Saturday, May 26, 2012

flat tire cause of 100 years ago that we don't have to worry about anymore

Horseshoe nails.

I know I've posted a couple times about the many spare tires early cars carried, and the different ways that tires were patched.

I never thought about what caused those flat tires, I assumed it was rough roads, rocks, and sharp stones... but of course when horses were still common on roads, the loose horseshoe nails would have been a frequent cause of flats.

just one of the things that made me say Hmmm. 

Station wagons, why were they popular once, but no longer?

 Astrophonic... really? Who was supposed to be extra impressed with "Astrophonic"?

Hockey Stripes, love 'em

Great jacket, too bad no one wears patch jackets anymore, us former Navy guys dig 'em

what redneck hillbilly shadetree mechanic left a metric wrench on the alternator?

Oh yeah, like Retro Hound Robert pointed out, what the hell is a metric wrench doing on a Mopar? I noticed that too, but forgot in the months since I took this photo

in the same car, this well squared mexican blanket. Though perfectly placed, these don't belong in muscle cars! Rat rods and hot rods, yes. Not MOPARS! 

1955 stock race car (Grand National series) of Tim Flock, a Chrysler 300, worlds fastest stock sedan at 130 mph... when Nascar meant stock car

the local 525 revised the mudflap girl

well done!

the instruction card that should come with rope pull engines on old lawn mowers, snow mobiles, etc

1958 Porsche Speedster finally gets out of the garage after 30 years

The Great Gatsby movie has some of the most extravagant 1920's cars throughout the movie

 The reliance on CGI for all the vehicle scenes is obvious in these screen captures from the trailer, but not as noticeable when watching it all in motion

Dennis points out soon after I posted this, that the yellow car prominently featured as Gatsby's is a 1929 Duesenburg model J. Good choice of cars, too bad it's out of the movie's timeline

As the trailer states very early, the setting is New Jersey, 1922... but the movie makers didn't stick to pre 1922 cars. Since they included so many cool vehicles from the 20's, I'm going to compliment the marvelous looking vehicles they included without telling them what a gross blunder all us car types are going to notice when we see newer than 1922 models. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yoopers will understand why I post this, Lake Superior in November? Bad idea, remember hearing Gordon Lightfoot's song about the Edmund Fitzgerald? "Gales of November" he sang of

it's rare that anything newsworthy happens in the yoop, and I'd never heard of this one.

In nov 1926 Chrysler tried to move one ship with 248 new cars through Lake Superior. You can see that the ship ran aground after losing power steering. The cars were unloaded and waited til February for roads to become passable so the cars could get to the nearest train station

the full write up and photos from

update Oct 2014 above image found on

1920 or 21 Studebaker with cool prismatic rear windows, and "More Lite" headlight lenses