Saturday, May 21, 2022

Seen on tonight's walk

crazy to find that in just the past 3 days I've come across 4 of these Galaxies

4 door with the handles shaved off

might be a Manx, I think the only badging is between the headlights

odd to let the van fall apart in the driveway. If neglect and abandoning are the plan, why not roll it onto the street and park it by the curb? 

they had to cut through the shrubs between the sidewalk and the street, and the barrier wall of rail road ties, just to get the Bobcat up into the yard to get it into the backyard to do some work

KVNLGCY is the license plate. I bet there's a story of someone dying young with this tbird

stalker cat was extra stalkery today

interesting gravel drive way to the backyard, looks great!

this Camry looks like new, and I'm not familiar with old Toyotas, but this must be from the 80s or 90s

Well, this puzzled me, there is a fence preventing the Jeep from leaving the yard.

first time I've ever seen a Peugeot on the interstate, and I think it's because it has Mexico license plates, it's probably sold in Mexico but not in the USA, there are some cars that are. Strangely, they are allowed to drive in the USA

A spokesperson at 76 confirmed that the gas pumps were reprogrammed to allocate for gas that costs more than 9.99 a gallon (double digit pricing)

gas stations in the state of Washington are reprogramming pumps to include double-digit numbers in "price per gallon" as the current trend could put prices over $10.00.

this truck owner is really crazy about the Toyota brand, to get that license plate. But no one told him his drivers side turn signal is leaking blinker fluid

there was a reason you didn't want to give your pothead cousin a ride to the store


Eucalyptus Pass in 1930. I've always heard it as Grossmont Summit or Pass.

a GE engineer bought a brand-new Shelby GT350 Fastback in 1966 and after 56 years, he finally decided to sell it at auction today, and got nearly $400,000, for the super charged 289, with 491 hp, and only 29,431 miles

6S2045 has had the rare good fortune to be an original owner car until today, and that owner was able to take great care of it. 

By the early 1970s the government disallowed the use of premium fuels in  New York State, leaving 87-octane gasoline as the best that high-compression, high-performance engines could get at the gas stations, so, the owner lowered the compression ratio to avoid engine damage. 

He discovered that the cylinder heads from the 351 Windsor small-block offered more volume in the combustion chambers, and polished and CCd the chambers and installing stainless 1.9-inch intake and 1.6-inch exhaust valves. 

With compression lowered from 10.3:1 to 9.25:1, the engine pulled 491 HP at 6,000 RPM with a B&M Super Street camshaft and racing hydraulic lifters

Friday, May 20, 2022

I haven't seen one of these in person in a long time, but still remember seeing one in the late 70s


there was so little that I saw on yesterday's walk I didn't bother posting yesterday, instead, I include the 2 cars in this post of what I saw on today's walk

because in the above photo the passenger side is missing the trim piece, it's easy to see that it looks better to you with, or, without that piece, compared to the drivers side

and the above is on the same street, but a couple blocks away, from the below

I am real surprised to see this Belvedere in a driveway, looking like a new car

we're having cool and windy weather, so today's stalker cat was trying to keep as warm as possible on the welcome mat.

those 70s vans are still around. This has been parked in the same place since before 2007

it's been a couple years since I've seen a Biscayne