Thursday, December 06, 2018

a 1907 ad showing how much easier it would be to carry a tank of compressed air, than to pump up a tire, after fixing a flat

the poster signed by O’Galop announces the compressed air tank Gonflo-Pneus K. B. designed to control the air pressure of pneumatic tires. He takes advantage of the scene to advertise Le Marquis tires, manufactured since 1904 by Dufour Jeune et Fils in Charenton, and converted in 1907 to the Société des Pneumatiques Antidérapants Le Marquis.  Gonflo-Pneus K.B. Lithographic poster  Imprimerie des Arts Industrielles, Affiches Camis, Paris.

Vol 1, Chap 2, page 296
Dr Medrano - Bigas, Professor of Graphic Design, at the University of Barcelona.

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