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the Bonneville streamliners and land speed racers from the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show

Above, Stutz Blackhawk full write up at

this was the first I've heard of Cummings Diesel in the Indy 500, and land speed racing. (Daytona Beach for the example below)


Self made sales commercial to sell his old Maxima results in Nissan buying the car from him!

Luke Akers wanted to sell his 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE - yes, the one seen above that needs a ratchet strap to keep the front end from bursting with joy - the Florida filmmaker turned on his cameras and yelled "Quiet on set!" The result is a one-minute videographic homage to mankind's monuments, narrated with all the intensity of a BBC documentary to sell a 17-year-old sports sedan that comes "fully loaded with an engine, wheels, tires and an automatic transmission."

he also did a print campaign:

The time has come for me to sell my beloved 1996 Maxima, a faithful car that now has to go. Of course, I can’t send it off without a proper goodbye. So in my spare time I decided to make this little ditty. Because marketing.

Shot within two weekends on a Canon 60D and Nikkor and Sigma lenses.

Budget: $100.00

Currently accruing 1,000 views/day on Youtube.

Music: -Richter: Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons – Summer 3 -Vivaldi, The Four Seasons – Summer 3

Archival Footage: -First Pan-Tilt of the Eiffel Tower circa. 1900 -The Golden Gate Bridge

From the original Craigslist Ad:

Luxurious 1996 Maxima GLE land-ship-yacht There is luxury in a Bentley, speed in a Ferrari, comfort in Bugatti.

For everything else, there’s this 1996 Nissan Maxima; aged 17 years.

Appropriately named, never before in history has a car had the words “time-tested” engraved into its lone spirit. Being offered up for sale I present to you a car that will make magic happen. It not only brings more admiring stares than any other car I have driven it also has seatbelts! Amazing!

This pavement-yacht has a ride as smooth as a Pegasus’ backside. Its such a massive and impressive land-yacht it requires the use of steering fluid that has been designed to leak out from underneath the car when it has been exhausted from the majestic work that it has done, released into the wild when the great Maxima when it has decided its time has come. This Maxima no longer needs to let the odometer tell it how far it has gone – it has chosen a path of greatness and valor and refuses to let silly numbers determine its life!

Only moments after sitting it its comfort of properly weathered leather you will hear the squeals of glee that the powerful V6 motors makes as it groans to life. You are at the command of a great ship, a warrior land-ship-yacht with scars to prove that it has indeed been to war and back! This steed of sorts will carry you from here and only by its grace will it allow you to get to where you are going at the mercy of its majesty!

Few have ridden its glorious wheels, and few more may see its greatness.

The orange Unifying Grasp and Lift safetY (aslo known as U.G.L.Y.) restrains the front hood to the maxima degree!

Email Me!

Best Offer!

*No warranty is expressed or implied the vehicle will be sold AS-IS.
*No it is not “magic”

above text and prints from

salesmanship nonpareil! This ought to be advertising and sales 101 for car salesmen

As one last-ditch effort to raise some cash after months of joblessness had left him nearly broke, with his savings near zero and no job offers in sight, Jangan found himself with no other choice than to sell his trusty Subaru, a hatchback that had been in the family for nearly two decades.

So one evening in early January, Jangan set about writing up what he hoped would be a winning ad to be published on the Blocket buy-sell site.

"I included a bit of humour thinking it might help get my car sold. It wasn't going to sell itself; it's really an old beater," he said of the white 1985 Subaru Justy J10 Trendy.

Jangan's creative muse resulted in an ad that placed his car in a scene from the Lord of the Rings film, complete with a fierce looking Saruman. To spice things up further, Jangan cut and pasted an '80s-era picture of US actor and cult hero David Hasselhoff giving a thumbs-up sign.

"I included The Hoff because my girlfriend has this weird sort of crush on him. That's why he's there. After I'd put in scenes from Mordor, I figured 'Why not add The Hoff?'"

In the text of the ad, Jangan referred to his car as a "Japanese mountain goat" featuring "the power of 54 frighteningly well-hung horses", adding that it was "hand-forged in the darkest of Japanese industries" by "the Saruman of carmakers".

"The car has seat belts in all seats, built with the 1984-patented I.D.N.R.I.S, which stands for Instant Death No Retardation Impact System. In other words, there is no risk of ending up in long-term care because you die immediately in any collision at speeds higher than 12 km/hour," the ad read.

While listing an asking price of 10,000 kronor ($1,500), Jangan added in the ad that he would be willing to trade the car for a job as he was "in a city where the prospects for the future are on a par with those of North Korea".

And when Jangan checked his email on Tuesday night, he shocked to find hundreds of new mails inquiring about the car and praising his creativity.

Among the many emails were dozens of job offers, including one from motorsports magazine Auto, Motor, & Sport.

"I've always dreamed of being an automotive journalist – probably watched too much Top Gear in my time, so I said yes right away," Jangan recalled. learned about via

The Rick Hendricks car heritage collection

found on

a bit slow on action, but for an RC movie clip, pretty damn good.

Don Prudhomme's amazing double duo didn't get over reserve at auction, but Rick Hendrick arranged a purchase anyhow

Jay Leno checks out Tim Allen's custom fab trick '68 Camaro


VW advertising concept... humor in development

Baltimore Maryland stoplight cameras grossly inaccurate and ripping off residents. City didn't bother releasing this info, the newspaper did

a secret audit from 2012 of the traffic cameras in Baltimore, MD should heat things up a bit. In an audit of the city's 83speed camerasThe Baltimore Sun is reporting that 13 had a double digit error rate, which helps account for a system-wide error rate of 10 percent. Of course, the secret part of this secret audit was that the findings were never released to the public.

City officials originally said that the cameras had an error rate of less than a quarter of a percent, but the audit found that most were not only off, they were way off – three specific locations in the city had error rates that varied from 35 to 58 percent. As the article points out, a total of 700,000 tickets were issued in fiscal year 2012 averaging $40, and a 10 percent error rate would mean that close to $2.8 million in fines were collected erroneously.

It's amazing that this comedian worked out a new and funny way to describe car parts, the rest I am ignoring, it's something I'm not interested in... but the car parts? Genius

Michael Jr's Book from michaeljrcomedy on GodTube.

skip the first 50 seconds, get right to the good stuff

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red, white, and icons of land speed racing


slammed and airbagged, even if it is a scooter

I don't recall where I found this

NY City Street Cleaner, early 1900’s

great gifs from the silent film era

I wish I caould recall where I found these, but they didn't have any more

thanks Tony for the following:

the 70's... man, it's pretty damn amusing to look back at the goofyness

Cadillac 353 V8 service car operated by Rotorua Motors in New Zealand.

interesting tour bus... I can't recall where I got the photo from though. Greybeard 56 I bet

the FTC took Nissan to court for the follwing dune buggy commercial. Slapped their hand, said no more nonsense, "it's misleading"

found on

but didn't take them to task for the airliner commercial

the slow clapping creshendo

Remember Alf? Just one of the many 1980's references in this Delta Airlines safety video