Saturday, June 15, 2013

1967 Shelby GT 500 Cobra Mustang that was sold due to a pregnancy, and has stayed with the 2nd owners family ever since

a Cord 812 roadster... huh. You never can predict what you'll see at the LA Roadster Show!

great signatures all over this truck

above, Tim Allen and he is calling the engine a Binford 350

1914 Woods Mobilette model 3, and the first time I've seen such a rare car at the LA Roadster Show, it's great to see the variety of roadsters!

so very unusual in the one passenger / one driver and them not being able to sit next to each other

comparison of the narrow Woods to the red Buick. 

Incredible memorial trophy

British license plate on a Volvo... in San Diego? WTH?

Why hasn't anyone put zombies on the "caution illegal aliens running on the I-5" signs?

If you haven't been within 5 miles of the Mexico / USA border, then you haven't seen the big yellow sign with the man and woman running... it's the "Hey! People are running across the border illegally and on the damn interstate, so don't hit them!" sign that is on the I-5 here in San Diego's south side (San Ysidro) on the border with TiJuana Mexico.. and if it had a zombie chasing them... that would be effing hilarious!

Best helmet art I've seen in a while, his and hers, in the Snow White theme. He's Grumpy and she's Snow White.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

some good things I found in the Bugorama swap meet area

the sign in the above photo is shown below

interesting old bumper jack

above, good idea for a bottle opener

wow, a spotlight display for salespeople

above, Kennedy tool boxes

great business card display!