Saturday, November 23, 2013

Terrific restored trailer with a rowboat topper, one of 6 existing, very rare

the trailer is a Kom Pak from Medford Oregon, and is one of only a half dozenish still existing of the 14 ever made...    Designed in the same style as the 53/54 Fords, the most unique feature is the fully functional, removable 16′ fishing boat which doubles as the trailers roof when not in use

Goodguys Fall Del Mar Nationals 2013.. head on over tomorrow, last car show of the year in San Diego

Yes, San Diego really is this beautiful, temps about 68-72, palm trees and sunshine.

even a cool COE

these cool retro trailers go for around 15 thou...

I didn't look to see if Chip Foose was there, but his cool cars were, and so was his merchandise trailer

this 66 or 67 Charger wasn't in bad shape, some one else's project that didn't work out. Odd rims.

cool wood sided station wagons

like I posted from SEMA / AAPEX, event food booths are cashing in on the gourmet food vans positive publicity

some one got really smart and made up the van looking front and fake windshield. Looks good!
the post from SEMA / AAPEX

cool old truck outfitted right with a great old gas can and road flares

this is cool, a VW bug rv

you never know what you'll find at a Good Guys, but it's going to be full of interesting cars of the whole variety of everything that's been made before 1972

High Anxiety

Xmas ideas for hot rodders, or the hot rodders wife, from Von Hot Rod or drop by the GoodGuys in Del Mar this weekend, or most other hot rod events in So Cal

MIke Shores '51 Stude Champion convertible

I don't remember seeing a front bumper standoff like that before, but how often do you see a Stude that grabs your attention?

Buick Wildcat, not something you'd know by the tailights, but a cool car from the musclecar era by Buick that never gets a mention next to the GN, GNX, GSX, and GS Stage 1

Sort of the unheard of cousin... I think you could the them with a 455 dual quad

DTM racing (Yuma Az)... at least 3 cars at this weekends Goodguys Del Mar race course to give the competition serious worry material

Been a while since I've posted a early 70's Charger... good choice of rims, stripe, and wing

I think only RideTech showed up with more cars... I'm excited because it's a very low buck vs unlimted check book friendly competition. DTM... Dan The Man