Saturday, November 15, 2008

Military humor

1913 Haynes Roadster, and marvelous historical elements of city life 95 years ago

First, the car is one I've never heard of. It seems there were hundreds of car makers that made a short run of cars, and then couldn't make a financial success of it with all the competition. I love the people catcher on the front of the trolley car
2nd, it appears that the car was posed and photographed by the same photographer form 4 directions, and that gives a real good view around the car at what else was happening in the area.

How about the knickers on the cop near the car, and the heavy long coat on the other cop... which brings me to the prominent umbrella the traffic cops were stationed under while they turned the stop sign to direct traffic. No red, yellow and green lights to get traffic slowed down before coming to a stop, nor any time delay between the cross traffic getting into moving through the intersection once the "stop" order was given to traffic moving through the intersection


1925 Barber Steamroller, look at the amazing mechanical method of propulsion!

remember to click on the photos to make them full size, you'll like it!


Automobiles of the 20's and before, from

1922 the last horse drawn fire truck in New York
1927 Dodge trucks belonging to the Treasury Department
1908 subway train
Model T runabout
Predessesor to the ladder truck, called a water tower, pre-1922 which was the last year for New York horse drawn fire engines from what I read

1925, and brilliant advertising photo of the "Capital Brand" with the Capital building just over the hood


REO dealership floor, 1920

The Baltimore automobile above demonstrates a safety catcher for pedestrians... I wonder if it was due to unsafe drivers who couldn't safely operate the cars, or pedestrians who couldn't avoid being hit by the comparably quiet cars

Oldsmobile Sales Co. interior, 1919 or 1920

The Hackett Motor Car co, Jackson Michigan

1912 is the time of the photo. Terrific delivery wagon, precursor to the truck
1904 in France for terrific old photos of everything, I just dig the automotive ones

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cars and Coffee get together car show will be at the Balboa Auto Museum on Sunday Nov 16th

This Sunday November 16th from 7am-10am at the Auto Museum in Balboa Park.

"Breakfast at Balboa" will be a monthly event taking place on the third Sunday of the month.

Bring your street rod, muscle car, motorcycle, or exotic and the family. Breakfast Burritos, coffee, juice and donuts will be served. Donations and sponsorships will be accepted to keep this "Breakfast at Balboa" going for years to come.

If you have any questions you can contact Joven Celindro (858)408-0744.
or Hendrix Nowells President

For a map of the location go to

Can anyone out there help out with info on the 1988 Turkey Run giveaway '29 Model A roadster?

i2mblue said...
I am looking for some history on the 1988 Turkey Run. Any ideas where I could start? I am looking for details about a '29 Ford Model A Roadster that was given away. Any help is appreciated. The car was built by Magoos and upholstry by Denny Nish with all the B & M accessories and transmission. Thanks...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Buffalo Pitts Steam Roller and very early horse drawn city street sprinkler

Gearhead spotted in traffic

Joe Gibbs Performance special Monte Carlo SS

Spotted in Mission Valley

Dreaming of cars in barns... didn't start with the "Sleeping Beauties" but they started planet wide hunts for more "barn find"s

Well, I was just emailed by the very kind Arnoud op de Weegh who "saw your post from the sleeping beauties photographed by Herbert W Hesselmann. This collection is the famous Dovaz collection. Maybe the following site about barnfinds is also interesting for you: "

Many thanks Arnoud! Very kind of you to share the link to more photos and information about them!

Also, here's a small bit about them too:

Pirate Monkey Cult member spotted this morning! Thanks for the smiles Zina!

I'm a member too ( , and seeing another in traffic was a great moment that made me happy all day long... it doesn't take much, and to know that what one person shares with others in humor can go a longgg wayyyy ... and still retain all the humor it was made with is a cool thing. I recommend you read all of Zina's stuff ( , she's a terrific writer with a great humorous style, and used to be a writer for the Ducati company if I recall correctly. for one of my decal locations, the other is on the rolling tool box

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cool stuff! this has a lot of great stuff, from the top 15 Harley Earl designs, to monster harvesters, to vehicular snow machines and Pininfarina design this website is loaded!

Serious time wasting potential!


Top 15 modernist gas stations

Some of America’s best Mid Century Modern architecture is in the form of gas stations, with their simple space requirements and focus on innovative roofs

Some of the amazing cars in the car collection of the Sultan of Brunei


VW, the largest company in the world?

On Oct 30th, in terms of market capitalization, Volkswagen temporarily surpassed ExxonMobil and became the largest company in the world.

For reasons I don't understand, becuase I'm not into financial business matters at a level where I would understand the jargon when put together in sentences of more than 3 words.... "Since Volkswagen had the highest short interest of any stock in the German DAX index (12.9% of float), the result was the mother of all short squeezes. After closing at 210 Euros on Friday, Volkswagen rose above 1,000 Euros in intraday trading and is currently trading at 643 Euros."

It is true, Attu sees all...

The Hot Rod Wiki The wiki about Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Street Rods that anyone can edit

Inside a dragster trailer... very cool

The coolest thing? This pedal car is signed by ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons, hot rodder and blues rocker

Push cars for dragsters.... and this is a pair with class, and oddly, wood trim decor?!?