Saturday, September 03, 2016

July 4th, 1917 Parade Entry, Grass Valley, California.

Bucks, that woodcraft needed for handmade sportscars

1928 Lincoln that was made into a film studio camera truck, originally owned by RKO

it was used in the 80s in a couple movies

like this Bruce Willis movie Sunset

a different movie camera truck filming the 1st Ben Hur

the Grant Park Stage parked next to the General Grant Tree.

Grant Park Stage and U.S. Mail, General Grant Park, California. Image taken in 1911. We we hear the word "stage" we think of a horse drawn stage coach driving down a long, dusty road. However, stage was used to describe automobiles that were used to transport people and mail.

Anti Knock, Ethyl, or Victory

mid/late 1930s. Beacon Oil Company was located in Hanford, California and was an offshoot of Caminol Oil. The company received its supply of crude oil from the Kettleman Hills Oil Fields in Western Kings County.

those tricky horses, somehow they got us to pull them around, instead of them pulling us. Here are a couple interesting horse trailers

Gene Autry's woody 50s Cadillac, coincidentally, Roy Rodgers had a 40s woody Cadillac

Cross country publicity run with the 10 millionth Model T on the Lincoln Highway

Friday, September 02, 2016

1st time I ever saw a pusher in a Costco parking lot

10 dollar In n Out gift card from AAA if you spend about 10-15 minutes to get a quote

Up coming events

Saturday Sept 17th

Mike pulled his very first Corvette out of a muddy swamp nearly 40 years ago, and he still has that '62, plus a lot of other weird stories of finding Vettes, like this 61

Laurel had her late mom Marilyn’s old Corvette, a car that hadn’t moved since it was parked 48 years ago, tucked away before she went to high school (wise choice). She now wanted the Corvette to go to someone who could care for it, get it back on the road and just do the right thing.

Laurel told Mike that her parents were the second owners of the car, as they bought it used in the fall of 1962. It was a weekend toy and cruiser for them, and used sparingly. When their marriage fizzled, Laurel's mom won the car in the divorce, and locked it away.

 Less than 36k miles, and the only changes under the hood were heater hoses.

The original owner's info was in the glovebox on a reciept, and he's still alive. A year after getting out of the Marines in '59, he bought this fuelie vette, with 4.11 gears, put on straight pipes, and Atlas Bucrons, swapped the stock rims for some Magnesium rims by American Racing.

He still had the original plates, manual, etc in a folder, ever since he sold it in 1962

Chris Craft and war bonds (this oughta drive Charley nuts, WW2 and boats)

I learned that in Canada in 1939-40, you were requested to buy war bonds with your savings, and as an additional benefit, you know, aside from not having to learn how to speak German and goose step for Hitler, you'd get paid 6 dollars for every 5 dollars worth of bonds you bought, up to $600

Chris Craft tool kit

The hot rod and car guy connection with cool boats (like the Chris Craft Cobra) goes back 60 years, and with the highest levels of legends in the business provenance, George Barris himself

1955 Chris Craft Cobra, it's a Cobra, and it has a vertical stabilizer...and needed a new home

According to Peter, BR18-020 is still equipped with her factory upholstery and original Chris-Craft shipping cradle. In addition, she has an interesting provenance being one of the very few (possibly only) Cobras that were shipped into Canada, having landed up on the North Shore of the Island of Montreal, Quebec as a gift from father to son.

Mr. Bailey wanted to see his little Cobra go to a good home, one where she would be loved, protected and exercised on a regular basis. It hit the water in May, and was sold 2 weeks later.

The 21 footers had Cadillac engines

a 1954 27-ft Shepherd hardtop runabout that spent most of its life touring iconic Lake Temagami in Northern Ontario.

The original owners were believed to be American cottagers in the Lake Temagami area. The second owner purchased the American’s cottage in the mid-60’s, only to discover after they took possession, they also owned a boathouse in the nearby town with a 27-ft Shepherd in it!

Designed to be enjoyed in larger waters, Kinsale Boy comes equipped with a host of unique features, including roll-up side windows, pump-out head, cuddy cabin, icebox, sink with fresh water system and provisions for a stove. Twin 125 hp 6-cylinder single carburetor Chrysler Crown engines power the boat with ease.