Friday, October 01, 2021

Keith Moon and Pete Townshend at a launch for the Ford Escort RS 1600 which they are entering for the Daily Mirror sponsored RAC Rally of Great Britain. October 1972.

Thanks Steve! 

when the tow truck company is serious about their claim of off road recovery ability

hohohoho (you'll understand in a moment why the caption for this post is hohohoho)

the governor of California just signed 8 laws that crack down on police that commit crimes, break laws, hide behind union representation to keep their job, and other disgusting police behavior

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a host of reform bills that span from decertifying police officers from ever getting another job to opening up records when there has been sustained findings of racism. Other new laws open up records, put stricter laws into place when tear gas can be used and forbids the use of traditional face-down holds that cause "positional asphyxia."

SB 2, by Senator Steven Bradford, permanently strips away the badges of officers found to have committed serious misconduct and ending what author Democratic Sen. Steven Bradford called the "wash, rinse and repeat cycle" of officers moving from department to department even if they have a questionable history. 

Forty six states already have this law, which prevents officers from getting hired anywhere else, much like if a doctor loses is medical license.

Now, state regulators from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training can revoke the licenses of officers who commit "serious misconduct," including using excessive force, committing sexual assault, displaying bias and participating in a law enforcement gang.

SB 16 by Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) – Peace officers: release of records. This increases the transparency of peace officer misconduct records pertaining to findings of unreasonable or excessive use of force, discriminatory or prejudiced behavior, failure to intervene when witnessing excessive use of force by a peace officer, or participation in unlawful searches and arrests.

SB 16 would expand her landmark police transparency bill by making pubic records on officers who have engaged in biased or discriminatory behavior, conducted unlawful arrests or searches, or used force that is excessive or unreasonable. For example, records in the Oakland Police Department's racist and misogynist Instagram scandal must now be made public by January 2023. SB 16 also opens access to records on officers who failed to intervene when another officer used unreasonable or excessive force and ensures that officers with a history of misconduct can’t just quit their jobs, keep their records secret, and move on to continue bad behavior in another jurisdiction.

Dean Ing, NYT bestselling author, and Hugo award nominee, made an interesting gullwing in his spare time Thanks Doug M!

 powered by a Corvair 2.4L flat-six paired with a four-speed manual, with Porsche- and Volkswagen-based brakes and suspension, front-hinged clamshell bodywork, gullwing doors, a double-bubble roofline, 15″ wide-five aluminum wheels, and latch-and-link lap belts. 

Featured in the May 1968 issue of Road & Track magazine 

There is a mysterious cat artist in Kent UK who is adding black cats to road signs.


a Tesla owner goes over the many drawbacks and design fails of the Tesla, quite interesting

The title of this picture was “A young boy who had just stolen his fathers car and then crashed it, takes one final puff of his cigarette before facing the consequences” (1974)

Thursday, September 30, 2021

The size might be exaggerated by a photographic effect, but it seems simply enormous. 1937, Roger Schall

the Beast of Turin, as an adorable piece of shelf art


quite the car collection (Bugatti, Fiat, GN, Cheetah, and the Team Starfish Barracuda (lol)). The sound editing is shit though, so be ready to adjust the volume often, as the dialogue is quiet, and the engines very loud (and the video contrast is also shit. Great video though)


I noticed the Barracuda in the background of another video, the one where they were restoring the Beast, and posted about it, that was back in 2016. So, not much progress on it in 5 years, but it's cool to see him working on it for the story of the Team Starfish Barracuda

Goodyear made these Eagle 360 wheels, especially for the Citroen Urban Collectif concept, a joint project between the French automaker, Accor, and JCDecaux. These spherical tires feature the Goodyear wingfoot and logo, and incorporate small electric motors

Hyundai and Kia have issued a recall for over 500,000 vehicles for a software problem that could cause the turn signal to activate in the opposite direction of what the driver intended, leading to a higher risk of crash

Hyundai says the problem, which comes from a software issue, has caused no crashes that they’re aware of, and will tell vehicle owners that they can get the problem fixed at a dealership, but won’t be sending letters informing them until mid-November.

The recall affects several versions of a midsize car and a minivan: the 2015 through 2017 Hyundai Sonata, standard and plug-in versions of the 2016 and 2017 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and the 2015 through 2017 Kia Sedona.

I don't think this one is going to start, but I would like to see someone try!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

awww mannnn, THIS IS AWESOME! Be even cooler if the owner makes it a garage conversation piece

Mondays... they will double down on you if you escaped getting pummeled last Monday. This guy already spilled his bike, THEN he gets RUN over! Poor guy, that's going to require surgery and bone mending

that's an amazing tattoo

gotta love a racecar Camaro

I guess this was the prototype hood decal, 'cause I've never seen one

Annoyed with the speed bump in his Chicago alley, Nicolas Benitez tried to get the city to remove it, but they took too long, so he did it himself because it caused almost $1,000 in damage to his two cars.

After removing the asphalt, Benitez stacked it neatly by his garbage cans. Neighbor Bobby Mason snapped a photo of the evidence and tweeted it to alderman Lopez.

The alderman came within the hour and with news for Benitez: He now had a $500 fine for destruction of city property, a date in court and will likely have to foot the bill for a replacement.

Other neighbors that share the busy alleyway off South Mozart Street and South California Avenue said the speed bumps are needed to keep fast-and-furious parents from high-tailing it to nearby Thomas Kelly College Preparatory for the best pickup and dropoff spots.

Benitez agrees but said the asphalt speed bump should have been replaced with a rubber one that is gentler on cars.

Florida man stole a car from a dealership, then tried to trade it back to same dealership days later

 Employees say upon checking the vehicle’s VIN number, they discovered the vehicle was stolen from the dealership’s lot just a few days prior.

Police say after being advised of his rights by officers, the customer, identified as Timothy Wolfe, admitted to stealing the vehicle from the dealership lot.

Additionally, a review of the dealership’s closed-circuit camera system showed the crime occurring, police say.

Wolfe was arrested and transported to the Columbia County Detention Center without further incident.

He was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, dealing in stolen property, criminal mischief and petty theft.

using a trash can to trap an alligator ( he makes it look easy)


one North Dakota red squirrel loaded 42 gallons of black walnuts into one Chevy truck over a few days the truck was parked

"I had to pull the fenders off and clean out all the walnuts out, and thought I had them all and took it down the road, turned the corner and found one rolling inside the windshield where the wipers go," said the owner.


some great drawings from Stefan Marjoram

If you've enjoyed the claymation work of Aardman Animations (Wallace and Grommit), you've already liked what he's done, as he was their creative director

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

nice road, I'd like to walk it, and slowly enjoy the smells of the forest, the view of the trees


some roads are for racing on, but not this one is my thought

I'm fascinated by designs that didn't succeed, but seem plausible

Micro Mayhem


from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the team that makes Robot Chicken

and now, something you probably haven't heard of or seen before, the "nose swapped" look

Chrysler's TC by Maserati had an interesting problem, the porthole windows? Turns out they acted as a prism and burnt the carpet over the gas tank

looks too much like a bulldogs face, the 1959 Bristol 402  via

Happy Birthday Gary L ! (Sorry that I'm a day late, Monday got me bad)


He's just turned 77!

very cool repair shop photo

that's the Beast of Turin of course