (Dragonsnake)
Manta Ray (Dean Jeffries)
Big Oly (Parnelli Jones)
Dolores (Almost Famous tour bus)
Jumbo (1889 fire pumper)
Gray Wolf (1903 Packard works racer)
Old 16 (Locomobile won the Vanderbilt Cup in 1908)
999 (Ford race car that got Henry his start, raced by Barney Oldfield)
Kenford (Von Dutch)
Leslie Special (movie the Great Race)
Silver Bullet (67 GTX test mule of Mopar engineers/Woodward ave dragracers)
Renntransporter (Mercedes hauler)
Black Beauty (imperial driven by Kato in the Green Hornet / Bruce Lee )

I don't see anything on my list that didn't accomplish something, in order for it's name to be recognized and probably respected

(more to be added when I have more time to rattle my memory banks)

wow, one hell of a display! Grand Motor Show 1962, Montevideo, Uruguay