Saturday, November 30, 2013

I finally found Brock's Bombshell Betty Buick! It's pretty damn incredible, and Bonneville speed record setting

in Jan 2010 I first learned of it

Here is what he started with

a Mercury Montclair I'm familiar with, a Medalist? This is the first time I've found one

Looks like the Medalist is the no extra trim package, the Montclair has dagmars, the Mercury name on the hood, and probably a nicer interior option list

A pair of Chevy Greenbriar, showing the variety of bench seat and table variety

Ahh phooey, I forgot the photo of the beige van's bench seat area... it did not have a table like the below blue van

good airbrushing on this Cadillac

flawless black paint, but the wood and trunk in the bed are even more impressive

cool hanger

pinstriping that is unusually cool and artistic

Cool! Make fenders from tires!

cool and clever paint job of an eagle on an airplane...

A 57 Chev station wagon, a surf board, and a beautiful woman

Mercedes concept car I guess... cool looking front design

I think I found these on

Case wrote me to let us know that it was originally designed for the Gran Turismo video game and Mercedes decided to make it a real car after that;

can anyone top this drivers license photo?